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Troy Aikman Calls Cowboys the Best in the NFC East, Praises Dak Prescott

The rollercoaster ride that's been the has come down to one game. After losing to a season-ending ankle , and losing four consecutive games at one point, the Cowboys have won their last three games and are now tied atop the with the Washington Football Team, needing them to lose to the coupled with a win against the this Sunday to make the postseason.

Hall of Famer and former Cowboys great joined 105.3 The Fan on Wednesday. The three-time champion had this to say about the Cowboy's recent turnaround.

“I will say this. I have said it throughout the year. I do feel that the Cowboys are the best team in the division,” Aikman said. “And some would say, ‘Ok well who cares? What does that necessarily mean?'. Well, what I think it means is that they could go into the postseason, and they are capable. We know what they are on the offensive side of the ball, and the is playing better. They're at least getting the takeaways and doing some of the things that they've had a hard time doing the last couple of years. And this team is capable, when they're playing well, I think they're capable of giving anybody a run.”

The Cowboys defense has been the biggest improvement over the last three weeks. They've forced 10 turnovers after only getting 11 in the first 12 games. Also, they're only allowing 19 points per game over that span.

It's no secret that the biggest elephant in the room when it comes to the Cowboys is Prescott's contract situation. After failing to get anything long-term locked up during the , Prescott played on a this season worth $31.4 million, which will balloon to around $38 million in 2021 if negotiations fall apart.

Aikman knows all about the elite-level play needed at the position seeing as he did so for 12 seasons. When the subject of Prescott came about, Aikman had nothing but praise for him and made it known he'd have no problem dishing out cash to get him signed.

“I think when you start handing out money and start talking about franchise quarterbacks, yes, the play on the field is where it begins, but there's more that factors into that, more so than any other positions,” Aikman said. “These guys that are quarterbacks are the face of your franchise. They're the CEOs of your franchise. They have to be the ones who really establish the culture and the accountability within the football team. And if you don't have the right guy in that role, then I think you're really going to struggle as an organization. And Dak checks every box in my . And, so, that's why I've said for the last couple of years that I wouldn't hesitate at all to pay him.”

The Cowboys can't do anything about Prescott's deal until the offseason. However, they have the chance to bring home their third division title in five years with a win on Sunday, and some help of course.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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Another article attempting to GIN up Prescott, when he is NOT even playing now. While I respect Aikman’s opinion, the truth of the matter is, WAIT FOR IT…. Cowboys ARE paying him, and paying him very handsomely. And they have tried SEVERAL TIMES to sign him to a GENEROUS LONG TERM contract.

IMHO, the ball has been in Prescott’s court for vast majority of this entire contract DRAMA. This is further reinforced by the FACT that Cowboys HAVE long termed their other higher profile players. This “PAY THE MAN” BS is really STUPID at this point.


I agree with you Mathew


Not worth $38M, zero SB wins
Do a Herschel Walker trade
D needs help

James Vargas

Agree with the comments here. Can’t pay Dak all that money. There is a limited bucket of money available, and needto distribute that accordingly throughout all positions. Else, we will keep having a mediocre team strangled by all the money given to the QB. Learn from Ton Brady and the Patriots !

gary b

He should have been paid before those other high profile players, especially the declining Zeke which was one of the worst Cowboys signings in recent memory. Had they not signed Zeke there would be plenty of money to sign Dak with some left over, That one signing crippled this salary cap IMO. QBs decide games, not RBs and WRs. Look around the league, no contender has an average QB. No Dak will result in average QB play anyway u slice it. Roll with Dalton and you better have a really good team around him.

I agree Dak was offered a fair deal towards the end and I have no idea why he turned it down. But the other reality is that the cowboys dragged there feet when it came to signing him and had multiple opportunities to sign him for less, but apparently weren’t sold on him. Part of this is on Dak and part of it is on Jerry, for signing Zeke and for not signing Dak earlier.

Now we have a predicament and there are no easy answers. No matter what direction you go there will be big risks. Can we build this bad defense into a really good one to compensate for average QB play or can Dak be good enuf to win with an above average defense?

gary b

I’ll add that I think Dak is a better QB today then he has ever been. It doesn’t matter what he was before, it matters what he is now. QBs reach there peak at about the age of Dak. Incidentally were this defense playing and this level and creating turnovers earlier in the season, he most certainly would have won more games.

James Vargas

Totally agree with you Gary B. The Zeke contract extension he received (when he was still in his rookie contract), was quite an error by J Jones. It will set the franchise back once again. It will cost us having Dak for the long run.

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