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Troy Aikman Talks Cowboys Dysfunction, Grading Mike McCarthy as Head Coach for 2021

The for the was a major disappointment. The expectations were that they were going to win the East and they did by going 6-0 in division play. However, this organization is about winning Super Bowls, not division titles.

Hall of Famer and Cowboys legend knows what it takes to win championships as he led the organization to three Super Bowls in the 1990s. When asked about the Cowboys playoff letdown against the , he was brutally honest when talking about what the to do to get back to the .

“Changing the coach is one thing, but you have to look at how things are run out there. I talk to people in the building and from what I hear is that there's a lot of dysfunction,” Aikman said.

has been under fire for not having the Cowboys prepared for a home playoff game and claiming the team was “nervous” before taking on the 49ers. He did coach the Cowboys to 12 wins, but without any victories in the postseason, it made the 2021 campaign nothing more than a wasted opportunity which isn't an uncommon feeling in Dallas over the last decade with some of the promising teams they've had.

When asked about what grade he would give McCarthy for this season, Aikman had this to say.

“I think as far as grading Mike, I think most people would probably say it’s a C just because you come into the season and it’s really what you’re going to do in the postseason,” Aikman said. “Fairly or unfairly, and I think it’s fair, you know, the expectations are certainly high for the team, and they should be. It’s a talented team.”

Aikman didn't stop there. The Cowboys' early playoff exit was a continuation of a quarter-century of unfulfilled expectations. The 2021 season was the fourth double-digit win total for the Cowboys since 2014 and the second time their season has ended with a loss at home in the postseason over that span.

The former No. 1 pick took the gloves off when talking about the Cowboys' playoff failures as of late, comparing them to two of the NFL's worst franchises.

“If you don't do anything in the postseason, then you're really at the end of the day, no different than the or the that didn't get in (to the ),” Aikman said.

That was a harsh but understandable critique from Aikman and it will continue as long as the Cowboys keep having these empty playoff appearances.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
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Ronnie W Graves

1000% correct


Troy hit the nail on the head. Never liked Mcarthy as coach. Too many penalties, sloppy play. A lot of players making big money playing like garbage. Tells me they do not work hard. Time for a couple of players to take a pay cut. Have to draft really well. It all starts up front. O line and d line.

daniel c

no urgency from the team , you have a superbowl coach at the end .. that look like his not in control of the team. that’s because of JERRY JONES .. if you let the guy run his team !! his team !!! then maybe things can be different.. moore should go !! he cant call plays. he just got lucky last year just like any new guy at quarterback or play calling .. they will figure you out. you build the the offence to RUN !!!!!! THE BALL !!!!! then pass… DAK was not worth the money , his more like 15 million.. he will never be a pocket passer period !!
troy is 100% right … whos running this show !!!


Kelen Moore is poisoned with the Jason Garrett S3 Virus (Stupid & Scared Sh!tless). The routes he had our WRs running were pure vintage Garrett – simple, low risk, and not one designed to exploit our WRs’ athletic advantages over their d-backs. The routes are so pathetically predictable and easy to defend that they made a very average S.F. secondary look like there were 10 of them covering 4 receivers on every pass play. By contrast, you watch the S.F. receivers running routes against the above average Dallas secondary, and they’re open on nearly every play – often WIDE open. You think MAYBE that’s a coaching problem? Game planning? Play-calling? Did the lame, unoriginal nature of it feel familiar? Garrett believed you could play pro football games like children paint by numbers…keep it extraordinarily safe and simple, and you win with perfect execution that only comes with massive repetition. Predictability doesn’t matter. Things like energy, enthusiasm, pride, aggressiveness, and a “we’re absolutely gonna whip your a$$ attitude” are ignored in favor of minimizing mistakes and perfecting execution. The bigger the game and the greater the pressure, the more the focus became minimizing mistakes by removing risks. It failed disasterously in Dallas and the profound failure followed its architect to New York. It is the EXACT opposite leadership than what we all saw in other playoff games this past weekend.

If Jerry wants to fix this, start by firing McCarthy and Moore, and replace them with smart, creative, fearless LEADERS that understand motivation and the importance of preparing a team’s psyche to play big games. The list of candidates should exclude anyone who has ever even met Jason Garrett.

Carl Jones

The 4 things that must change:

I never thought Moore had the experience or credentials to even be CONSIDERED for OC, let alone handed the keys. A bad backup quarterback who then becomes QB coach. This qualifies him to run your offense ? It is a joke. The only reason they had #1 offense was they beat up on bad teams. They lost to the average ones (Denver, Vegas), and we all saw what happened with the good teams (Tampa, KC, AZ, SF). I wish Moore would get a head coaching job, but that is a joke too, never happening either this year or any other.
Offensive line. Needs complete over-hall from center to left tackle.
Dak Prescott. The reason they balked at paying him …. there is mainly only 1 …. he is NOT ACCURATE with the ball. For every 1 exceptional perfect touch pass there are 5 throws at his receivers feet or over their heads. And something new for this year is he also refused to run when he consistently had 10 yards of open field. With the incredibly small talent differential in the NFL you have to take those opportunities.
This team is SOFT. It is the nature of playing for the Dallas Cowboys. The players are too worried about their own personal branding, radio shows, signing autographs, and just being a Cowboy. Nothing is asked of them, they are already on a pedestal. They don’t really care about being champions, as this takes real work. They are all already multi-millionaires. They are not hungry. Look no further than the example leading this organization. What other owner or GM for that matter has a weekly radio show? It is all about spotlight for the owner, and this trickles down through the whole organization. Same reason he ran Jimmy out of town, because he detracted from the Jones personal spotlight.

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