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Virginia Tech CB Caleb Farley Opts out 2020, Good News for Dallas Cowboys?

CB Caleb Farley could be a perfect fit with the Dallas Cowboys in 2021.

Virginia Tech Cornerback Caleb Farley was the first college player to opt out of the 2020 season and declare for the 2021 NFL Draft. Considered by many as one of the top draft eligible prospects at his position, this decision could end up having an impact, good or bad, on his draft stock come Draft Day. For a team like the Dallas Cowboys, this could be great news!

Prior to opting out of the 2020 collegiate season, there’s no doubt Caleb Farley would have been selected way before the Dallas Cowboys had a chance of drafting him in the first-round. In fact, he may not have made it out of the Top 10. Now though, Farley could see his draft stock slide with no season to prove himself.

This could actually be a dream come true for the Dallas Cowboys, who are currently rebuilding/restocking the CB position. Landing a top prospect like Caleb Farley and adding him to the mix with Trevon Diggs and Reggie Robinson could very well solidify the position for years to come.

Sadly, it’s not going to be as easy as that. There’s no way of knowing exactly where the Dallas Cowboys will be slotted to select in the 2021 NFL Draft right now. There’s also no way of knowing whether or not Caleb Farley’s decision to opt out 2020 will have any kind of impact on his draft stock. However, it’s definitely a situation with following.

Caleb Farley
Virginia Tech Hokies CB Caleb Farley

The 6’2″, 197 pound CB it has all of the intangibles to become a top player at the position at the next level. His blend of size, speed, length, instincts, ball skills, athleticism, and fluidity should make him an immediate impact player from Day 1 in the NFL. There’s no doubt he checks all of the boxes, however, he’s not without his negatives.

When it comes to red flags, Caleb Farley has his fair share. Deciding to opt out the 2020 season is one of them, but might not be the most concerning.

Surprisingly enough, Farley is still relatively new to the CB position. He played quarterback in high school and began his collegiate career at Virginia Tech as a wide receiver. Despite that though, his transition to CB has been a relatively smooth one, but a concern nonetheless, even a small one.

The biggest red flag concerning Farley could be his past injury history. In 2017 he suffered a non-contact ACL tear and in 2019 he missed the final two games of the season due to back spasms. These injuries could of course be overlooked, however, it’s also something that teams will have to take into account when evaluating him.

All in all, Caleb Farley is exactly the kind of CB prospect teams will salivate over as we draw closer and closer to the 2021 NFL Draft. Whether or not his decision to opt out the 2020 collegiate season impacts is draft stock one way or another has yet to be seen. But for teams like the Dallas Cowboys who wouldn’t have had a shot at him prior to this decision, it’s a situation worth watching.

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Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

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