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What can the Cowboys work on before next weeks game?

In the sport of football, there is always work and improvement that can be had. Looking at the , they have a long week before their next game (due to them playing on Thursday night). How can they take advantage of this long week and what can they work on to improve their team before the ?


I won't spend too much time on this topic because I already covered it in a recent post about how the Cowboys' defense has been declining. However, I do stand by my point, the defense needs to change some things up and start getting back into the flow from the start of the season.

With all over the board, I get how we are struggling but needs to sharpen his blade before the playoffs arrive. He needs to figure out how to hide his defense and “un-expose” it from opponents.


You wanna know something, I don't blame Dak Prescott for those picks last game. I also don't even think that fumble was his fault because it was a bad snap by the . What I do want to see change is his mindset.

Dak has been playing great but his decision-making has been a bit off. I see guys down the field that he could easily hit but instead, he goes for the doubled cover man. needs to spend more time with his QB. I mean, he was a quarterback when he was younger, someone please tell me why he doesn't have Dak under control.  That brings me to my third subject which needs heavy work this week for the boys.


Mike McCarthy made me very angry on Thursday night. That was one of the easiest games to win and yet the Cowboys struggled the whole game until the very end. You wanna know something else! There were some pretty good play calls during that game that I don't disagree with, but there was something that made my blood boil.

Why was Mike playing his starters? Why 2 weeks before the playoffs did he decide to let players like Dak, Elliott, Lamb, and other stars, play the entire game? I was biting my nails the entire game hoping and praying that none of our players get injured. After going up 10-0 at the start of the 2nd quarter, I wouldn't have benched a few of my starters to avoid any risk of injuries.

Mid-way through the game I saw Dak take a hit to his knee and he started to limp a bit. That is not good! We need these guys for the games that really matter like the playoffs.

So how can Mike fix this problem? Honestly, he just needs to make better business decisions. Sometimes football isn't all about how well you call plays, sometimes it's more about thinking of the future and playing smart. That is one thing that I was very upset about on Thursday.

Overall, Dak has been playing great, although there may be a few things that need some touch-ups, he's doing alright. The defense is declining but I trust Dan and feel like he's got this. For Mike, I hope he starts playing smart football and looks at the big picture.

Tony Stahl
Tony Stahl
Hey there! My name is Tony Stahl. I have two passions, writing and football, when you put those two together you have where I am now, Inside the Star! I am 18 and live in Fort Worth and am a huge Cowboys fan. Football is my most favorite topic and I could talk your head off all day about it.

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Maybe MM thinks they have a chance to win division, and that’s why he was playing the starters. I don’t trust DP. One INT was clearly his fault, the other was little behind the TE and he could not corral it and bounced off and to DB. So that one was not totally his fault. The fumble was his fault, looked like he moved out early. These TOs are mounting up. They may or may not be his fault, but they are still his problem. Look he isn’t a rookie or even a second-year guy. He is at the end of his SEVENTH year. He should know better BY NOW. Can’t keep blaming the OC or HC.

AND yet another former NFL player, RB Eddie George, came out criticizing DP, saying HE is keeping the Cowboys from being “elite”, ETC. Can’t struggle against Titan’s third stringers, QB Hobbs, and other players.

Look, FO has constructed a GREAT supporting cast around him. Some other QBs around the league would love to be at the helm of this team.

BTW, December opposition QBs, washed up M Ryan, Mills, Hobbs, and Lawrence who was the only good one and he beat DP.

Cowboys fan

I’m beginning to think that your looking for reasons to put blame on Dak!! I’m also beginning to think that you need glasses!! You say that both interceptions and the fumble was all Daks fault…. Obviously your wrong!! The one to Dalton Schultz… Yeah, there’s a good chance that one was Daks fault, but the one to Hendershot was all on Hendershot!! I’m not sure what you were seeing, but anybody that can see clearly can see that Dak put that ball right between the numbers, it was a perfect throw, that Hendershot couldn’t hold on to, you can see clear as day that the ball bounced right off his chest!! As far as the fumble goes, that was actually on Tyler Biadasz!! Biadasz is supposed to put the ball in Daks hands, but he didn’t, he put the ball up in his butt!! They showed all of those turnovers in slow motion too, so I’m not really sure what your seeing!!

And another thing is, it’s not Eddie George who was saying that Dak is holding this team back, it was some other idiot that don’t know what he’s talking about…. I can’t remember his name, but I know it’s not Eddie George!! But either way, the guy that said it obviously doesn’t know what they’re talking about…. Cause this team has been number one in scoring, yards and plenty of other categories too since Dak has been back, so I’m not sure how a TEAM can be number one in all these categories with a QB that is “holding them back!!” this team went from bottom of the league in all these categories with Cooper Rush at QB, and are now 1st with Dak at QB…. So how is Dak holding them back?? It doesn’t make any sense!! We’re averaging around 35 points a game since Dak has been back…. 35 points a game should be enough for any team to win a game, so if we score 35 points and still lose…. That’s not on Dak, or anybody on the offense for that matter…. It’s on the defense for giving up more than 35 points!!

And I’m not sure why you brought up the other teams QBs that we played this month…. It’s got nothing to do with Dak!! Those QBs don’t play Dak, they play our defense!! So If those QBs are making it hard for us to win those games, it’s not on Dak…. It’s on our defense…. Which further proves my point above!! We scored 34 points against the jaguars, and again, that should be enough for any team to win that game, but our defense gave up 40, that’s why we lost that game!! That’s not on Dak!! And before you even say it, that pick 6 that ended that game wasn’t on Dak either, that pick 6 was on Noah Brown…. It was another perfectly placed ball that Brown couldn’t hold on to!! So I think I proved my point, it’s not Dak holding this team back, it’s our defense!!


Dak Prescott Ripped by Eddie George as Reason Cowboys ‘Aren’t Elite’ (
I don’t comment BS. The list of former NFL players that have been critical of DP just keeps growing.

While Hendershot INT was not as clear cut as the other one. he was clearing running outside to inside and the pass made him have to stop his momentum as the ball was thrown back outside, hence the bobble. Was it catchable, yes. Was it a perfect pass, definitely NOT. Also, there were THREE defenders in the area, so not a good decision anyway. The other INT was clearly DP’s fault (which could have been yet ANOTHER PICK SIX if not for the O-lineman’s hustle to make the tackle).

What I am seeing is an inconsistent QB beating teams with bad defenses, BEARS, LIONS, COLTS, VIKINGS, etc., and beating teams starting washed up (RYAN), second string (MINSHEW) and THIRD STRING (HOBBS) QBs. Titans were playing first preseason game type players and DP turned the ball over THREE TYPES, and the game was 17-13 after the third quarter. BTW, that defense you mention gave up just 13 points. And the opposition’s QBs most definitely MATTER. You’re trying to tell me and others here that playing against a third stringer like Hobbs vs a Brady or Arod or Mahomes makes NO DIFFERENCE?

Bottomline, IMO, DP has good streaks and bad streaks = inconsistent!!! And he is not CLUTCH when it matters most, IN THE PS. Six years with good supporting casts, and ONE POSTSEASON WIN!!! All the excuses and gaudy stats vs bad defenses won’t change that fact.

Cowboys fan

I think Mike is playing our starters cause we still have a chance to win the division and get the number 1 seed in the playoffs!! And it looks like he’s making the right decision so far, cause the eagles lost again today to the Saints!! So the eagles only need to lose one more game and we need to win one more game and we win the division!! We need a little more to happen to get the number 1 seed, but if we win next week and the eagles lose, that guarantees us the division and no lower than the 3rd seed!! So I think it’s worth playing our starters!! I’d much rather go into the playoffs and play the giants or whoever else is will be in the playoffs at home, than to go on the road to play Tampa Bay!! But that’s just my opinion!!

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