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What If Cowboys’ Tag Doesn’t Go to Dak Prescott?

The Dallas Cowboys will have Dak Prescott at quarterback in 2020. That’s practically a fact even though he hasn’t signed any sort of deal at the moment. Whether it’s through a long term extension or the franchise tag, he’s the future of the team and the front office knows it. The Cowboys have until March 10th to use the tag. Otherwise, Dak would be set to hit free agency on March 18th.

When talking about the team’s offseason, it’s obvious that Prescott has become the center of attention. More specifically, reports have emerged on the team’s plans to tag the young quarterback if it’s needed (did we need any sort of report to know that?). Even if he’s tagged, though, negotiations for a long-term deal would continue until they strike an agreement or until July 15th, the league’s deadline for franchise players to sign a multi-year contract.

But speaking of deadlines, fans and analysts might be underestimating the importance of the one set on March 10th. Sure, the Cowboys can (and likely will) apply the tag to Dak to keep their starting QB from fielding offers in the market, but if they manage to sign him beforehand, the tag would remain an option for two other important free agents.

Wide Receiver Amari Cooper and Cornerback Byron Jones are also close to becoming free agents. Both are top candidates for the tag if Dak gets paid prior to the deadline. It’ll be hard for the team to pay the three of them without designating a franchise player.

The WR market was reset by Michael Thomas and Julio Jones, who broke the $20M per year barrier last offseason. According to Over The Cap’s projections, the franchise tag value for a WR will be $18.5M.

As for the cornerback market, things have been different. Since Josh Norman’s extension in 2016, only Miami Dolphins’ Xavien Howard has passed him on the highest-paid cornerbacks’ list and that was by a thin margin despite signing his extension years later.

The tag for cornerbacks is projected to be at $16.5M.

The Cowboys know they want Dak Prescott in their future. If Cooper or Jones leave, their respective positions become a top need for the team. If the front office believes they have a legit shot at a Super Bowl, keeping the three of them is the call to make, as costly as it seems.

But they might need to place the franchise tag on someone other than Dak Prescott to pull it off. The first step on the list, though? Pay the quarterback.

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Mauricio Rodriguez

Written by Mauricio Rodriguez

I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.


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  1. I hate to say this but some people think Dak should be paid as the top quarterback in the NFL well for me I am not one of them I know a lot of people out there say look at all the yards he had and yes he did but against bad teams and I look at this way how well did he play against good teams not very good and to me that is a sign that you should not be paid like the best quarterback in the NFL the Cowboys went 8 and 8 this past year.

    And another thing I have to look at is look how bad Dak played in 2018 they were 3 and 4 then when they got Cooper they got better so the way I have to look at it is if they sign Dak to a very big contract and they lose some of there very good players because of it then how good will Dak look then for myself I would let Dak test the market and see what other teams are willing to pay him if some team wants to pay him that big money let them be the fool for it, for me I keep as many good players as I can and go out and find a quarterback that is a good game manager there are a lot of free agent quarterbacks out there that can be as good as Dak and maybe better that you just might get for lesser money. Dak said he does not play the game for the money but most people out there know that’s all lip service Dak is like so many others who play it’s all greed and the fans are the ones getting screwed because in the end there the ones that will be paying more to watch these over paid players get rich.

  2. Dak is a good quarterback but I agree that if the keep all the other talent versus him we have a way better chance of getting better if he goes and sees what other franchises will pay him we would sign him anyway

  3. No doubt Dac is as good as they come but the unless you’re the best as the x PATRIOT QB I don’t believe he should get pay as much no doubt he is VERY GOOD but Very Young also so let’s keep our perspective open.

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