What went wrong in the Cowboys vs Packers game?

    It's sad to say that the boys couldn't pull out a win against the last Sunday. In an overtime loss that resulted in a final score of 31-28, the lost a historic game. Before this game, the Cowboys were 195-0 when leading the 4th quarter by 14+ points. That amazing streak ended dreadfully as the Packers scored 14 unanswered points in the 4th, forcing overtime.

    While many fingers are being pointed in this loss, here are some of the things that went sideways in this game that allowed the Packers to overcome the Cowboys.


    While I was going to save the main problem until the end, I figured it would be best to explain what the big issue of this game was. made some very questionable calls this game. One of the huge slip-ups occurred during overtime.

    While in Green Bay Packer territory, the Cowboys were faced with a close 4th down decision. While most people would kick a field goal and trust your unstoppable , Mike decided to go for it. With greed and uncertainty, the Cowboys did not convert.

    Even after the game, McCarthy defended his decision and said it was the right call at the time. Sadly Mike couldn't hear the thousands of Cowboy fans screaming at their TV to not do it. This play was only one of the examples, however, this call was the big reason the Packers won.


    No, I am not here to rip on , but his two interceptions did not help Sunday. While he recorded 265 yards and three touchdowns, it seems like he had a rather good game overall, which he did. However, those two interceptions caused some of the chaos that later occurred in the game.

    The needs to work on better passing plays and decision-making. I also will include the for some of these turnovers. The plays were not a strong-willed call. I am so sick of seeing one well-called game, and then an awful game.


    Going to go out on a strange riot here for a moment. I feel like the Cowboys are losing their winning mindset here. It felt like Dallas thought this would be an easy win which it wasn't. If you think that beating Aaron Rogers is going to be easy (even in his off years) then he's going to surprise you.

    How to fix this? Show the players the bigger picture. I know most coaches say “we are just going one day at a time.” This is usually safe, but when you are in the hardest division this year, it's best to show your soldiers what they are fighting for. They need more motivation on the team altogether.

    This last one is a long shot and I don't think it's as important as the other two problems, but I still think that the Cowboys team can be a lot better on some of their motivation and mind power.

    Honestly, a very poor game was played Sunday and I hope this kind of performance doesn't happen again. The Cowboys' season is still going steady at a 6-3 record but their next opponent will be the fearless .

    For now, give Kellen Moore some more practice at calling better plays at certain times and give Mike McCarthy a reason to kick a field goal in overtime. For Dak, it's best to practice his decision-making this week. An important game approaches, and Dak must be on his “no mistakes” setting to pull it off.

    Tony Stahl
    Tony Stahl
    Hey there! My name is Tony Stahl. I have two passions, writing and football, when you put those two together you have where I am now, Inside the Star! I am 18 and live in Fort Worth and am a huge Cowboys fan. Football is my most favorite topic and I could talk your head off all day about it.


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    What went wrong!? A bunch of dumb-ass decisions by the coaching staff!


    The kick would have been into the wind and the kickoffs were going 10 yards shorter than normal. Therefore I agreed with going for it. The unstoppable defense wasn’t playing very well.
    The referees calls were borderline incompetent. The referees were determined to have GB win and they accomplished thei goal. Corruption in the NFL is widespread

    Jeffrey Tuggle

    Exactly. Not a guaranteed kick and then if Rogers goes down and gets a TD to win those same fans would be saying they should have went for it on 4th Down and tried to win the game. After all, after a kickoff with a made FG Green Bay would have had similar field position and its not like they couldn’t have scored a TD.

    Jeffrey Tuggle

    As much as I dislike McCarthy and hated his hiring to begin with I agree with mist NFL people. He made the right decision. Cowboys fans would have gone nuts if a FG was kicked and then G Bay went down to win with a Touchdown. The mantra then would have been ” oh, McCarthy should have went for it. Try to score to end the game so Rogers doesn’t get the ball”. As for the unstoppable Defense…the Packers shredded it. Turnovers on their part or they were in position for other scores.
    As for Moore practicing his play calls more. Not a solution. He reverted back to his usual self. Check out how many passes were attempted when we had a 14 point lead. Instead of running. Once they get close to FG range with a first down and threw 3 straight times. And practice all he wants but Dak is never gonna be but so accurate and slways prone to some bad decisions.


    The DP lead team lost on the field, so it’s time to blame the coaches again, OF COURSE. Interesting how a few weeks ago when CR was winning games, MM was actually getting some praise/accolades (even a “Coach of the Year” mention here) for his “resilience” message.

    Look if they go for that FG and miss, and then GB goes down the field and makes a FG (which is all they need), MM will be criticized for “not trusting his offense” to get those 2-3 yards. Conversely, if they make the FG (against the wind and forgoing the chance at winning/ending the game with a TD), GB still has a chance at winning with a TD, which it looked like they could do at the end of the game, anyway. MM was in a potential no-win situation, either way.

    Well, I’m here to rip DP not only for the 2 BAD INTs (one ball was thrown right into the area with THREE GB players lurking, and Lamb ten yards behind them), and for NOT SCORING a single point in the fourth quarter AND overtime (with four possessions), BUT MAINLY FOR THROWING HIS TEAMMATES UNDER THE BUS, deftly shifting the blame to them for his INTs. Its apparent to me he can’t get out from under the pressure of that stupid ill-conceived contract he squeezed out of the FO. On top of that, the barely $1 million a year QB2 has PLAYED BETTER THAN HIM this year (with the same supporting cast, even minus MG). Number don’t lie 4-1 vs 2-2.

    Cowboys fan

    You are delusional…. Cooper Rush is not better than Dak!! Cooper Rush went 4-1 yes, but the defense was playing a lot better in those games too!! The defense didn’t give up more than 19 points in every game, except the one they lost with Cooper Rush!! Since Dak has been back, the defense has fallen apart and hasn’t given up less than 28 points!! That’s a big difference!! Plus Cooper Rush couldn’t get this offense to score more than 25 points in a game, and that only happened once, every other game was less than 25 points, while Dak on the other hand has score more in every game since he’s been back!! You say numbers don’t lie, well try using numbers that are actually involving the QB, instead of numbers that involve the whole team!! Win/loss records are a TEAM stat, not a QB stat!! And by the way, the interceptions Dak threw in the packers game was the receiver and TEs fault, they didn’t run the routes they were supposed to run!! Try learning more about how the game is supposed to be played before you come on here making yourself look stupid!!


    What happened to the rookie Prescott who would never throw interceptions? Just wondering. Get him back, or move on