What will happen to Cooper Rush if he loses Sunday?

    A large challenge is approaching . The game of the year is almost upon us, the at the . Winner takes over the . With lots of conversions and talk going around about Cooper Rush, what would happen if he looses?

    Everyone knows by now that Rush is 5-0 and hasn’t ever lost as a starter. One major topic that’s leading the NFL right now is how Cooper could take over Quarterback Dak Prescotts job. Some fans believe Rush is doing so well that he has earned himself the #1 starting position.

    It seems that if Rush fails to take down the unstoppable Eagle team, his hopes for becoming the starter will be shattered. Even if he happened to win, many fans would be upset over the fact that Dak would have to be benched.

    This is a very split argument at this time. On one hand, you have a quarterback who is constantly winning and always finding a way to lead his team to a win (Cooper Rush). On the other a talented QB that has much experience in the NFL and is getting paid millions.

    One excuse fans use is that Dak is getting paid too much to be benched. This is a fair point, until you realize the whole point of football. That main point is to win games. No matter what it takes, and somehow that’s Cooper Rush’s mindset.

    Not saying Dak can’t win games, but at the moment he has been struggling while it appears Rush isn’t.

    Back to the main objective. If Rush looses, I find it very unlikely that he will be the starter. Even after amazing wins over the , , and , I can’t see the Cowboy staff giving him the job, whether he deserves it or not.

    This is because the Cowboys will know that even though Rush is talented at what he does, he may still not be at the level of Dak’s experience. This will be sad for Rush who has played outstanding and has kept the Cowboys season alive. In the end, it’s going to be a tough decision for the .

    Now, let’s look at what would happen if Cooper does happen to come out of Lincoln Financial Field with a win.

    If the absolutely insanely possible happens and the sensational quarterback wins, Cowboy fans will be in for a rocky ride. The reason being that Cowboy Staff may actually consider leaving Cooper in.

    A decision like this would make a lot of Cowboy fans mad, and make some very pleased. Cowboy coaches will realize that they can’t bench a quarterback that keeps winning. People are already starting to compare Rush to Quarterback .

    No matter what happens, the Cowboys management should look deeper into their choices. Having a quarterback that is this good and benching him would be a mistake for both ends here. A huge choice is being faced by many fans and staff right now.

    Who do they start, or Cooper Rush?

    Tony Stahl
    Tony Stahl
    Hey there! My name is Tony Stahl. I have two passions, writing and football, when you put those two together you have where I am now, Inside the Star! I am 18 and live in Fort Worth and am a huge Cowboys fan. Football is my most favorite topic and I could talk your head off all day about it.


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    Cowboys fan

    There’s not gonna be any tough decisions for the coaching staff…. Once Dak is ready he’ll be the starter!! Cooper Rush isn’t that good!! Dak is definitely way better, and I don’t think it’s even close!! And he’s not the reason we’re winning these games either, it’s the defense!! And with Rush throwing for 102 yards and no touchdowns last weekend against the Rams is proof of that!! And another thing is, Cooper Rush is not even close to being Kurt Warner, Kurt Warner is a HOF QB, and Cooper Rush is just a backup QB, and that’s all he’ll ever be cause he’s not good enough to be a full time starter in the NFL!! If it wasn’t for our defense, we would have lost at least half of these games we won this season with Rush at QB!! So there’s not gonna be any controversy over who is gonna be the starter when Dak is healthy, and the coaching staff will not have any tough decisions when Dak is ready to go either!!

    Jeff Tuggle

    Though Dak isn’t a top tier QB he is more talented than Rush. Dak doesn’t make reads as quickly at times and Rush is somewhat more accurate but there are facets where Rush is clearly inferior. So there is no topic leading the NFL as you say about Rush taking over for a healthy Dak. Merely average or unknowledgeable fans chanting that. Throw in the fact that after several years of failing to use the running game properly or flat abandoning it even when working or in the lead, Kellen Moore is finally using because Rush cannot carry this team. While he is doing a fine job he mostly is not losing the game whereas mostly the defense, running game, and special teams are winning games. In fact, the Boys passing game is among the lowest in the League. And you say if the Cowboys win this game Dak would have to be benched?! Not hardly. And as for comparing Rush to Warner…they haven’t. It’s the situation that is being compared to that of the Rams and Warner. And your opinion that the Cowboys coaches couldn’t bench a guy this good…what? The offense has had some struggles outside of the running game and against some lackluster competition. If he beats Philly and starts slinging for 400 yards a game then there is a discussion. Until then let’s not put him in the Hall yet or compare him to Warner.


    Dak is a top 6 QB in every stat and by career wins and wins in the last minutes of games. Dallas fans do not deserve his play as they just don’t know what they are watching.


    Rush does not win or lose any game. He is one backup player doing his job. He has performed exactly as hoped, playing within his ability . When Dak is healthy, the starter returns and Rush, as backup, goes back to being ready if needed.


    You kidding i see dak out there panicking and throwing behind players. dont blame the losses on rush


    Just as noted…some Dallas fans have no idea what they are seeing.


    Rereading the article, the writer is either just trolling for klicks or is seriously not qualified. Kurt Warner ran ‘ the greatest show on turf’ offense that scored over 30 a game with Warner passing for 300 and more yards every week. Rush has the offense fitting about 15 points a week and Rush passes for about 150 yards a week . Rush biggest quality is he fumbles a lot but they get recovered by Dallas.,so luck is good. Otherwise, his contribution is to punt a lot so the defense can come out.The Boys are around #28 in 3rd down conversion, #29 in passing yards, around #18 in points with Rush…..comparison to Warner is an insult to a HOF guy.


    They are not paying any player a stupid $40 million a year to sit on the bench. Period.