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When Does Jason Garrett’s Contract With Cowboys Actually End?

Now that the Dallas Cowboys’ 2019 season has ended, all eyes have turned to the future of the head coaching position. We all know that Jason Garrett’s contract is unlikely to be extended, but there is some conflicting information out there about when exactly that happens.

Some thought that the contract expired the minute the season ended, and others the end of the calendar year. But the two best sources in NFL news have both confirmed the true end date for Garrett’s tenure.

Ian Rapoport on Twitter

From @gmfb: #Cowboys coach Jason Garrett’s contract is up on Jan. 14, but it’s highly unlikely owner Jerry Jones waits until then to officially move in a new direction and start their search.

This date of January 14th was corroborated this morning by ESPN’s Adam Schefter during a segment on the Golic & Wingo show.

Naturally, this date is somewhat of a formality. If both Garret and the Jones family know he’s not coming back, the next few weeks are likely going to go the same way as if he was being fired today. At the most, it’s some extra time to clean out his office.

Despite that official date, we may not have to wait that long for a formal statement from Jerry Jones. All it takes is a press conference or media statement confirming that Garrett will not be returning to thrust Dallas to the front of the NFL news cycle.

More importantly, the Cowboys do not want to miss out on preferred coaching candidates.

This is just the beginning. Despite their middling finish in 2019 the Dallas Cowboys are still the NFL’s media lightning rod. Our head coaching search will dominate all others until it’s resolved.

The games may be over, but the fun’s only just begun.

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Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

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  1. The PATHETIC EGO OWNER JERRY JONES needs to Stand Up and finally be the Real Boss and Owner. Jerry needs to tell Jason Garrett YOUR FIRED. It’s time to sing to Garrett TURN OFF THE LIGHTS THE PARTY IS OVER THEY SAY THAT ALL GOOD THINGS MUST END. Garrett DON’T LET THE DOORKNOB HIT YOU IN THE BUTT HOLE ON YOUR WAY OUT. The sooner the better. Why allow what’s going to happen to prolong. All this needs to happen TODAY not TOMORROW.

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