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Where does Dak Prescott Land on Pro Football Network’s Top 100?

Despite playing just five games in 2020, the franchise is still getting the respect that one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL should receive. Like , finds himself on Pro Football Network's top 100 players in the NFL heading into 2021.

Prescott comes in at number 54 on the list. In a season where he would have played 16 games, he probably comes in a bit higher. Of course, game circumstances dictated the 6,400-yard pace that Prescott was on through five games. However, he was throwing at an incredible clip. He may not have continued to average 400 yards per game, but 300 yards per game passing is likely a pretty reasonable expectation.

54. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott drops a few spots year to year, but that's presumably due to the season-ending he suffered in Week 5 against the . Prescott signed a huge deal in the  after lighting defenses on fire before his untimely injury. He appears to be on schedule to start in 2021, and with , , and , it's difficult to see a situation where he doesn't compete for a passing title this year.

Prescott's improvements in his footwork led to drastic improvements in his accuracy in 2019. That carried into 2020, along with his propensity to test defenses instead of playing passively. He could very well play his way into contention for the final page of the going into 2022.

Dalton Miller, Pro Football Network

At number 54, Dak Prescott came in ranked ahead of , , , , , and on Pro Football Network's top 100 players in the NFL.

I'm sure there will be some that disagree with his standing on this list. However, there's not a quarterback listed behind him that I would take over Dak. Healthy and ready to lead the Dallas Cowboys into contention in 2021, Dak Prescott is destined to see a huge rise in next year's top 100.

John Williams
John Williams
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