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Who Can Help the Cowboys Get Over the Hump?

As a fan first, we know the same thing has circled this organization for the last 25 years. I fully understand that.

You have to stop doubting and thinking the Cowboys will end up in the same spot every year.

I am from the midwest, a Cubs fan. I waited 20 years for the Cubs to get over the hump.

With the few players that Dallas lost this , they still have plenty around them to win it all, and no, I am not saying they are going to. They have enough around them to compete with the best.

The window is closing, sure. You can still see outside for the time being. I am not one of those fans who always say the Cowboys will win it all.

I think they will win the division again because they have the best in the .

Once you make it to the , it is anyone's game. We saw the back-to-back fail to make the in both those seasons. Winning in this league is hard.

For the Cowboys, though, who can make this team get over the hump? One player and one coach come to mind.

If you have read any of my other pieces since I started here about a month ago, you can see I am a fan of .

Quinn has done an outstanding job thus far as the Cowboys' . The only thing that needs to improve is the run . I think he will make that a point of emphasis for the remainder of the off-season. The Dallas defense will be ready to go next season.

The player I am going to roll with is . He has to be a difference-maker.

Lamb needs to take ownership of being the clear-cut number one guy. He has to be able to separate and draw defenders his way.

He finished last season with 1,102 yards and six touchdowns. A couple of days prior, I predicted Lamb would make an All-Pro Team and the .

My end-of-the-season predictions for Lamb are 1,350 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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My hope is the defense takes another step forward, particularly in run defense and the offense does not fall off with the loss of Cooper and Wilson. If Lamb, Washington and the rookie can keep defenses honest hopefully Zeke will return to form and Pollard can get some more touches maybe they can weather the first couple games until Gallup gets back. At least Zeke usually looks his best at the start of the season. Gregory was a huge loss, but Williams looks like he could be a terror on passing downs. Hopefully the linebacking corp is solid enough to allow Parsons to roam the line enough to pick up some slack as well. To me it is on the coaching staff to get the right guys on the field and ready to play. The rest of the NFC east took some decent strides forward…especially the Eagles…this year will not be a cakewalk to the division title like last year.

Cowboys fan

I agree with about everything you said, except for the part about losing Gregory!! I think losing Gregory was a blessing!! He wasn’t even all that good!! He got a lot of pressures, but that’s about it!! He never had more than 6 sacks in a season in his whole career, and then there’s the part where he just falls apart in big games…. Like in the playoffs last season…. He kept getting called for some stupid penalties, and a few of them came when the defense should’ve been getting off the field…. But instead, he got called for the penalties and gave the 49ers offense first downs and a couple of his stupid penalties led directly to the 49ers scoring touchdowns!! If it wasn’t for him and his stupid penalties, chances are we would’ve won that game!! The only players we lost that I see as a huge loss was Amari Cooper and Cedric Wilson!! We didn’t sign or draft anybody to replace them, unlike Gregory, we have Donte Fowler, Sam Williams and even Armstrong that can come in and do what Gregory did, but we have nobody that can come in and do what Cooper and Wilson did for us!! So like I said, I think losing Gregory was a blessing…. I think we dodged a bullet by not signing him to that big contract!! And I think the broncos will regret giving him all that money!!


The first problem Dallas has had is different from some other teams. Most teams get a great qb and do not find the supporting cast to get them there. Dallas gets the supporting cast and finds a QB that fails under pressure, makes bad decisions, and honestly isn’t that accurate. The WR’s and tight ends make plays that help them win by making great catches. Dallas needs a top five QB


It would take every bit of creativity from KM and MM to get this current QB “over the hump”. Prescott’s read and reaction is not able to process the speed of the game when facing above average defenses. A West Coast offense would negate this BUT, Prescott also has issues with timing and hitting receivers in stride. Sooo, no matter what player/coach steps up, getting this QB “over the hump” is highly unlikely to produce anything more than a one and done in the playoffs.

In summation; the TEAM is capable, but is being held hostage by the QB position.

gary b

No one thing or one player will get us “over the hump “. It will take take a team effort in multiple areas to have a different result from last year.

From the coaching down to the last man on the roster. To suggest it comes down to one player, no matter the position shows bias and a shortsightedness. Doesn’t keep many from doing it though.

Matthew W

I’m going with one person to get over the hump, but it’s not a player.. As it’s going to take probably about 4 to 5 players to get us in the Championship Game again as it stands now. The one person… Will McClay as the new GM, an actual real GM, and not the part time wanna be all knowing self boosted ego bobble head that currently is FAILING. in every aspect. Until he steps aside forget about any Super Bowl dreams fellow Cowboys Fans.


This Team has enough Talent to win Championships; What the League needs to do is stop ignoring the Fact that Referees are deciding who wins and who loses.
Accountability for NFL Referees is long needed.

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