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Who Will be the Dallas Cowboys True #1 Wide Receiver in 2020?

Dallas Cowboys have three WRs capable of being the “go to” guy.

Strictly speaking of the wide receiver position, there’s not another team around the league that rivals the talent the Dallas have been able to put together the past few years. Other teams may have a combination of pass catchers just as good or maybe a little better, however, they are few and far between.

The trio of Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, and CeeDee Lamb has the potential to be something truly great, quite possibly something like the NFL has never seen. On just about any other team around the league anyone of these three WRs would be the “go to” guy for that respective ballclub, yet with the Cowboys they could be competing for that title.

Fortunately, egos won’t be a problem for the Dallas Cowboys Top 3 receivers. None of them will be demanding more targets in the , which in the grander scheme of things will make the much better for it. This will stop opposing defenses from trying to neutralize one of these WRs, which in turn will make the aerial attack much more dangerous in Dallas.

As amazing as all of the sounds, and it does, one of these receivers are bound to become “the guy” in the passing game. The past year and a half that person has been Amari Cooper, yet Michael Gallup was nipping at his heels last year, thus giving the Cowboys two 1,000 yard receivers in 2019. Add a talented WR like CeeDee Lamb, and suddenly the competition to become No. 1 intensifies.

Anyway you look at it this is an excellent problem for the Dallas Cowboys to have. No one’s going to turn down a plethora of riches, and that’s exactly what the Cowboys have right now at the WR position. Any one of the three in the Cooper, Gallup, or Lamb possesses the required skill set to be the most targeted and productive WR in 2020.

are Amari Cooper will once again be ’s favorite target in the passing game, however, I don’t think Michael Gallup or CeeDee Lamb will be far behind. And that’s not even mentioning the upgrade should provide as a receiver now that he’s taking over the starting duties for . It’s almost too surreal to be true.

I don’t know about you, but I’m beyond excited to see what the Dallas Cowboys passing game looks like in 2020. I honestly don’t care who becomes the No. 1 WR for the Cowboys this season as long as they’re all playing up to their talent level. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if this offensive unit becomes the next “Greatest Show on Turf”.

Who do you think will be the Dallas Cowboys #1 WR in 2020?

What do you think?


Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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  1. I feel like it’s a unimportant stat about drops or, who will be the number one receiver or which team has the best receivers… Dallas showed what they could do on offense last year and we all have to remember, we’ve had a major upgrade in coaching the team’s been talented enough to win for 2 or 3 years now and with proper coaching we would have we have that now only thing is the covid-19 situation for handicap a new coaching staff and players otherwise I expect deep in the playoffs and this team definitely has a town to win a Superbowl.

  2. Good point Hugh… ur right the more important question is do they make the big catch in the important moment or game. M. Thomas Is a stud for sure, has been Brees go to guy for yrs. Stats can obviously be used as a barometer at times. But they must be used in the right context and with unbiased application. What with sports being a stat driven entity, they will always be used, but again we all use them selectively to benefit our narrative. Smart GMs and coaches know how to use stats and “analytics” as they apply in practical terms, relating to actual production and wins. M Gallup can’t lead the league in drops though…that’s unacceptable.

  3. Cooper is a bonafide WR1 based on skill set and ability. Lamb should ascend to the same. Gallup I’m not so sure about. He might get some stats that suggest he’s a WR1, but I think he would struggle as such once he became THE focal point of a defensive scheme.

  4. Good point ! Been watching Lamb since his Sooner days. Something about the guy, just seems to have the “IT” factor. I’ve said it before but he reminds me of D Hopkins (who the Texans stupidly gave away for a cup of coffee). Has the same physicality and circus catches (made to look easy).

  5. Could be a correlation that some of most drops came from the most targeted recievers. That Michael Thomas isn’t on the list is amazing, though he is not a gamebraking receiver. More importantly is that they make the plays in the big moments. I have a feeling Lamb is that guy.

  6. There good wr an there all young coopers, oldest at 25 ,and to say 9-7 just the.coaching will get that we have a bunch of real good players an 4 or 5 stars ,11-5 if we stay healthy, are O-lines top 5 ,dallas has to stop acting like movie stars, an FIGHT

  7. Yep the cowboys took a risk signing McCoy with a preexisting condition, but to me it was worth the risk. They also smartly covered themselves with the clause in his contract. We recoup much of the money and can use it in other areas of need. Cowboys also caught a break with the timing of the injury.

  8. C’mon man always with ur glass half empty outlook ! As far as ur stats go… think we both know we can all easily find a site that contains the stats that support our narrative. This one is no different. Pretty sure Zeke is considered elite as well ! Are u sure ur a cowboys fan?

  9. I like the article and yes to Cowboys do you have one of the better receiving corps don’t listen to the idiot in the first comment- Keep doing your thing I enjoy reading you- i think pollard & jarwin Will be good options as well but the thing that stinks is there’s only one ball to go around for all that talent

  10. I like the article and yes to Cowboys do you have one of the better receiving cops don’t listen to the idiot in the first comment- Keep doing your thing I enjoy reading you

  11. Nice to see u haven’t lost ur charm and sunny outlook siempre44. Nobody said we have a Jerry Rice or Julio Jones type on the roster (who does). But Dak didn’t throw for nearly 5,000 yds with scrub WRs. Add the stud Lamb and Jarwin replacing the ancient Witten, and we do have the POTENTIAL to be the best WR group in the NFL. (especially with a good QB throwing to them) As it stands I put us at worst top 5. Side note… not sure where u get ur “drop” stats, highly doubtful we have 2 in the top 3. I saw a stat that Julian Edelman the GOAT favorite target led the league in that stat. You would be surprised how many drops some of the stud WRs have.

    • The stats are in NexGenStats and ,yes, Gallop and Cooper were top 3 in drops in 2019.
      Dak gets the most from receivers whatever that most is. Cooper and Gallop both were injured and barely functional through the middle to almost the end of the season last year. They are not scrubs, but they are not dominant types, either. They are both inconsistent and can catch balls one game and then drop balls the next. Cooper has been well documented as to not playing well on the road or against top corners. CeeDee is a rookie.
      The McCoy revelation that he was actually chronically injured and never was going to be dominant this year should be the key for Dallas fans to wake up to hype versus reality. Media, even national media, hype players greatly. Have you watched other teams’ games since they were free on the NFL app? It is telling to hear before every game how that team’s players are “the best” at running or receiving or QB then go to another game and hear it about those players. Go read other team sites and their articles say their players are best.
      Not everybody can be best and reality is the Boys have just 2 elite players in Martin and Dak. As a lifetime Boys fan, I just deal in reality. It will take a very good coaching job to get this group to 9-7. The players are just not there.

      • I mean, Garrett was a terrible coach and got them to 8-8 last year. So it should only take a marginal improvement in coaching to go 9-7 considering the additions they made, even with the loss of Fredericks and Jones.

  12. This article really shows a poor grasp of football. But, a high grade of hype.
    First, no, the Boys do not have the most talented receivers group. NO, Atlanta, Cleveland, Arizona and others have three or more experienced star level receivers. The reality for Dallas is they have 2 receivers who were top 3 in drops and a rookie. There is zero receiver backups. If you read other team sites, about 1/4 of sites say their receivers group is the best and they all have a better argument than Dallas. You simply cannot be worst in drops and be the best receivers.
    As to any of these being #1, none of the Boy’s receivers is a Julio Jones type dominant receiver. The real answer is that Dak finds the open guy and doesn’t care which one it is and neither Gallop nor Cooper were consistent last season. And please, back up the hype train as every team that drafted a receiver in the first 2 rounds has the same fan site story that their guy is the new Jerry Rice

    • I could go on about how those teams having 3+ ‘star’ receivers, but I’ll focus on your other points. Amari was hurt a lot more than was let on last year, that led to a lot of his inconsistency. When healthy, he can definitely be a true #1 WR, although still a tier below Julio, Hopkins, etc. Gallup did struggle with consistency, but it was his second year. Going forward he should be able to figure out how to be more consistent. That’s what this is about, next year and beyond, last year doesn’t matter other than with all the inconsistencies, they still both had 1100+ yards which is pretty darn good.

      Yes Ceedee is a rookie, but arguably the best WR in a very deep WR class, and his style is a perfect compliment to Gallup and Cooper. He still has to prove himself, but man it should be exciting to watch. Adding in Jarwin and Pollard, who were great in yards after catch in the limited action last year, and the always reliable Zeke, how can you not be excited about this receiving core?

      You are correct, the #4+ WRs are big questions marks with guys who have only shown flashes and/or have had trouble staying healthy plus the undrafted free agents. But they will get the chance to prove themselves too.

      Also of note, Dallas did have 2 WRs in the top 4 in drops last year, Gallup leading the way with 13, and Cobb at #4 with 9. Cooper had 7, and Edelmen (10), Adams (8), Mike Evans (7), and OBJ (7) were all right there too while guys like JuJu, Digs, Julio, Hopkins, and Thomas all had 6. So maybe amount of drops WR has doesn’t mean that much after all.

      So before bashing someone’s article about a poor grasp of football, check you facts and dial down the negativity a bit to make sure your bias isn’t affecting your grasp of football.

      • Fo’ Fo’ is a stat geek who sees the game through numbers over intellect. He’ll beat this same drum over and over just waiting for an opportunity to flaunt. He’s not completely void of some football acumen, but it gets lost in the delivery sometimes.

    • All those teams you named off don’t have 3 number 1 receivers….. They definitely have 2, but not 3!! With the exception of NO, which only has one with a very good number 2!! Now even though our receivers had a lot of drops last season that doesn’t mean they can’t be number 1 receivers, as far as I’m concerned if the receiver can get a thousand yards or better they can be considered number 1 receivers and we had 2 of them last season, and now we have the best receiver coming out of the 2020 draft and he’s definitely capable of giving us a thousand yards a season, therefore all 3 of our receivers can be considered number 1 receivers!! And I guarantee you that NONE of those other teams you named off are capable of having 2 thousand yard receivers let alone 3 of them!! The only team that can come close is the Atlanta falcons and they will have 2 of them!! There is no guarantee we’ll have 3 of them, but we’ll definitely have 2, but unlike all those other teams you named off we actually have 3 receivers that has the potential to do so!!

    • I’ve come to the conclusion that drops are a bit overrated.
      Here are your top 20 in drop rate per Pro Football Focus among wide receivers who saw at least 90 targets.
      1. Michael Gallup, DAL
      2. D.K. Metcalf, SEA
      3. Curtis Samuel, CAR
      4. Terry McLaurin, WAS
      5. Mike Evans, TB
      6. Julian Edelman, NE
      7. Davante Adams, GB
      8. Stefon Diggs, with Minnesota last season
      9. Odell Beckham Jr, CLE
      10. Cole Beasley, BUF
      10. Jamison Crowder, NYJ
      12. Amari Cooper, DAL
      13. Danny Amendola, DET
      14. Tyler Boyd, CIN
      15. Kenny Golladay, DET
      16. DeVante Parker, MIA
      17. Julio Jones, ATL
      17. Dede Westbrook, JAX
      17. Jarvis Landry, CLE
      20. Robby Anderson, with NYJ
      20. DeAndre Hopkins, with Houston

      I count 7 players who would be in the top 10-15 wide receivers in the NFL on most people’s lists. Julio Jones is a dominant receiver, as is Mike Evans, but they both have a high drop rate as well. So does DeAndre Hopkins.

      • Thanks for taking the effort John. I’m sure it will get lost on those who believe just the number, but it more than proves the point that drops are not only overrated but even subjective in how the numbers are acquired.

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