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Why Dallas Cowboys Should Treat Remaining 5 Games Like Preseason

One… Two… Three… Four… Five… That's exactly how many games the have left on their 2020 regular-season schedule. That's one finger each on your hand if you're counting at home. Subtracting a finger each week will leave you with a fist, something you hopefully haven't punched to the wall watching the Cowboys this season.

With five games remaining to close out the season the Dallas Cowboys find themselves in a precarious situation. Even at 3-8 they still somehow have a chance to make the , which in my could do more harm than good. A lot of people seem to agree and that's why the talk about tanking the rest of the year is such a popular topic right now.

has already addressed the media as to what he thinks about tanking the rest of the season and all but put the kibosh on that idea. But, that doesn't necessarily mean the Cowboys will be going all out to win these next five contests. They can still go out and give an all-out effort, but do it in a way that has more the future in mind instead of the present.

If it were me, I think I'd use the remainder of the to get a jump start on the self-evaluation process. That's why I would approach these final five games as if it were the . I'd personally put everybody under the microscope to find out exactly the direction this to take to better themselves for the future.

Mike McCarthy
Dallas Cowboys HC

After such a disastrous season the Dallas Cowboys will have their work cut out for them one way or another. Getting a jump start on the self-evaluation process could actually help speed things up. Ben Franklin put it best, “Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Wise words from a wise man and fitting ones for the Cowboys if I do say so myself.

One thing for sure, changes are coming for the Dallas Cowboys. Adjustments will be made to hopefully improve the roster as well as the and that's the way it should be. Knowing exactly the best course to take though will require countless hours of work, so why not go ahead and get started as soon as possible?

are the Cowboys already have a pretty good idea of their “problem areas”. They probably already know which coaches are receiving a pink slip and which players they will be letting go and which ones they will be trying to retain. However, using the remainder of the season to make sure isn't exactly a bad idea.

With all of that in mind, I think the Dallas Cowboys would be wise to get a jumpstart on the evaluation process by treating the remainder of the season like it's preseason. They can still go out and play as hard as they want, but do it in a way that has more of the future in mind. There is still at least hope for the future. The same can't be said about the present.

How should the Dallas Cowboys treat the remainder of the 2020 season?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Shawn Crumbaker

I whole heartedy agree. The Cowboys need to play as many of their new players as possible, just for the experience. Next year they will be key contributors when and if many of the injured starters come back. They will continue to grow in a limited role, but have much more experience if thrust into a starting position.

Walter Leon

Not withstanding how the Cowboys decide to play the remaining games, as a period of personnel evaluation as suggested by the author, or pursuit of victories, fans should gird themselves for the fact the team will never be a contender for the Super Bowl. Twenty-five years of disappointing results shall continue for the foreseeable future.

When will the management of the team chart a different path?

Don Howard

I agree with Walter 100 percent without changes to the decision makers and giving the right people power to hold the players accountable after 25 years I’m tired of hearing every draft of how they stole this player in the draft and they turn out to be terrible or average I will have excitement level going into next year I’m tired of hearing next year because it will not happen until changes are made

Gary b

I think the word “tanking” has a negative connotation. It implies u are purposely trying to lose games. I would never advocate for that. It sets a dangerous precedence.
I think we maybe we can just stop using the word tanking and present it as we are basing all our decisions henceforth on what is good for the team moving forward.

It’s absolutely critical that we play our young guys for a couple of reasons. The first is that it gives the team an opportunity to evaluate them in live game situations, which will help determine whether they fit into our plans for the future. The second thing is it gives them invaluable experience and speeds up their maturation process. More than likely we will be relying on many of these players next yr and the more exp they acquire the quicker they will be able to contribute.

Playing the young players doesn’t mean we are trying to lose. You u can point to the insertion of Gallimore and Biadasz in the starting lineup as two examples of an upgrade at that position when they finally happened. I would like to see CB Robinson and DE Anae at least get some reps to determine what we have there. I’m not suggesting start them, but give them some reps for exp and evaluation purposes.

Jerry won’t do it because in his eyes it would make the team appear less relevant and we know that’s the most important thing to him.


What’s wrong with the cowboys go no further than jerry Jones ! He thinks he’s the coach because he owns the team, but when does he accept responsibility for 25 years of the same ole bullshit manager failure

jeffrey garrigan

with no off season we didn’t get a great look at the young guy its not tanking if we are trying to evaluate our roster

Kevin Cure

By going with the young guys all of the above reasons make sense. The other thing is save some wear and tear on the veterans who are returning. Every injury to the vets can effect the length of their careers. It is not tanking to evaluate young players when you know even if the division is won it is a one and done. At some point we should not expose D-Law (let Anae get the reps), Zack Martin, upon return (give reps to McGovern) and LVE (Bernard, Thomas).

Ben Insalaco

To be honest, I think Dallas needs to lose out and go for a great QB in the draft. They probably won’t get a shot at T. Lawrence but Justin Fields (who would be a #1 prospect were it not for Lawrence) would be terrific. Dallas says Dak is the future but at his best he’s still not great and Jerry knows it! Trade Dak, get Fields on a rookie deal so they can afford other pieces like O line and defense. Build the team around an exceptional talent with a high ceiling (like Fields) instead of just a competent one who happens to be very likable and is a great leader. Leadership does not compensate for talent. Along with the aforementioned coaching and personnel changes I think Dallas at least had a legitimate shot at building a great team. Oh, and getting rid of Zeke would probably help too!

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