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Will Dalton Schultz Improve This Season?

Last year, was a monster and was one of the best tight-ends in the league. Will his reign continue into this season or will his stats decline?

Last season, Schultz had a career-high reception rate of 78 catches. This resulted in 808 yards and eight touchdowns, which is his best season yet. With these kinds of stats, it's hard to tell if Schultz will be able to keep up with these stats again. However, with the newest member of the , he may be able to do better.

Offensive lineman Tyler Smith will be a great addition to help Schultz succeed again. This new player will allow more time for to throw the ball, resulting in more catches for his receivers and tight ends.

One thing for sure is Schultz is in no position to lose his first-string spot. No other could replace him at the moment, which is another solid reason he could be better than last season.

As exciting as it sounds that Schultz could be better than ever this upcoming year, we cannot avoid the dangers of his future career.

are starting to become more common for a player like Schultz due to this being his fifth year in the . As a tight end, he is constantly blocking, running, and getting hit hard by middle linebackers every down. This is something that the Cowboys need to be wary of, after all, Schultz is due for an .

The to focus on keeping his stamina and condition well enough to play, so an injury is not a result. With that being said, if he manages to stay healthy, he should have a year equivalent to the last.

With gone, this will open up more opportunities for Schultz to grab more catches and make bigger plays. Fewer receivers to throw to, more openings for the tight ends.

Maybe in the we can see if Schultz is still up to par before the season starts. We may not see too much of him though, due to the fact the Cowboys will avoid playing him so that it doesn't result in having an injured player. Which is the smart decision.

Tony Stahl
Tony Stahl
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