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Will Jeff Heath Take Over “TE Eraser” Role in 2018?

remains one of the biggest concerns for the for the upcoming . While there are quite a few promising young players like and , the team doesn't have a clear-cut starter at the position, let alone two.

27-year old will contend for a starting role being the player with the most experience at the position. Although it doesn't sound like an ideal scenario at all, it appears that will be the case for the Cowboys' .

Since joining the team in 2013, Heath has had arguing and debating whether he's actually good or not. To be quite honest, I believe him to be a decent starter in the league, but nothing special. 2018 is the year to prove he's worthy of starting in the long-term.

With moving to full-time, it's time to wonder who will take up his role of erasing opposing tight ends? It's something Jones truly excelled at, being able to go up versus some of the best TEs in the league and win constantly. It's also something that he should stop doing if he truly finds his home at cornerback.

Ideally, he'll be helping on the outside or even on the slot and not dealing with tight ends.

Dallas Cowboys' writer Bryan Broaddus hinted at Jeff Heath taking up that role for 2018. During a live stream from “Somos Cowboys” with Ambar Garcia, Broaddus mentioned that as of right now, it seems like #38 will be filling that spot.

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Dallas Cowboys S Jeff Heath (Cary Edmondson / Sports)

If he succeeds at it during and , Heath could be making sure he'll be a starter once the season begins. With his physicality and his athleticism, he should have what it takes to deal with opposing tight ends in a division that features , Evan Engram and .

He'll also have to prove his worth in the , though. When Jones was erasing tight ends, he constantly struggled playing in the box and tackling in the run game. For Heath, it's important he can bring the runner down and willing to make contact to keep executing this role.

Jeff Heath is without a doubt one of the most intriguing players on this roster. Starting in 15 games last year, and now with no Byron Jones at the position, it's his time to step up as a player and as a leader. Last month, I wrote about why we shouldn't rule out Heath as a captain candidate.

Jeff Heath has been an heroic player at times, like when he hit Derek Carr just before he could end the Cowboys' season last year. But how constant and how reliable will he be a starter in 2018? Hopefully, he and whoever starts on the other side of the field can do enough to calm our concerns at the safety position.

Mauricio Rodriguez
Mauricio Rodriguez
I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.

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John Williams

I really like the versatility that Heath and Woods bring to the table. They both can play deep and both play a little man to man. I think their versatility will allow the Cowboys to stay in their base 4-3 more on early downs when teams go into 11-personnel. They can stay big to stop the run.

Sexcdex Xfact

That’s ok
Really it is, but we need to add one more dynamic piece to the equation here
Not necessarily Earl T

Sexcdex Xfact

6yrs is enough to know if a player is a fit it no
I like what Jeff has given us but I just feel Dallas is giving players like A. Brown & J. Heath a final lookover before trade deadlines & such, (worse case scenario)
For rotatational/depth purposes, (best case)
Dallas need to cement this position as not to further expose an already exposed secondary/defensive back half of the field
Flexibility is both our strength & weakness
A very capable veteran and/or an outstanding 2nd-3rd yr safety is needed
Why chance such vital needs in an era of rebuild
We are thin in the safety position
Dallas WILL address it prior to this year’s trade/free agency deadlines

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