Will Kris Richard’s Success End Jason Garrett’s Era in Dallas?

    The ' hit the ball out of the park when they hired former ' as their coach for the 2018 football season. Since then, Richard's influence on the Cowboys has been felt on a weekly basis. He's unanimously beloved by as he has helped build a championship caliber .

    Defense is the name of the game for the . Despite having some big names on like and , it's been the other side of the ball that's won this team a handful of games. They rank second in the NFL in scoring defense, fifth in total yards allowed and third in rushing yards allowed.

    Rod Marinelli deserves a big part of the credit as the defensive coordinator of course, but it's Kris Richard's arrival that has taken the defense in Dallas to a whole other level. He even has taken over some play-calling duties.

    There's a reason we've seen a more aggressive approach on defense this year. For a team that seemed almost allergic to sending blitzes the last few years, we're seeing these sort of plays every defensive drive. Linebackers are being utilized in pass rushing, something we didn't really see often before.

    Much had been said about this defense potentially being one capable of holding down elite offenses. That's precisely what they did against arguably the best team in the NFL at the moment, the . The defensive gameplan these couple of coaches put together for the Saints was simply fantastic.

    Take for example. The sophomore who had seen close to zero action on the season was brilliantly used in limited snaps, limiting one of the Saints' most dangerous weapons, RB . , who had been averaging 98 yards per game, had only 40 against Dallas.

    Kris Richard is also the reason the Cowboys picked up ' fifth-year option. At this pace, Jones should be an All-Pro once the season comes to an end.

    I can go on and on about why Kris Richard has been amazing for the Dallas Cowboys, but let's get to the matter at hand.

    There might be only one way to keep Kris Richard beyond 2018.

    Clearly, Kris Richard is making a name for himself. If we as fans are noticing, I assure you NFL teams will do so too. The Dallas Cowboys must keep Richard on the team. They shouldn't let him walk after he's played such an important role in the performance of one of the best defenses in the NFL today.

    If the Cowboys are to keep him though, leaving him at his current job will surely not be enough. We're talking about a guy who'll be getting a lot of phone calls once the season is over. Some of those calls will probably be for defensive coordinator openings… and some might be about openings.

    Is the Cowboys 2018 Season Circling the Drain? 1
    Dallas Cowboys HC  (Matthew Emmons / USA TODAY Sports)

    Jason Garrett has been a polemical figure for the Cowboys. Despite holding the 2016 Head Award, his results in Dallas have been inconsistent. The Cowboys are likely making the , which helps his case to remain this team's coach. But even if they manage to deal some damage in January, are the Cowboys willing to keep him at the expense of Kris Richard?

    Is Jason Garrett worth letting go an energetic, passionate, smart, young defensive coach like Kris Richard? If Richard walks away, would the defense be the same?

    If the front office ends up facing this tough decision, it will be one of the most important decisions they've faced recently. I, for one, would definitely prefer to promote Kris Richard if it comes to that. He's one of the main reasons the defense is playing at this level, and he could be an exciting young coach in the NFL with a bright future ahead of him.

    Keep in mind, Richard is far from a “one-year wonder.” After all, he was the architect of the Seahawks' “Legion of Boom.” I just don't see how you let such an opportunity leave. Hopefully, the Cowboys do everything in their power to keep him around for a long time.

    Mauricio Rodriguez
    Mauricio Rodriguez
    I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.


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    Chuck Wright

    I fear JJ will let Kris walk (not that he could stop him) for a well deserved HC offer.

    My fantasy, JJ promotes Kris to HC, says thank you to JG, Scotty L and the rest of the weak offensive staff save Marc Columbo. Hires a quality OC who understands the run/pass option game and can build an offense around Dak/Zeke and the talent we have.

    Bruce Hood

    Well said, JG is not consistent and in 8 years he’s proved to be what the Cincinnati head coach is ( mediocre).
    JJ will probably have to much pride and let him walk. He may believe they have his play calling system down pat and someone else can do it. I do believe we can win again if JJ gets out of the way. He wants the attention all by himself and here is where the problem is.


    Agreed wholeheartedly!


    Indeed. But don’t stop there. Give him autonomy on coaching staff selection especially in the offensive coordinator plus others.



    I think there is a way to maneuver, where all parties can stay in Dallas. Jason Garrett, can be promoted to the scouting division, to honor his father’s legacy. Kris Richards gets promoted to head coach. Even though the players respect Jason Garrett, he has reached his peak as head coach. The reason Linnehan was brought in, was because JG was a terrible game manager and a so-so play caller. Well, Linnehan is running the same boring concepts that Garrett instilled for over a decade.


    I have been a Garrett supporter in the past but it’s time for him and Linehan to go. Jones let Sean Payton leave and look what he’s done. I support making Richard the HC and letting him hire a new OC. We need an aggressive young HC, period.


    I’d love that but I don’t it doesn’t seem like a possibility to me.

    Suave Freddie

    It’s time to do the right thing. JG had many opportunities to make this team a playoff contender year after year. Cowboys are in a state of being a Dynasty (like from the past). With Kris Richard as head coach, he can be a Jimmy Johnson like coach. Hope & Pray that the Joneses are smart enough to keep him and promote him as Head coach CAN’T LET HIM WALK AWAY!!


    I agree with most all of ya’ll. Richard should be HC and let Garrett and Linehan go, don’t keep them in any capacity! Hire a new OC and keep MC as O-Line coach and also our WR coach has been good, our wide outs didn’t know how to run a route till he showed up in Big D and even better that we picked up Coop because he is the premier route runner! Things like that rub off on the rest of the club including LVE and his play that has brought our Defense along with D-Law to the fore front and we have a smart young nucleus that if we can get the right coaching we can be the dynasty team of the 90’s and win 1 or 2 more Championships before Jerry passes on and can relish knowing that (America’s Team) The Dallas Cowboys has more trophies than any team in the NFL