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Will the Cowboys obtain the victory against the Eagles?

The game of the year approaches us, as the will take on the this Christmas Eve. There has been much talk leading into this one over the season and the hype has only grown for these two teams. Who will win this legendary matchup?

There are many things to take into consideration. One being that has been ruled out for this game and will not play a snap. This is a strange occurrence because the last time the Eagles played the Cowboys, Quarterback did not play. This will set the Eagles back a lot regarding their .

For the Cowboys, is questionable with an illness. Not to mention the loads of the Cowboys have faced all season. While the Eagles will be missing their primary weapon, the Cowboys will be missing lots of smaller weapons of their own.

At this point in time, the Cowboys are -4.5 favorites to win the game. One major reason why they are heavily favored is that they are at home. The Cowboys are on a seven-home-game winning streak that isn't looking like it will end anytime soon. With this behind their backs, the game looks promising to win.

While last week's game against the didn't work out very well, our offense did look a lot better. I am expecting high hopes for the Cowboys' offense in this game. If the offense doesn't show up, I am afraid a loss will be more likely.

Meanwhile, the looked very poor and I am afraid they were exposed by the Jags. I am frightened that the Eagles have done a lot of research over the week and have learned the ins and outs of our defense (like the Jags did). Luckily for the defense, Hurts won't be there, but it's still the Eagles and the Cowboys should not take this team lightly WHATSOEVER.

What would happen if the Eagles were to win though? Well, they would for sure clinch the division and #1 seed. This wouldn't be good as a Cowboy fan, I don't want to see my most hated team get a to start the playoff.

If the Cowboys win, we will delay this from happing and have a small chance to overtake them. The Eagles would need to lose the next two games after Dallas however, (Saints and Giants). While I see them maybe losing to the Giants, a loss to the Saints would be very unlikely. Who knows though, crazier things have happened. The Cowboys would also need to win their remaining two games (Titans and Commanders).

Overall, I think the Cowboys have this game in the bag, but the offense must put up high points on this team. better have a solid for this one or the team altogether will be in trouble heading into the postseason. A win over the arch-rivaled Eagles will be a great addition to the team going into the . I am very interested in how this game will turn out and can't wait.

Tony Stahl
Tony Stahl
Hey there! My name is Tony Stahl. I have two passions, writing and football, when you put those two together you have where I am now, Inside the Star! I am 18 and live in Fort Worth and am a huge Cowboys fan. Football is my most favorite topic and I could talk your head off all day about it.

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Cowboys fan

Yeah, the jaguars figured out our defense…. They figured out we lost almost half of our starters and to make sure to target Kelvin Joseph when they need to score a touchdown!! That’s not hard to figure out!! Any team can see we lost Anthony Brown, Jordan Lewis, Johnathon Hankins, LVE, and Armstrong!! With a team losing that many players on one side of the ball, of course they’re not gonna be the same!! And when everybody knows that Kelvin Joseph isn’t good enough to be playing yet, they’re gonna target him as much as possible, and that was obvious last week against the jaguars…. He gave up 2 touchdown in 3 minutes time which was a big reason why they were able to catch up to us and make it a game!! The good news is that from what I understand, we won’t have to worry about Kelvin Joseph giving up touchdown after touchdown this week, cause he’s not gonna be the starter this time!! It sounds like Bland will be moved outside and Mckenzie Alexander will be the slot corner!! Maybe even Trayvon Mullen will get some snaps on the outside, either way, Kelvin Joseph won’t be out there this time!!

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