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Would Jason Peters be the Swing Tackle or a Starter for Cowboys?

The potential acquisition of Offensive has been the talk of the town the last few days. If the do end up the veteran, is he just here to play a backup role as the swing tackle or could he be quickly moving into a starting job?

Like OSU's Mike Gundy used to be, Peters is 40 years old. The longtime for the Eagles, who went to nine Pro Bowls and was a six-time All-Pro during that run, was a 15-game starter for the Bears in 2021. Despite his advanced age, Jason still graded out solidly in his work for Chicago.

After 's unfortunate practice and the expectation that he'll be out until December, if not the entire year, has been in a tizzy over the left tackle spot. While 1st-round pick played it in college and has incredible potential, his inexperience and penchant for seem especially concerning at the most critical position on the .

With missing time injured and clearly ill-suited to play left tackle this year, none of Dallas' depth options could inspire confidence. Tyron Smith's injury left Dallas with only one viable in-house option; moving Tyler Smith to left tackle after spending the getting him ready to play . would move up to LG and would hopefully develop some strong spidey senses.

Earlier this week we heard that Jason Peters, after sitting home this offseason and waiting for the right opportunity, was coming to visit the Cowboys. So far, it sounds like that visit has gone very well.

At the very least, Peters' arrival will bolster the depth at and give Dallas a viable backup on the left side. We will likely see Josh Ball waived and moved to the to make room for the veteran, leaving Waletzko as a developmental prospect on the roster.

But could this move be for more than just depth? Despite his age, could Jason Peters be coming to fill in for Tyron Smith as the starting left tackle?

Again, Peters' play last year for Chicago was more than adequate. He's not an elite left tackle anymore like during his prime days in Philly, but last year he was far from one of the worst starters in the league.

Even if the Cowboys' goal is for Peters to eventually start it probably won't happen against Tampa Bay. Peters will need time to learn the and may need more than one week to be ready for the role. We should expect Tyler Smith and Connor McGovern to start in Week One.

That could still be the plan for the season, but the idea of getting “your five best guys on the field” can't be ignored. This isn't just about how good Tyler Smith is or isn't at left tackle but also how effective McGovern is as a starting guard. The key is making the starting five as strong, or at least solvent, as possible.

Adding Jason Peters, which is starting to sound more eventual than possible, creates options the Cowboys wouldn't have had otherwise. The team hasn't said officially what their intention is for Peters' role once signed, but don't be surprised if he's working with the starters in practice sooner than later.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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