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‘You Ready?’: Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb Unveils New Look

When the Dallas Cowboys went on the clock during the 2020 NFL Draft, there was a fever pitch of excitement with the opportunity to draft the top wide receiver in the draft sitting at their feet. Since then, there’s been growing anticipation to see Lamb take the field in a Dallas Cowboys uniform.

Imagining Lamb playing in a Kellen Moore offense with Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, and Ezekiel Elliott has sent Cowboys Nation into a frenzy since that glorious Thursday in April. Whenever they do take the field, they’ll be one of the more dangerous offenses on the field.

You ready?

Yesterday, CeeDee Lamb showed off his new duds via his Instagram account wearing the 88 that has become synonymous with elite wide receiver play for the Dallas Cowboys.

You ready?

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On his Instagram post, Lamb posed the question, “you ready?” I haven’t been this excited about a Cowboys first-round pick since I started covering the team in 2016. I think Cowboys Nation would answer this one with a resounding “yes!”

When the Cowboys take the field for the first time in 2020 it’ll likely be with their 11 personnel grouping getting their vaunted wide receiver trio on the field at the same time. Lamb, who averaged 21 yards per reception in 2019 figures to be the primary slot receiver for the Cowboys in 2020. He has the ability to play on the outside whenever Moore wants to slide Cooper into the slot. Lamb can win at every level of the defense and is dangerous with the football in his hands.

After initially asking for the number 10, Lamb opted for the number 88, which has been worn by Cowboys greats Drew Pearson, Michael Irvin, and Dez Bryant. CeeDee Lamb takes over a legacy that is filled with alpha receivers and big-time playmakers. The former Oklahoma product has the mentality and ability to fill that jersey with the production that comes with the expectation of being “the next 88.”

With less than two months till the NFL kicks off the season, CeeDee Lamb is looking sharp in his new Dallas Cowboys uniform. He’ll look even better running routes against the Los Angeles Rams in September.

What do you think?

John Williams

Written by John Williams

Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could.

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  1. They faded Lol….If you really watched the whole game and kept an eye out on him you could tell a few times how mad he was getting bc they were losing so bad and he would run harder and harder and he was a big part of them almost coming back against the Jets

  2. What cost them last season was their defense against better offenses and an under performing offense against top 10 defenses. Also there was zero accountability for bone headed penalties and plays . Here is hoping that McCarthy and Nolan can light a fire under their asses to get this team back to prominence

    • A couple years ago, Ty Montgomery took a kickoff return out of the endzone after McCarthy told him to take the touchback at the end of the game to give Aaron Rodgers more time. Montgomery fumbled the ball on the return and the next day was traded to the Baltimore Ravens.

      McCarthy ain’t messing around and he’s got the success to back up his words.

  3. What I saw was inconsistentcy both on offense and defense. Blame that on Garrett Moore Marinelli there was no fire sense of urgency leadership on that team. Dallas under performed against teams that equal or better than them. They let mediocre teams stay in games longer than they should have. The Jets game proved that last season

    • I agree. I think this team missed Tyrone Crawford last season. He’s been one of the leaders on this team for a long time. They don’t have a ton of guys that are vocal leaders. Crawford’s return helps. Gerald McCoy will help on that front and so should Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

      On offense, CeeDee Lamb is such a gamer that, like Ezekiel Elliott, his effort and physicality will inspire the rest of the team.

  4. Wish he was wearing #10 though. Not that I think #88 should be reserved or anything, or that I don’t think Lamb could potentially earn his way into that class, but because it’s the number he wanted and now even when I see him in a uniform, I see a 10 in my mind and it just looks correct to me.

  5. Yea I would like to see Lamb #10 as well. He wanted it but J Jones pressured him into #88 Think he wanted to start his own legacy with #10. Don’t know what it is about Lamb but I see stardom in his future.

  6. Jimmy Johnson would cut a player in the middle of a meeting (though never a star) in 9 yrs never saw j Garrett jump a players ass no matter how much or bad they screwed up. All he was good for was clapping the whole game. Players had no fear or respect for him.

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