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2016 Re-Draft: QB Dak Prescott Goes First Overall, Cowboys Snag Jared Goff

Bleacher Report continued on with their re-draft series this week, focusing on the infamous 2016 draft this time. The killed it during the 2016 draft overall, though their best find came when they selected franchise quarterback Dak Prescott in the fourth round.

In this re-draft, the Cowboys didn’t even get a chance to get their guy. Prescott went number one to the , leading them into their future LA home and getting paired with (at the time) Jeff Fischer.

“This is essentially a toss-up because Wentz might have a higher ceiling based on his -caliber for the , but the North Dakota State product has also failed to finish three consecutive campaigns because of .

Prescott, who has never missed a start in his career, gets the slight .”

Prescott getting taken over Eagles quarterback will no doubt annoy any Eagle fan readers of BR, but their argument is a solid one. Prescott and would be a match made in heaven, getting him out of the pocket and utilizing play action to the highest extent.

So with Dak Prescott taken first overall, where would the Cowboys go when they came on the clock? Both the Eagles and Chargers took their real-life picks second and third overall, leaving the Cowboys with a choice between , , and…?

“But Dallas is good enough to make a run in 2020 and, again, Goff played a significant role on a team just 18 months ago. The original top pick hasn’t been himself since bombing in , but he’s a two-time Pro Bowler with the skill set to bounce back, and he’d be extremely well-supported in Dallas.”

Goff was originally the first pick of the 2016 draft, so falling to fourth overall isn’t much of a free-fall. Still, it’s notable that Goff wasn’t the same player much of 2019 that we saw during their 2018 Super Bowl run.

Many Cowboys would still be rooting for Ezekiel Elliott to be the pick here, but knowing what we know about value makes his selection tough to defend. Personally, I would’ve been ecstatic if either Goff or Carson Wentz were the pick back in 2016. I loved both out of college and thought for sure they’d both be studs at the NFL level. There’s been some mixed results there, but Wentz has clearly been “better” than Goff for most of their careers.

But now just four years later, it looks like the fourth round pick turned out better off than the first two picks.

What do you think?


Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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  1. I’m not sure when Wentz carried a team with a star the caliber of Elliott out either? Nick Foles won the super bowl for the Eagles. I’m not saying Wentz is chopped liver and personally i think he is extremely talented. But he has already suffered two season ending injuries out his four yrs in addition to being knocked out of a playoff game last yr. He is very injury prone any way u slice it. Can’t help ur team from the sidelines. By comparison Dak has missed ZERO games in his career. Just saying

  2. Dak is a good quarterback, prefer a elite quarterback. If Zeke goes down, Dak can’t carry the team like Wentz.

    This is not about hate, is about business and bringing a championship!

  3. Rams gave up (2) 1st round picks (3) second round picks and (2) 3rd round picks to the Titans for the rights to draft Goff. Basically mortgaging their future. holy cow! Cowboys only used a 4TH ROUND PICK on Dak. Goff was the 27th ranked passer in the NFL last yr and I believe Dak was top 3. Its true Goff went to the super bowl but was a putrid 19-38 no TD one INT in that game. Then the Rams went and signed him to a huge long term contract. I would take Dak over Goff and the highly drafted Wentz who has never been healthy but also signed a huge contract. (Dak never missed a game in 4 yrs) Those two were resigned to huge contracts because teams know that QBs are a precious commodity .
    But to keep things in perspective I would take Wilson and Mahomes over Dak all day both being elite talents. Just wished the cowboys had signed Dak to a reasonable contract when they had the chance. All the bad teams in the league are looking for a QB. If Dak leaves we could spend the next 20 yrs looking for ours.

  4. I can’t think of any QB I’d rather have than Dak. I think he’s as high a caliber QB as Patrick Maholms, Russell Wilson or Baltimore’s QB. I would definitely take him over Wentz or Goff. There’s one thing we can all be sure of, at the end of the 2020 season when Dak once again proves he’s that good, all the haters will jump on his bandwagon.

  5. All these people talking about let Dak walk must be too young to remember all the bums we had between Troy and Tony. Franchise quarterbacks don’t grow on trees.

  6. Good post Jeremy and ur right about the haters. 90 % posts in here are negative. Very little positivity in the opinions. Guess its easier to be negative than positive for most people. Cowboys have weaknesses just like all teams, but alot to like about them as well.

  7. I feel Dallas would’ve still chosen Zeke in the 1st rd having Romo and looked to add another backup…
    Probably higher than the 4th rd however
    Because Zeke’s production will still cause Jerry to salivate on a redraft

    And but
    Its amazing how Dak continues to be picked 1st overall out of all the QBs in the ’16 draft in a redraft
    Yet he’s esteemed not worth a 4 yr contract vs the 5 yr offer by so many fans

    Most fans appreciate Mr Prescott’s status as a top 10 or higher caliber QB btw
    It’s just the trolls and fickle fans are louder and more boisterous Lol

    Dak’s due to disprove further his doubters, haters, and naysayers….
    He’s continue to do such improving each yr under a variety of OLines, OC’s, QB coaches, receivers, and now HC’s etc
    I don’t see anything that would suggest a leveling off not to mention a dropoff

  8. So the experts (which none of us are) at bleacher report have Dak who was a 4TH ROUNDER the #1 overall pick in 2016 ahead of a bunch of stud all pros and a few potential hall of famers. All u Dak haters must love that. 3 of first 4 picks being QBs (any question how important a quality QB is to a team?). Can’t help but think the overly harsh assessment of Dak is due to his unreasonable contract demands (right VAM?) If he had accepted a reasonable offer would ya’ll opinion of him be different in any way ? Be honest Just asking ! That doesn’t change the fact that he’s definitely not worth what he’s asking for, but c’mon he’s better than most people are giving him credit for. Plus he just turned 27 and is still young enuf to improve. Granted he has underperformed in some key games (as the team also has) but he’s young enuf to turn that around. Well moot point I guess right.

    • Haters do what haters do…..
      They hate, misconstrue, perpetrate fraud, malign, and spread falsities
      They can never “see” objectively for their “blind” hate


  9. I hate these post there is no telling where everyone would be or how they would do. As far as both Wentz and Dac go i can’t figure out where you writers figure them so good. The plai truth is Goff has done better then both as far as leading his team. Wentz has been hampered by injury and though he has a ring he won it riding the pines. I don’t think dac even won a playoff game. Fact is that team isn’t even 500 with teams who are 500. You can’t blame dac. But the constant slaming of goff is the product of poor reporting and media hype on the other 2 who Haven’t done anything!

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