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2020 Mock Draft Roundup: Experts Early Favorites for the Dallas Cowboys

Potential targets for the Dallas Cowboys in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Instead of discussing, analyzing, and critiquing the Dallas Cowboys play the past few weeks I thought I would throw you a little curveball to break the monotony and take a little look into the future. After all, no matter how this season turns out there’s always another one and another one after that. That’s the great thing about professional sports… there’s always next season.

I know it’s a little early to be thinking about the 2020 NFL Draft, but not if you enjoy the entire draft process. The collegiate season is winding down and draft rankings are already starting to round into form a little bit. That’s why I decided to take a look around the Internet at some of the November mock drafts to see who some of the so-called “experts” are selecting for the Dallas Cowboys.

The 2020 NFL Draft is looking like it could be an important one for the Dallas Cowboys. They have quite a few players set to hit free agency after the completion of the 2019 season and their draft needs are abundant.

Dallas Cowboys Draft Needs: DT, DE, LB, CB, S, TE, WR, OT

As you can see, nearly every position on defense could stand to be upgraded, but very few on the offensive side of the ball. With that in mind, what position do you think the Dallas Cowboys would target in the first-round of the 2020 NFL Draft? Let’s take a look at what the “experts” think…

* Selections are based on early to mid-November team rankings 

Stick to Football Podcast (Matt Miller & Connor Rogers)

Grant Delpit
LSU S Grant Delpit

Grant Delpit S, LSU

If you happen to like listening to podcasts and aren’t already tuned into Stick to Football, I definitely recommend it. Matt Miller knows what he’s about and just so happens to be one of my favorite draft analysts. So when he suggests a Top 10 talent like Grant Delpit could slide to the Dallas Cowboys in the 2020 NFL Draft, I listen.

After missing out on Jamal Adams before the 2019 NFL trade deadline, the Cowboys could definitely take a look at another talented LSU safety. Delpit has all the intangibles to be an interchangeable safety in the league and at 6’3″, 200 pounds he definitely has the size. His play has dropped a bit this season, which is why he could slide right into the lap of the Cowboys. and

Kristian Fulton
LSU CB Kristian Fulton

Kristian Fulton CB, LSU

The so-called “experts” over at and both believe the Dallas Cowboys could go after LSU Cornerback Kristian Fulton. With both Byron Jones and Anthony Brown possibly leaving in free agency, CB could definitely be in play for the Cowboys in the first-round of the 2020 NFL Draft. He fits the parameters Dallas likes their CBs (6’1″, 192) and would likely be a plug-and-play player as a rookie.

Draft Network

Xavier McKinney
Alabama S Xavier McKinney

Grant Delpit S, LSU

Jonah Tul over at Draft Network is yet another so-called “expert” who believes LSU Safety Grant Delpit could slide all the way to the Dallas Cowboys despite being one of the Top 10 talents in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Xavier McKinney S, Alabama

Joe Marino at Draft Network also has the Cowboys taking a safety out of the SEC in the 2020 NFL Draft, but he has them selecting Xavier McKinney out of Alabama. McKinney (6’1″, 200) is projected to be a fringe first-round player.

Hamsah Nasirildeen S, Florida State

Draft Network’s Trevor Sikkema is also sticking to the safety theme for the Dallas Cowboys. He has them selecting Hamsah Nasirildeen out of Florida State. He’s another fringe first-round player and also one of the biggest (6’4″, 215) safeties in the 2020 draft class.

A.J. Epensea EDGE, Iowa

Despite being considered a Top 10-15 prospect in the 2020 NFL Draft, Carter Donnick over at Draft Network has the Dallas Cowboys selecting A.J. Epensea (6’6″, 280). Dallas could use another DE with both Robert Quinn and Michael Bennett currently playing under a one-year contract.

Neville Gallimore DT, Oklahoma

The Cowboys aren’t known as a team who takes DTs in the first-round, but that didn’t stop Draft Network’s Benjamin Solak from selecting Neville Gallimore for Dallas. If this were to happen it would indicate Trysten Hill, the Cowboys second-round pick last year, isn’t living up to expectations and isn’t ready to step in for Maliek Collins, who is likely to leave via free agency.

Walter Football

Albert Okwuegbunam
Missouri TE Albert Okwuegbunam (Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports)

Albert Okwuegbunam TE, Missouri

Leave it to Walter Football to provide the only offensive player in this mock draft roundup. Despite Jason Witten coming back from retirement and playing better-than-expected and Blake Jarwin showing flashes of his talent, the Dallas Cowboys could definitely stand to upgrade the tight end position. Albert Okwuegbunam has the size (6’5″, 255), strength, and athleticism to do everything the Cowboys ask of their TEs both as an in-line blocker and split out in the passing game. Depending on what other players are still available, this could be a very logical selection.

Lamar Jackson
Nebraska CB Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson CB, Nebraska

Josh Edwards over at may have had Kris Richard in mind when he chose Cornerback Lamar Jackson out of Nebraska for the Dallas Cowboys in the 2020 NFL Draft. Jackson is a tall, lengthy CB (6’3″, 215) and plays with a physicality Richard could fall in love with. It might be a bit of a reach for the Cowboys to select him this early in the draft considering he’s a bit of between tweener and it’s yet to be determined if his best position is CB or S at the NFL level. But, Dallas needs to upgrade both positions and could decide to roll the dice on Jackson’s talent and figure out where to play him later.

Javon Kinlaw
South Carolina DT Javon Kinlaw

Javon Kinlaw DT, South Carolina

Again, the Dallas Cowboys aren’t known as a team who draft DTs in the first-round, but I can understand the thinking of Lance Cartelli of here. Javon Kinlaw is the kind of disruptive interior defensive lineman Rod Marinelli covets. At 6’6″, 302, Kinlaw would bring some much-needed size to the Cowboys DL and he the ability to make plays on the other side of the line of scrimmage. This is a move that makes sense considering Maliek Collins is likely gone after the season and the fact Trysten Hill has yet to establish himself.

What do you think of these potential Dallas Cowboys 2020 NFL Draft targets?

What do you think?

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Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. This is outstanding coverage. But the Cowboys will never draft any of the top caliber players. They will do the exact opposite, to save money.

    • I think you may be confusing the draft with free agency. Regardless though, we don’t know what the Cowboys may do in the off-season. We could be looking at an entirely different coaching staff who values something different than the previous coaching regime did.

  2. Every year for the last 25 years has been we going to the SB WHATA JOKE! This team has become laughable and I’m about ready to jump ship to ther other team in the state. This team has all most replaced the browns as laughing stock . 1 playoff win in 25 years! They are who at least I thought they were

    • I don’t know if jumping ship and becoming a Texans fan will be any better. They’ve pretty much let Bill O’Brien forfeit their future this season and they still don’t even have a GM to run things. But, your frustration with the Cowboys is justified. I’m personally going to wait to see who they end up replacing Jason Garrett with.

    • Dallas could and should be a great team. Talent everywhere on the field. Unfortunately, none on the sidelines. Dallas is like a really fast car, but nobody to drive it.

      • I wouldn’t necessarily say the Cowboys don’t have any talent on the sidelines. They have some pretty good coaches, but for some reason they just aren’t doing enough to help this team succeed. It could be Jason Garrett’s influence or something else, but something definitely needs to change.

  3. It occurred to me a few weeks ago when Usain Bolt said he would consider playing football, for the Packers or Patriots, that many years ago, the Dallas Cowboys would easily have been on such a list. Basically, I don’t think the Cowboys shine that limelight any longer. The brand is tarnished. Great stadium, great fans, great city… but a soap opera organization. Unless the money is mind boggling, I don’t see any respectable coach ever wanting to work for a GM like Jerry Jones, and even then, it would be ONLY for the money. Worse, Jerry Jones’ looming influence will never go away. In my heart, Jones’ ineffectiveness through the years should have proven to all that Jimmy Johnson was the mastermind behind those early 90s Super Bowls. And soon, the early 2020s will be here. I have been a Cowboys fan since 1965… a 12-yr old… Mr. Jones was a man that I once thought I would love to work for… He had this infectious passion. I disputed the ego stories. No more. He is the one and only common factor during all these years of futility. He’s not going to change, and neither will the Cowboys’ future.

  4. … since the last Cowboys Super Bowl win, every team in the NFC has gone to the NFC Championship, with exception of the Redskins, Lions, and…. Cowboys!!! And it should be obvious that several have gone multiple times. The challenge I always ask my friends… Tell me the names of the owners of the NFL… then tell me their GMs. Not sure which is more difficult. The Cowboys today are “fun to make fun of”…

    • I don’t get disagree with anything you said. In fact, a lot of it is spot on. However, I think Jerry Jones’ problem is he stood by Jason Garrett too long when if it was any other head coach he would have fired him already. He truly believed JG returning to the Super Bowl winning kind of coach he was looking for, but unfortunately that never materialized. Anyway you look at it though, it’s definitely been tough to be a Cowboys fan for the better part of two decades.

  5. Good prospects, but the only problem is Jerry hardly drafts anyone from the SEC. Of course you’ve got Dak ( a late round) and Cooper, (traded for), and someone else i can’t recall. Jerry likes the prospects from small schools, Boise State for one, and others. If he was to draft more from the SEC schools he’d have players that would be battle tested and knows how to win. He thinks he’s smarter than all the other GM’s in the league. I’ve been a Cowboy’s fan since 1966 and i’m getting more and more upset with how he think’s everyone but him is stupid. Jason Garrett is no coach. He stay’s on the sideline and doesn’t chew anyone or let’s them know how to do anything, because he doesn’t know himself. Fire him immediately. Glenn

    • I honestly have no problem with the way the Cowboys have been drafting since Will McClay and Stephen Jones have and more involved. I don’t put much stock into what conference players are coming out of or anything like that. The Cowboys have had the talent here recently to be a playoff caliber team, the problem has been the coaching. That however should change in the off-season.

  6. I agree. I live and die with this team. Im the guy you hear screaming down the street every play and every call. Honestly though.. I am so sick of the build up every year just to be let down time and time again. Garrett has to go…like years ago. If we lose to the bears and garrett isn’t fired. I will stop watching cowboys games until he is gone.

    • Eric, I’m right there with you. I’ve wanted to see Jason Garrett succeed as much as anyone, but it’s far past time to move on. Having said that though, I don’t think Jerry Jones will make a HC change this year. I think he will allow JG to finish the season and then start with a clean slate in the off-season to find his replacement. I think naming Kris Richard or even Rod Marinelli as the intern HC will only muddy the waters if you will in the HC coaching search.

  7. The Cowboys draft strategy seems to be to draft an obscure, out of nowhere, middle of the road player, or reach for “safe” lineman. So Jason Garrett. It’s been a DECADE, and the only truly highly rated player they’ve drafted is Zeke. They do a great job of getting middle of the road guys, and finding Free Agents talent, but they SUCK at gettting #1 and #2 picks. They suck at it!! It’s almost like they want to avoid being cliche’ by picking who they are supposed to pick……so they avoid it all costs. No one else evencares about the 3-7th rounds. Dallas owns those rounds! And that’s EXACTLY how the Cowboys teams have played. Like a 4th round team!!!!!!

  8. I believe it all starts with Jerry Jones! He thinks he’s a GM? But he’s not! At all. Until he steps down, the Cowboys will be the same old boyz! He’s ego is bigger than the team. Otherwise he would have fired Garret 5 years ago! Oh well, guess I just have to continue to believe something will change. But a new coach isn’t the only problem here?

  9. In life you learn from the best. Then you add your input to it. I hope we acquire some draft picks and do some benefitial trades. We draft very well but why not trade zeke.if we have 2 first round picks for him. Also other players plug and play players. Best player available and best management practice also we need to be more unpredictable. There are teams that do more with less. I meam rpos or more blirz. I lnow its about execution but no one ever says saban teams underachieve
    We need to be better.

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