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2020 NFL Draft: 5 Random Dallas Cowboys “Draft Day” Thoughts

Random “Draft Day” Dallas Cowboys thoughts heading into the 2020 NFL Draft

The 2020 NFL Draft will officially be my sixth year covering the Dallas Cowboys. I’ve watched the big event prior to that on numerous occasions, but never have I been more confused and excited than I am this year. Due to the entire Coronavirus/COVID 19 pandemic, this year’s draft will be like nothing we have ever seen before.

The entire draft process after the NFL Scouting Combine was pretty much nonexistent. No private workouts, very few pro days, zero 30 pre-draft visits, and no Dallas Day means we don’t have the same kind of information about potential prospects the Cowboys could be targeting as we’ve had in years past. Because of that, we have absolutely no idea what the Cowboys plan is.

The amount of thoughts running through my head right now are endless. There’s still so many unanswered questions prior to the kickoff of the first-round of the draft tonight. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some the things I can’t quite seem to get out of my head.

One: The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the Dallas Cowboys and the 2020 NFL Draft is Mike McCarthy and his new coaching staff. What kind of role will they have in the draft process? How much power will they be given? We’ve seen coaches in the past like Rod Marinelli pass up on more talented players because they didn’t fit into the mold he wanted for his defense (TJ Watt/Taco Charlton), will this year be any different? It’s definitely something to keep an eye on once the draft gets underway.

Two: Let’s stick with this train of thought a little longer. Mike McCarthy has said that he Dallas Cowboys are sticking with the 4-3 defensive scheme, but new DC Mike Nolan will incorporate some 3-4 principles. What exactly does that mean as far as drafting defensive players is concerned? We’ve already seen them take a different approach at defensive tackle by beefing up the interior with Gerald McCoy and Dontari Poe, but what other changes could we see? More athletic, scheme diverse pass rushers? It’s been discussed, but will they follow through?

Three: Travis Frederick’s retirement caught a lot of us around Cowboys Nation offguard, but I’m not quite sure the Dallas Cowboys weren’t preparing for that possibility. Bringing back at Joe Looney was a big indication of that and drafting Connor McGovern a year ago makes a little more since now as well. They say they are comfortable sticking with status quo, but what they say and do in the draft could paint a different picture. I don’t know about you, but I will be keeping a close eye on potential Travis Frederick replacements throughout the draft.

Four: One of the biggest headlines for the Dallas Cowboys throughout the draft process has been how they plan on replacing Byron Jones and upgrading their secondary. They re-signed Anthony Brown and added free agent Maurice Canaday, but what’s next? Do they feel comfortable enough with what they currently have on the roster to not draft a cornerback early? Is the starting trio of Chidobe Awuzie, Anthony Brown, Jourdan Lewis good enough for Mike Nolan’s defense? Will they be looking for a plug-and-play starter or developmental CB?

*This way of thinking applies to the safety position as well.

Five: Lastly, let’s talk about the unknown surrounding the Dallas Cowboys first-round draft pick (No. 17). In any other year we would have a pretty good idea of who the Cowboys would be targeting, but that’s not the case this year. We don’t even know what position. I think we can safely say quarterback and running back are off the table, but everything else is probably in play. That should give the Cowboys plenty of options to choose from. The most interesting thing here though is whether or not they want to make a move by trading up or down. Personally, I’m team trade down.

What are you thinking about heading into the 2020 NFL Draft?

What do you think?

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Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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      • WOW CeeDee Lamb fell right into the lap of the Dallas Cowboys and I CANNOT WAIT to see what the offense as to offer with him in the fold. Im also just as excited about who will be there at 51. Do we go corner? Edge rusher? Linebacker? Center? Safety? interior dline? Tight end? Lots of needs and a lot of good players still available. Damn I love the draft. Go Cowboys.

  1. I really don’t want chaisson but if they take them oh well. I think Henderson will be gone which is OK I guess there is still Diggs/gladney/fulton. Even damon arnette with the second pick would be great if we take chaisson in 1st.
    What are ur thoughts on grabbing a dak like QB with Jalen hurts? I think it’s a great pick for future protection. Cowboys been lucky with dak durability but it’s about time to pay the piper and all those years of dak getting hit and sacked he’s due for an injury(I hope not). Really the offensive scheme could be unchanged if hurts had to play since their skillet is pretty similar.

    • If the Cowboys trade down I’d be okay with them drafting a developmental QB. If they don’t though, there are other positions I would rather upgrade. Personally, I’d rather go the undrafted route with Bryce Perkins, Kelly Bryant, or maybe Cole McDonald. All are athletic QB’s with developmental traits.

      • But those QB’s are all “developmental” QB’s. That will prob amount to Cooper rush backups. Jalen hurts has shown he can play in 2 different style offenses and excel. He’s actually very smart. I don’t know if you seen him with Steve mariucci on his white board. I was pretty impressed. I honestly feel like it would be rewinding dak 4 yrs on a rookie contract. And saving a pile of money. Plus 1 yr behind dak (if he sign the tender or gets a contract.) hurts could create great competition to push dak or be a viable fall back plan. It’ll give the joneses some leverage back.

        • I really don’t know if Hurts will ever be a starting caliber QB in the NFL. He really needs to improve his accuracy and timing as a passer. I think he needs a year or two at least to develop. I really like him though and root for him, but I just don’t see him pushing Dak much.

  2. Trade Dak to the Dolphins or Chargers and get his replacement with the 5th or 6th pick instead of overpaying an average quarterback. He’s no Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers and hasn’t proven he could win big games. Fill the other team needs in the draft.

    • Prescott would have to sign the franchise tag before he can be traded. He holds all the leverage. He won’t be going anywhere.

  3. I would like to submit drafting a serious Fullback in mid rounds . Last year I believe the offensive line / running game suffered at the point of attack .
    Wide receivers are very important , but , a successful running game is safe and moves the chains …finishes games .
    Not sure , but I believe this position could assist the slot receiver discussion .
    I’m just a trailer builder and really watch the Cowboys only , but , the extra blocking at the point of attack would highlight Zek’s abilities .
    Go Cowboys …. Thanks

    • Under Jason Garrett they didn’t use the FB very much. Maybe the changes with Mike McCarthy running the show now.

    • Having a true fullback sure helped Emmitt Smith get the running back record. I respect him so much but I don’t see that record without the Moose clearing out those LBs. I agree with you 100% as opposed to just drafting what amounts to a camp body.

      • Emmitt Smith also benefited from running behind one of the best offensive lines in the history of the NFL. But you’re right, Moose was a big factor blocking for him as well. Not a lot of teams run that kind of smash mouth offense anymore though. It’s become more of a passing league which has almost made the FB position obsolete.

  4. My dream draft scenario. Highly hypothetical and I have a higher chance of winning the lottery… But would be send dak and zeke to cincy for 1st pick and Joe mixon. I know dak can’t go anywhere without a new contract or signing the franchise tag but Mixon is going to need a new contract. He should be able to be singed for less than zekes contract and I honestly think he’s every bit as good as zeke but had horrible offensive line at Cincinnati. Durability tho zeke wins that category. But just an interesting thought.

    • It’s an interesting idea, but I don’t really think that makes the Cowboys better. If we’re throwing out hypotheticals, I say send Prescott and Zeke to Miami for all three of their first round (5, 18, 26) draft picks. I’d rather have those three picks than the No. 1 and Joe Mixon.

      • It may be a lateral move at the moment with high potential to be great for a QB on a 5 yr rookie contract saving millions and a lateral movement on RB for less money. Really it’s a huge financial savings in the long run for some or better players.

  5. Mr. Martin , it has a direct effect on passing success and I believe it may change the skill set of your QB . May not need $ 35 plus million .

  6. Hey Brian, here is a thought, if we use the 3-4 defense somewhat, does it not make sense to draft a bigger, stronger DE, like my pet pick Yetur Gross-Mato?

    • Mike McCarthy says the Cowboys are sticking with the 4-3 defensive scheme but will incorporate some 3-4 principles. I think Gross-Matos can play in either scheme, but they may be also looking for more DE/OLB hybrid type of pass rushers. Basically, it opens a door for other type of pass rusher prospects than it has in the past under Rod Marinelli.

  7. Hey Brian, what do you think of drafting another Badger Center, highly awarded Tyler Baidasz in the 3rd or 4th rd, and solve the void instantly. A definite upgrade from Looney and leave McGovern at Guard where he is projected better. No need to use a higher pick, this guy is the real deal from jump, IMHO.

    • I totally agree with you. He was the Remington award winner too and Wisconsin always seems to produce great Olinemen. Hence Fredbeard. I hope they can grab him in the 4th but I dont think he’ll last that far.

      • I really don’t buy into the whole “award winner” thing for collegiate players very much. The Dallas Cowboys already have Mitch Hyatt (Clemson) on the roster and he was a unanimous all-American in 2018, a two-time national champion, and won the Jacobs Blocking Award (2017, 2018). He’s pretty decorated, but still can’t get on the field.

        • Brian, You are right about some award winners, especially when you cherry picked Hyatt. But he was an undrafted FA pickup by the Cowboys for a reason. Even with the awards, he was not a well rated prospect, although he is still on the team, and who knows….

          You can’t fault Baidasz for winning awards, and while he may not become an All-Pro?, he will be a solid Center for some NFL team for a long time, IMHO. I like Wisconsin linemen, as they have a good track record for turning out quality players.

          • I studied Baidasz and I like him, but I don’t really think he’s better than McGovern. His 2018 tape was better than 2019. That concerns me. There are also some balance issues to his game. He’s on the ground way too much for my liking. If the Cowboys could get him in the 4th that would be a good pickup. I don’t know if he’s a plug-and-play player though.

      • Makes perfect sense! He is PLUG AND PLAY! No need to move McGovern out of his best position, GUARD. Looney is a good BACKUP.

    • I think McGovern is probably the better player. If it was me, I might look at another OG in the mid-rounds instead. Unfortunately, this year’s draft class doesn’t have the IOL depth.

  8. Great column. I too…am team trade down but to where is the question? Rams, Ravens Jaguars? Each team has the early round cachet to move up. But…the Dolphins have the most. Knowing the Dolphins draft behind us at 18, how cool would it be to trade them our 17 for their 26, 39 and swap 3rd round picks, our 82 for their 70? What could We do with 26, 39, 51 and 70? Oh my!! And it only cost the Dolphins one pick?

    • I think Minnesota and New England would be good trade down partners. Maybe Baltimore. But you’re right, there’s no clear-cut team that we know of who is looking to trade up.

  9. I would do ANYTHING to trade Dak for the number 1 position before I would pay him anything close to being a top 5 paid QB. He is NOT a championship QB, he has done nothing ( except pad his stats when the games were out of hand) . Offer Dak and another draft pick to the Bangles, THEN get your championship QB from LSU.

    • I feel ya. Ur thinking the same as me. Paul brown won’t pay what dak wants even if it was possible. He’s a cheap ass. Coming from a buckeye native but a cowboy fan for a couple decades.

      • If you don’t think Prescott won’t get paid what he’s asking for, then why would a team be willing to trade for him? Any of those teams looking to draft a QB this year would gladly be in the position the Cowboys are right now.

    • What makes you think Joe Burrow is a championship QB? How many top QB draft picks have entered the NFL only to be a bust? The Cowboys aren’t going to get rid of Prescott. He’s going to get paid and be the QB for the foreseeable future.

      • Joe shoulda beat out jt barrett his soph yr. He outplayed him his fresh and soph yrs in the spring game by leaps and bounds but urban Meyer had a love for jt barrett. Barrett couldn’t throw himself out of a box. I know those are just spring games but the stats weren’t even close. In comes haskins and Meyer picks him to start even tho burrow made haskins look pedestrian in the spring. Haskins had a great year I’m not saying he’s not a good QB. I don’t blame Joe for transferring and I actually woulda rooted for him if it was a lsu and osu natl championship. Ppl can say his first yr at lsu wasn’t great but he was learning a new system and the kid still took lsu to 7th in the country. Then played and killed it in the SEC. Who If you ask anyone is The toughest conference… I guess.
        Burrow is gonna be a great talent in the NFL. He was wasted at osu.. Hopefully not wasted in another Ohio city. Dudes tough as nails. Gonna need it with that cincy offensive line.

        • I’m not saying Burrow won’t be successful in the NFL, but Prescott is already a proven commodity. Mike McCarthy believes in him and that’s all that really matters. I don’t think he will play on the franchise tag this year. He’s going to be locked up long-term before any practices get underway IMO.

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