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2020 NFL Trade Deadline: Will Dallas Cowboys be Buyers or Sellers?

Will Dallas Cowboys make any trades prior to the 2020 deadline?

The past few years the Dallas Cowboys have been an active participant acquiring players via trade before the deadline each season. The past two years they’ve acquired Michael Bennett and Amari Cooper that way. With the Tuesday, November 3 4 PM ET deadline quickly approaching, will the Cowboys be buyers, sellers, or just stand pat this year?

With the way things currently stand with the Dallas Cowboys and the rest of the NFL, the unknown future the rest of the season and next due to the Covid-19 pandemic could cause unease amongst owners in regards to making trades. The Cowboys could particularly be wary considering the lack of money they might have next year with the expected decreased salary cap and needed signing of Dak Prescott.

With that in mind, the Dallas Cowboys may value draft picks more than they have in years past. That could put a damper on being buyers prior to the trade deadline, however, maybe that means they will be selling some of their assets this year instead. Whatever they do, or not, it’s definitely something to keep an eye on the next couple weeks.

Buyers or sellers? Let’s take a look at a few moves the Dallas Cowboys could make. You know… Just for the fun of it.


Everson Griffen
Dallas Cowboys DE Everson Griffen

With the way the Dallas Cowboys season has gone I’m sure there will be no shortage of teams calling them to inquire about making a trade for a certain player. I’m sure the Cowboys brass will listen to every call, although I doubt it’s anything more than that. With that said, there are a few candidates who they could potentially part ways with.

Everson Griffen – Everson Griffen’s value with the Dallas Cowboys immediately took a hit when Randy Gregory was reinstated by the NFL. He becomes expendable now that Gregory can suit up this week against Washington. For a team looking for an experienced defensive end at an affordable price, they’d be hard-pressed to find better than Griffen. Anywhere from a mid to late 2020 draft pick likely earns a team a former four-time Pro Bowl DE.

Jourdan Lewis – It’s become blatantly clear Jourdan Lewis doesn’t have much of a future with the Dallas Cowboys. With him set to become a free agent after the season, they’d be wise to go ahead and try to trade him now for a draft pick in 2021 instead of a potential compensatory pick in 2022. The Cowboys secondary is going to be bad with or without Lewis, so they might as well ship him off now to a team willing to forfeit a draft pick next year.

Ezekiel Elliott & DeMarcus Lawrence – Money isn’t matching production, which is why I lumped these two together. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cowboys put feelers out there to see what someone would be willing to give up for either or both of these players. If the compensation is agreeable, I’d have no problems parting ways with Zeke or D-Law. Their upcoming guaranteed money could be a problem completing a trade, however, it only takes one interested team.


Justin Simmons
Denver Broncos S Justin Simmons

I personally find it kind of difficult to believe the Dallas Cowboys do much buying prior to the NFL trade deadline this year. In years past they’ve invested future draft capital to upgrade the roster, but I don’t see much point in doing that this season. This is a bad team, however, we can still speculate on potential trades just for the fun of it.

When it comes to “needs” right now the Dallas Cowboys without a doubt could stand some more help along the offensive and defensive lines and in the secondary as well. I’ve heard Desmond King and Justin Simmons names thrown out there as potential secondary help, although it would take at least a Day 2 pick in 2021 to make those moves. That’s probably too steep.

As far as offensive and defensive line help is concerned, your guess is as good as mine. Maybe someone like Chris Hubbard (Browns) or Riley Reiff (Vikings), but again the draft capital it would take is likely too much. The same rings true for any DTs who might be on the trade block as well.

Who knows? The Dallas Cowboys may surprise us and acquire a few players via trade. I personally think it’s highly unlikely though. Their season is already circling the drain and I don’t think there’s anyone out there they can acquire via trade who can come in and change that.

What do you think? Will the Dallas Cowboys be buyers or sellers?

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. I would certainly trade Elliot and Lawrence, if they could find a trade partner. Neither player has done anything since getting a new contract. You can’t blame it on the offensive line because an elite back still make things happen, Dak made things better for Elliot with the way he ball, Jerry didn’t respect what Dak had to offer now the Cowboys are gonna really have to pay. Andy Dalton played like he is washed up and if I didn’t love the Cowboys so much it would be funny to see the look on Jerry Jones face when the Cowboys screw up.McCarthy knew Mike Nolan was a bad hire before he tried to sell him as some type of guru, he had Atlanta looking terrible when he was with them. The good ole boy network at work again, come on Jerry do your job fire this clown before he destroy the Cowboys.

  2. I think this season is bad no matter what imo I say tank, get into top 10 draft pick,,we’re not going anywhere this year, its just a fact.

  3. Brian- doesn’t the huge dead money hit we would take with a Lawrence or Elliott make it fiscally unwise to do a trade? Dead money stays on the books whether traded or cut right?

  4. No way I would give up draft capital for this bad team. Tehy already have potenially 9 picks – trading Everson would make the most since and play Randy and Bradlee and see what you have long term. To me that’s the logical approach but with Jerry who knows.

  5. I agree with all of your potential sells, and I’d add Amari Cooper to the list. The Football Team apparently offered him more money than Dallas did, so maybe they would give something like a 2nd or 3rd for him because he would come w/o the signing bonus and higher salary they previously offered him.

    I wouldn’t be looking to buy because making the playoffs would be a negative in the long term.

    Gary B – Trading Lawrence or Elliott would result in dead money for signing bonus money that was paid but that has not yet hit the cap, but the remaining salary would go on the acquiring team’s cap. The dead money hit per is $4.1 million for Elliott and $8 million for Lawrence. The money saved for the remainder of this season would approximate the dead money hit for Elliott, so the net cap affect for this season would be minimal. Dallas would avoid $9.6 million of guaranteed salary for next season. For Lawrence, because the team restructured his salary earlier this season, the savings from trading him would be very little this season, but Dallas would avoid the $17 million he is guaranteed next season, which would help a lot next year.

  6. I would definitely sell off Dlaw before Zeke and I’d only put Amari if we planned on resigning Gallup on a cheaper deal than Amari afterwards. I think Gallup, Lamb and Wilson could be a decent enough trio without a huge drop off of production.

  7. JERRON- PER SPOTRAC.COM the dead money cap hit is much different and worse than what you suggested for several high salary cowboys players.

  8. D Law and Elliott,Griffen and several others need to get traded as soon as possible, they are just going through the motions. Polard can handle the job going forward better then Elliott in my opinion. Dontari Poe only thing he can do good is kneel, because he can’t stop nobody. I really don’t remember hearing his name during any game this year. Maybe it’s time they just admit it would be better to just “TANK” Jerry can’t say it out loud but it’s got to own his mind.

  9. I agree with the comments and the desire to trade all of these guys especially DLaw and Elliot. The cowboys would take a hit on dead money but they are paying a lot of money for nothing now, especially DLaw. I wouldn’t trade Amari because he goes quietly about doing his job. I would add Jaylon Smith to the list, he takes the worst angles and gives way to much ground when taking on blockers. On the other hand i seriously doubt JJones will accept his mistakes and trade these guys and/or that they will find a trading partner stupid enough to take their inflated salaries. Just drop Poe, Griffen, Worley and Irving let the young players develop. It can get any worst!

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