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3 reasons to ditch mainstream sports media in favor of Cowboys content during the NFL Draft

For a lot of fans, the marks a particularly special time during the calendar year. The acquisition of new, young talent from amongst the best of the college ranks provides an opportunity to forecast the futures of our favorite teams.

If you're active in , especially on Twitter, then you know the draft analysts and content creators of the fanbase have been hard at work for months preparing for this week.

They are making sure fans know what to expect and what to look out for, based not only on who the Cowboys select, but who our competition selects as well.

Of course, analysts at the major “four-letter” networks have been hard at work as well.

As a matter of fact, one of the biggest networks recently released a promotional for their draft day content that specifically mentioned but no other teams.

Now, we can speculate all day about the ratings numbers they hope to hit reasons why they mentioned the Cowboys specifically, but instead, it may be a better use of efforts to point Cowboys fans in the direction of content that is a better fit for our interests.

So, here are a few reasons why, if you're a Cowboys fan, you should watch content during the draft instead of the shows on mainstream networks.


Just like on the major networks, the Dallas Cowboys, as well as several Cowboys content creators, will be covering the draft live on Thursday and Friday.

The main difference is that the content created by and for Cowboys fans will keep you up to speed on if and how each move impacts the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys will be at the of the conversation as opposed to being a momentary thought or mentioned as a marketing ploy.

For example, the hosts of The Draft Show (produced by the Dallas Cowboys) have spent the last few months discussing prospects and doing draft analysis on their semi-weekly show.

If something happens that might affect how the Cowboys might pick they'll likely be the first to catch it and relay that update to viewers.

They've also been studying the of the other teams as well.

So if you want to focus on how the draft affects the Dallas Cowboys and the competitive landscape of their division, definitely turn your attention to Cowboys content.

This goes for Cowboys content creators as well.

Popular host and “voice of the fan,” Voch Lombardi will be live on YouTube every day of the draft.

The Pick 6 Sports crew will also be live on YouTube during the draft. They've been hosting draft-focused Twitter Spaces and live YouTube shows multiple times a week for the past few months.

On Thursday, they'll go live just before the start of the draft and stay on throughout the night.

There are other broadcasts to mention and probably some that I haven't heard about.

These are just some popular ones to start with.

If you appreciate entertaining hosts that will bring you Cowboys commentary even when they're not on the clock, all of the above options are good options.


Something else to appreciate about Dallas Cowboys content creators is the amount of preparation and studying they do before sharing their takes.

Some of them have been studying the Cowboys and their draft choices for years.

This , the draft content out of Cowboys Nation has gone beyond ideal scenarios for America's Team. These analysts love the Cowboys, but they clearly love the NFL and studying the draft just as much.

They have studied film, pored over player profiles, dug into the , and examined to bring the most quality information possible to their audiences.

On The Draft Show, the discussions always go beyond simply who is a top prospect and how players compare to one another.

They go in-depth on team needs and how each player might fit with a particular team or scheme.

They've also gone down the list and discussed players whose names you might not have heard on the major networks yet. They have discussed the strengths and weaknesses of hundreds of players over the past few months.

And then there are people like Dominic White of Pick 6 Sports who study the draft year-round.

There are even players who he's followed since before their college careers.

Dom is like the final boss of draft nerds, and that is meant in the most complimentary way possible.

Whether you're watching the official Dallas show or fan-hosted broadcasts, you're going to hear commentary that comes from a very well-informed place.

Not only will you get an evaluation of each pick, but for every move (pick, , or otherwise), you'll get some of the best evaluations, analyses, and historical context from the shows mentioned above.


The third reason to look for Cowboys draft content is the fact that you have so many options, and you don't have to choose just one.

You can dedicate your entire weekend to the draft if you like, and you can keep the conversation centered on the Dallas Cowboys the entire time.

Since the most popular Cowboys draft content is available online, you have the option of opening multiple tabs or windows and switching between them, setting up multiple screens, or positioning multiple windows all on one screen.

Additionally, just about every show has a Twitter account, so you can join the conversation with other fans via . You can even live-comment on our posts here on .

Fans don't always agree with each other. But if you don't mind a little bit of debate mixed in with the excitement of draft weekend, turn the notifications on for your favorite accounts and add to the discussions.

And for those who prefer written content, Inside the Star will keep you updated with posts throughout the draft. You'll see news of the Cowboys' picks, and there will be posts about the impact of each move.

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