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5 Cowboys Players Who Need to Improve in Week 2 Against Atlanta

Losing to the in Week 1 of the was no doubt a tough blow for the , especially considering the way they lost. If just a few things would've gone a little different or if a few players would've played slightly better, the outcome of the game last week could very well gone in the Cowboys favor.

With that in mind, I thought I would single out a handful of the Dallas Cowboys players who I believe need to improve in Week 2 against the . Each and every one of these players could stand to take their game to the next level and if they're capable of doing that the Cowboys as a whole will be much better for it.

Let's take a look…

S, Darian Thompson

The stat sheet may say led the Dallas Cowboys in tackles last week against the Rams, but stats can be misleading. Thompson also missed a lot of tackles and was late on several assignments in the . For the majority of his career he's been nothing more than a backup/fill in, which is exactly what he looked like Sunday night. If his game doesn't improve his days as a starter could be numbered, especially with waiting in the wings.

DT, Dontari Poe

The Dallas Cowboys signed in the in the hopes of upgrading the middle of their . If the way he played against the Los Angeles Rams last week was any indication, they may have wasted their money. He was continually pushed off the line of scrimmage last week, almost as if he was wearing rollerskates. From here on out he needs to become the space eater he was supposed to be, otherwise the Cowboys could collapse around him.

LB, Jaylon Smith

The Dallas Cowboys moved from MIKE LB to WILL LB this year and so far it looks like a questionable decision. He excelled in that role during his time at Notre Dame, but more times than not last Sunday night he looked stiff and hesitant both defending the run and pass. With the Cowboys already extremely thin at LB, Smith needs to step up his game as soon as possible. Hopefully he just needed to knock a little rust off against the Rams last week.

TE, Dalton Schultz

became the next man up and starting TE for the Dallas Cowboys last week. He's arguably more of a complete TE then , but has virtually no starting experience or production as of yet in the NFL. He's under a lot of pressure to quickly become a starting caliber player, and how he performs under that pressure could factor into the offensive success the Cowboys have from here on out. There's no questioning he needs to improve his game and quickly.

RT, Terence Steele

For the Dallas Cowboys to start – an undrafted in 2020 – showed the confidence they have in him as a player. He wasn't terrible in Week 1 and probably played above expectations, but he also started to get exposed a little by the Rams towards the end of the game. Teams are going to pick up on that and attack him the same way. He will need to figure out some way to combat that this week against the Falcons, otherwise the Cowboys could be in big trouble.

Which Dallas Cowboys players do you think need to improve their game?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Ben Miller

Injury has to = opportunity for Dallas to be successful. The opportunity is two fold. The coaching staff needs to prove they can “coach up” the young guys and the young players have to prove they deserve roster spots. There are high expectations for this team for sure but plugging in underwhelming vets to fill spots is counterproductive to sustained success.
Thompson is just a guy. Poe was bad/injured last year in Carolina. Erving is a liability. Dallas coaches need to suck it up, coach better and roll with guys like Wilson, Gallimore, McGovern, Woods (DT), Gifford, Bernard, Robinson etc

Gary b

I agree certain phrases of the game need improvement. But after one game and with several new starters, I’m not ready for wholesale changes yet. Throwing in alot of rookies/inexperienced players looks more like rebuilding. Maybe give the team time to jell a little bit. Early in the season the teams who had little turnover players/coaching wise will have a distinct advantage. With that said we can’t take too long for that to happen. The coaches gotta step up to the task. I’m not ready to throw in the towel. It’s a long season and other teams will contend with injuries as well. The only truly dominant team in the NFL IMHO is the Chiefs, who we wouldn’t have to meet till the SB.

Geoffrey Anderson

Thompson is not the answer at safety, Haha Dix is way better, bite the bullet and resign him, if not going to get ET

Cowboy Fan Ed

You guys are pretty much on point! I can’t put all the blame on the players….the coaches need to step it up also! I realize that on the fourth down we should have went for the tie but I was for going for it! The thing that I can’t stand is if we need 4 or 6 yards we run a 3 yard route! This falls on both the player and the coach! Even after all that ,we still had a chance to win so maybe we can get everything worked out and start winning some games soon!


Agree with Poe, Smith, Schultz, BUT what about D Lawrence, with his one tackle, should be FIRST on the list IMO. He is getting to be a disappointment, Totally outplayed by Aldon, who hasn’t played in FIVE years. Great game for him, keep up the good work, we apparently need you more than first thought. And starting to wonder a bit about J Smith, with the regression last year and this semi-clunker. Never liked Schultz much, big hole there, would think about putting in Bell. As an UDFA, Steele is put in a very tough position because of injuries. It will be very hard for him to improve after ONE GAME. I wish him good luck. Thompson did miss a couple of glaring backfield tackles, but still did have 9/1. DBs had to make too many tackles because of the the sub par front seven play. Maybe they should think about moving C Williams to Tackle (played Tackle at Texas and his draft position was listed as Tackle, before Cowboys switched him) and plug in C McGovern or Looney at Guard, IF Steele is a big liability.

Disagree with that fourth down play, take the points. Know its early, but this Falcon game is HUGE. Have to see much more URGENCY.

John Smith

I don’t understand for the life of me why T Crawford keeps getting a pass. He’s making a ton of money and hasn’t done anything not a damn thing. LVE is is nothing but Bobby Carpenter 2.0. Soft as cotton he is a what he is. This team is always going to under perform because they let talent go and resign trash fan favorite.

gary b

Yea Lawrence wasn’t exactly dominant last yr either. Agree for that contract he needs to be much more of a difference maker. His best yrs might already be behind him. Thank god we took a flyer on A Smith. After 5 yrs he’s gonna show out like that? wow can only imagine he will continue on an upward trajectory. Safeties were making a lot of tackles cuz RBs were getting to the second level all night. We might need to move around some linemen at some point but would be leery about making several changes as once. We are already inexperienced at several key positions. I know it’s one game but J Smith looked slow and lost.

gary b

Crawford and A Woods are more suited to back up duty if that. Neither are starting caliber players. I really thought T Hill held his own. Hopefully he continues to progress. He has some talent.

Cowboys fan

Where’s Brandon Knight and Brandon Carr!? Those 2 need to be the starters at their positions!! Steele and Thompson are not good enough to start!! As good as Carr is, I’m surprised he started the season off inactive!! He needs to be on the field!! And knight was really good filling in last season so why put in a player that has no experience at all over a player that has already proven himself to be capable of filling in at RT!? And then we have Schultz…. The guy had at least 2 chances to catch the ball and and dropped both of them!! We need to fix that asap!!

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