5 Dallas Cowboys Players Who Could Become Trade Assets

The Dallas Cowboys have one of their deepest rosters from top to bottom in recent memory. Unfortunately, that means they’re going to be quite a few talented players who aren’t going to make the team this year like they would have in years past. If I’m the Cowboys, I’m not just tossing these players away. I’m going to try to get some compensation in return, even if it’s just late-round picks.

Today though I don’t want to focus on all of the players who could become trade assets for the Dallas Cowboys. Instead, I want to focus on just a few of them who I believe the Cowboys could get the most bang for their buck if traded away. After all, it’s more exciting talking about players we know more about than those who aren’t.

Let’s get started…

DE, Taco Charlton

Taco Charlton
Dallas Cowboys DE Taco Charlton

Taco Charlton has two years under his belt with the Dallas Cowboys, but unfortunately doesn’t have much to show for it. The Cowboys knew he was a project player when they drafted him, but his lack of development to this point is concerning to say the least. It didn’t help matters last year when he found himself in the coaches doghouse, meaning it’s time for him to put up or shut up in the Year 3.

If the Cowboys are indeed ready to wash their hands of Taco, they could put him on the trade block to see if another team around the league would like to try their hand at tapping into his talent. After trading for Robert Quinn, signing Kerry Hyder, and adding two rookie DEs through the draft, Dallas seems to have plenty in depth at the position. Charlton could very well be in a make or break offseason.

RT, La’el Collins

La'el Collins
Dallas Cowboys RT La’el Collins

When the Dallas Cowboys drafted Connor McGovern with their third-round draft pick in the 2019 NFL Draft a few weeks ago it opened up a floodgate of possibilities with how they could go about deploying their offensive line this season. Unfortunately for La’el Collins, who is entering the last year of his contract, it could potentially mean his time in Dallas is coming to an end sooner than expected. He could now be a trade asset.

The Cowboys could choose to use Collins in a trade to hopefully upgrade another position and then kick Connor Williams out to right tackle. That would mean Connor McGovern slides in as a rookie at left guard. It’s a long shot this will happen because of all of the moving pieces involved and the fact Dallas will receive a 2020 compensatory pick for Collins, but it’s still a possibility for the right price or player.

G/C, Joe Looney

Joe Looney
Dallas Cowboys OG/C Joe Looney

The Dallas Cowboys would probably hate to kick Joe Looney to the curb after how well be filled in for Travis Frederick in 2018, but that may have already all that happened by drafting Connor McGovern. This is the La’el Collins situation all over again. With McGovern aboard, the Cowboys offensive line is going to be something a lot of teams around the league will be keeping a close eye on, and that includes Looney.

Looney proved last year he’s more than capable of handling the starting responsibility that goes with playing center in the NFL. Plus, he has the added versatility to play guard in a snap as well. That could come in high demand once offseason practices get underway and injuries start piling up. Looney is a valuable asset still in Dallas, just not as much as he was before McGovern was added to the mix. Still, don’t be surprised if you see him on the trade block.

CB, Jourdan Lewis

Jourdan Lewis
Dallas Cowboys CB Jourdan Lewis (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins)

If there is one person out there in the Cowboys Nation who isn’t really happy with Kris Richard since his arrival in Dallas, it’s probably Jourdan Lewis. He saw his playing time significantly decrease in 2018 after playing quite a bit as a rookie. After his first year with the Cowboys it was looking as if he could compete for a starting job, but Richard’s arrival squashed that from happening. Now, he is nothing more than fourth on the CB depth chart.

On many teams around the league Lewis would be a starting caliber CB on the outside or in the slot. Unfortunately in Dallas he doesn’t fit Richard’s size/length thresholds and was left watching from the sideline for the most of the 2018 season. The only significant playing time he really had was against the Saints, when he was asked to contain Alvin Kamara, one of the NFL’s most dangerous weapons. Lewis’ contract expires in 2020 and the Cowboys should consider moving him if they’re not going to use him. A lot of teams would line up for his services.

RB/WR, Tavon Austin

Tavon Austin
Dallas Cowboys RB/WR Tavon Austin (Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports)

Count me as one of those who were really excited about the Dallas Cowboys decision to trade for Tavon Austin last offseason. I was really looking forward to seeing what he could add to the offense because of his ability to be a threat as a runner, receiver, and return specialist. Unfortunately, we only saw flashes of his game changing ability because of a groin injury he sustained early in the season. Now, he may once again find himself on the trade block because of the Cowboys decision to draft a similar weapon in Tony Pollard.

A lot of people view Pollard as a backup running back, but I don’t think he’s ready for that kind of responsibility just yet. When I studied his game film I saw a bigger version of Tavon Austin and I believe that’s the kind of role he will play with the Cowboys in his first few years while he develops into a more complete player. The bad thing about this is there’s not any sense and keeping two similar players on the roster, and unfortunately Pollard is younger and cheaper. Who knows though, maybe Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore is a mastermind who can get them both involved?

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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