5 Free Agents Cowboys Should Retain for 2020

    Like any other season, 2020 will bring about new faces and a new direction for the . There are a number of players who were big-time contributors for the Cowboys in 2019 that are set to hit the open market. Of course, every can't return, but here's five that the Cowboys should bring back next season.

    1. Dak Prescott QB 

    5 Free Agents Cowboys Should Retain for 2020 1

    This is the most obvious of them all. Dak Prescott is coming off of his best season as a pro. He set career highs in passing yards (4,902) and touchdowns (30). Now, after on himself and not a deal during the season, Prescott is set to cash in after a few other of his fellow signal-callers reset the market.

    Philadelphia's signed a four-year 128 million dollar extension with 108 million in guarantees back in June. Just prior to the season, those numbers were topped by Quarterback who inked a four-year 134 million dollar extension with 110 million in guaranteed money. Now Prescott, who came out of the same draft and has more wins than both, well have his floor set where these other two left off.

    The Cowboys are determined to get this done quickly, as Executive Vice President explained recently.

    “We've got to land the plane and get his deal done,” Jones said, via Jon Machota of The Athletic. “That's on Jerry and me. He's our future. I think he stepped up and improved in all ways last year. … We went over this in-depth with Coach McCarthy and he thinks Dak is a top-end, top-caliber quarterback. We can do everything we want to do and more with Dak. McCarthy can't wait to spend time with him. We've got to land the plane on his contract and get him signed up sooner than later. He deserves everything he has coming. We got real, real close there to start the season and just didn't finish up. He's so laser-focused on wanting to win football games and compete that he really didn't want the distraction once we didn't get it done in that first week of going back and forth with the contract. We just got to move forward. He's our quarterback of the future. I'll take him any time when you go to war against these guys. We're fortunate to have him.”

    2. Amari Cooper WR 

    5 Free Agents Cowboys Should Retain for 2020 2

    Amari Cooper changed life in Dallas midseason in 2018 when the Cowboys traded their first-round 2019 draft pick to the to acquire him. In nine games, Cooper tallied 53 receptions for 725 yards and six touchdowns. He responded in 2019 with another productive season. He set career highs in yards (1,189), touchdowns (8), and yards per catch (15.1). Also, for the fourth time in his first five seasons, he went over the 1,000-yard mark.

    Cooper, much like Prescott, allowed the receiver market to reset itself with the mega deals of New Orleans and Atlanta's . However, there are some concerns with Cooper, especially after 2019. Rather if it was his knee or ankle, there was always something nagging him on the injury front, which could give the Cowboys cause to pause when it comes to a long-term deal.

    This could lead to the Cowboys using either the franchise or transition tags (18.5 million vs 15.9 million) on Cooper. The former would lock down Cooper for 2020 and keep all other suitors away, while the latter would give them the right of first refusal to match any offer Cooper receives from another team. Either way, don't let him out of the building.

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    3. Byron Jones CB

    5 Free Agents Cowboys Should Retain for 2020 3

    Byron Jones put his name in the hat when talking about the best shutdown corners in the NFL back in 2018. He was named second-team All-Pro after a career-high 14 passes defended. He backed it up in 2019 with another good season despite the team's struggles.

    There are a few reasons why retaining Jones is paramount. One is the regression of . He took a major step back in 2019 and losing Jones would create a situation where he would be one of your top two corners in 2020, which isn't the best look going forward. The other reason is the progression of . Struggles and the injury bug put slot corner, , on the shelf, and Lewis stepped up to the plate. He appeared in all 16 games (5 starts) racking up 51 tackles, six passes defended, four and two interceptions. The combination of Jones and Lewis gives the Cowboys a very good CB1/CB2 combo.

    Whether it's the franchise (16.4 million) or transition (14.5 million) tag or singing him to a long-term deal, don't let Jones hit the market, period.

    4. Robert Quinn DE 

    5 Free Agents Cowboys Should Retain for 2020 4

    Robert Quinn was a major surprise for the Cowboys in 2019. It started off a little rocky, though, as he broke a bone in his hand and was hit with a two-game in August due to a violation of the PED policy. However, Quinn didn't waste any time making an impact. Against his former team the in Week 3, Quinn recorded his first sack in a Cowboys and sparked a season full of making quarterbacks lunch meat. Quinn would record 11.5 sacks in 14 games, which was the team lead. This included two multiple sack games and recording at least a half-sack in 10. Not bad for only giving up a sixth-round pick wouldn't you say?

    The thought of having Quinn play opposite All-Pro for the foreseeable future is certainly something the Cowboys should entertain this . It's not often a team can trot out two bookends that have the capability to produce double-digit sacks. Retaining the “Black Cobra” as he's called should definitely be high on the Cowboys priority list.

    5. Randall Cobb WR 

    5 Free Agents Cowboys Should Retain for 2020 5

    Randall Cobb was brought in back in March to be an upgrade from former who signed a four-year 29 million dollar deal with the , and he was just that. As the third option behind two 1,100-yard receivers, Cobb totaled 58 receptions for 828 yards and three touchdowns.

    Now, the Cowboys could easily try to find another slot receiver in the draft (which I would regardless if stays) or look for one in , but when you've already got one of the best on your roster, why not just keep him in the building? Plus, Cobb played under new Cowboys in Green Bay for eight years, where he garnered his only nod in 2014. Whether it be a one or two-year team-friendly deal, I'd have Cobb back in my receiver room in 2020.

    Plenty of decisions will be made in the coming months when it comes to the Cowboys roster. With close to 100 million expected in cap space next season, the organization will have the means to bring all of them back. Hopefully, all five of these players are in the organization's plans for next season.

    Matthew Lenix
    Matthew Lenix
    I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.


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    Cowboys need to resign Collins and Bennett on the Defensive Line


    I Agree with this overall..but I like MaliekCollins. He would have better success with a upgrade a NoseTackle. Covington and Woods arent the answer.

    Robert Davis

    It’s time to purge this team of players that put other things before team. This 2019 was too immature for the goals that was set before them, just set back the fan base.


    Cowboys need to bring back guys that were productive and sign who they can b4 the draft and go with WR,DT,DE,S,CB,TE,and another CB/S. we have 7 picks(6 5thRD)then sign alot of undrafted free agents and see who fills the holes.


    Byron Jones can go. Very average player. Keep other 4

    James Connor

    Youre a fucking idiot


    If we can keep these five guys than I good. Then trying to replace some of those DT in free agency not all of them worth coming back next season. I would try to replace most of the free agents this season if possible and than draft the best players available at needed positions. It would be nice to see maybe 10 to 15 new faces on this team coming from free agency. Some at the beginning of it and some at final cuts. Just make we get this thing right. I ready for the 90’s again and Superbowl titles for years to come. Plus with all the players we will loses this offseason maybe we will get very nice comp picks for 2021 draft. That when I think we can become a jogger nut building a complete team in all faces of the game.

    Jeffrey C Davis

    Totally disagree with this post. I know we need to keep Dak, but their is no way in hell I would give him Russell Wilson money. I do not believe in paying for what they might do in the future. They are worth what their play says they are worth. Robert Quinn is a guy that has to be kept. Period. Was better than anyone else on D this year. Amari Cooper I would like to keep if possible. I like Cobb, but we can get younger and better in the 3rd or 4th round by taking Devin Duvernay from Texas. Best hands in college football with sprinter speed (he was once the state 100M champion). No one has more catches without a drop in college football. As of the middle of his Senior year at Texas he has never dropped a pass according to ESPN Stats and Info. Byron Jones I would keep if the price is right.

    Daniel Cash

    The only one I’m not too worried about bringing back is Byron Jones!! He was really good in 2018, but he wasn’t as good in 2019!! He was probably the best corner on the team, but he still gave up a lot of yards!! In my opinion, he’s not worth top corner money!! There will be some free agent corners we can bring in cheaper than that, that are just about as good!! Aqib Talib is a free agent this season if I’m not mistaken…. I’d let Byron walk and bring in Talib!! I think Talib is better!! But if we do bring Byron back, I’d still bring Talib in to take chido’s place!! But the only way I would bring Byron back is if it’s on a team friendly deal, cause like I said, he’s not worth top corner money!!

    Dean Pellegrino

    I’m with you on that Jeff. Quinn was definitely the best on that line this year. Although I’m still not sold on dak , and I know he’s still learning and as much as he’s had his best year this year it could have been much better. He played nervous multiple times making some weak throws with no pressure on him and he’s made poor decisions as far as running for a clear first down as opposed to an incomplete. If he’s truly the leader out there then he has to do what it takes to get the job done via A.Rodgers, P. Mahomes, L. Jackson. What I’m saying is if there’s a lane take it every time.

    Harry W. Hepbron Sr.

    If Jones ever learns to get his head around he could be great lots of penalties and receptions on him this year also we need that corner that can blitz and get there you can’t coach speed and we need a woo hitter back there at safety like the best ever MR RONNIE LOTT