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5 Memorable Cowboys Games Over the Years

I am 26, batted tested, and have only witnessed three playoff victories during my lifetime. Nonetheless, there are so many games that I love to go back and watch. It was hard to pick just five.

Let's take a trip down memory lane and visit my top five favorite games over the years.

5. 2013 Week 16: Cowboys vs. Washington 

Fourth-and-goal from the 10-yard line, found sneaking out of the backfield to score the game-winning touchdown with 1:08 left to play. Dallas won this game 24-23.

I was a senior in high school watching with all my buddies who couldn't wait to make the rest of my day miserable if they lost, and I remember it well. The Cowboys kept their playoff hopes alive in that season.

4. 2009 Week 15: Cowboys vs. New Orleans 

This matchup took place on a Saturday night. Dallas went on the road to play and the 13-and-0 Saints. The Cowboys led 24-3 entering the fourth quarter. The Saints scored 14 unanswered points.

The Cowboys had a chance to seal the game when a field goal bounced off the upright, giving Brees one last chance to tie the game.

strip-sacked Brees, bringing an end to the Saints' bid at perfection. The Cowboys won 24-17.

3. 2021 Week 6: Cowboys vs. New England 

The week six matchup between the Cowboys and Patriots will remain on my list for a long time.

In these games, the Cowboys usually lose, but after put up 445 passing yards, including the game-winning touchdown to in overtime, Dallas came away with the win, 35-29.

2. 2018 Wild Card Round: Cowboys vs. Seattle 

The Cowboys started the year 3-and-5, but after trading for , they finished 10-and-6.

Not many people picked Dallas to win this game against and the Seahawks.

With the help of 137 rushing yards from , the Cowboys put Seattle away after Prescott took off up the middle on third-and-14, picking up the first down. He then scored on a QB sneak. Dallas won the game 24-22, earning Prescott's first playoff victory.

1. 2014 Divisional Round: Cowboys vs. Green Bay

Yes, my favorite game is a loss. This game will forever be one of my favorites because caught it.

This 2014 team was one of the few I thought could win the . Both Romo and Murray finished tied for third in voting. Bryant had over 1,300 yards receiving, the was not spectacular, but it finished top 15.

The game was exciting. It was memorable that is the point of this post. The Packers won 26-21, but we remember how it went. Back-and-forth until the end, I sure wish it went the other way.

Again, this was one of the best Dallas teams I have had the chance to watch over the years.

Here's to the hope I can update this list with some other big-time victories in the future.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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