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Aaron Rodgers, no longer in the NFC but still a problem for Dallas

Former has been a thorn in the side of the since 2008.

However, on April 28, 2023, Christmas came early for America's team. Rodgers was granted his wish and traded to the for some draft capital.

The divorce papers between the Packers and their -winning quarterback had finally been signed.

He was content taking his talents to East Rutherford, NJ and the Cowboys were free of Rodgers at least for this upcoming season.

That's at least what they thought. But in the famous words of Mr. Lee Corso, “Not so fast, my friend.”

The shades of green on his team's may have changed but Dallas will still have to deal with the condescending smirk plastered on Rodgers' face.

In the past, Aaron Rodgers seemed to take pleasure in beating Dallas especially at . His record versus Dallas is currently 8-3 including regular season and .

The numbers against the world's wealthiest sports franchise back it up.

A stat line of 14 touchdowns, 2 rushing touchdowns and 1 interception in 11 games will do the trick.

Watching him narrowly escape the grasp of Cowboys defenders only to loft game-clinching passes has caused plenty of pain for a lifetime.

The sideline pass to in the 2017 is still a memory most are trying to erase.

Aaron Rodgers, no longer in the NFC but still a problem for Dallas.

Will Aaron continue to Be A problem for Dallas Even with the Jets?

The short answer is maybe.

The concern from Dallas Cowboys fans probably won't be resolved with one .

The 4-time was strategic with his destination. On paper, the Jets' looks explosive with their young playmakers.

Robert Saleh spent the last two seasons building a top-rated .

Rodgers even convinced a few of his trusted comrades to join him on the East Coast.

First it was Allen Lazard, Billy Turner and now it's .

Here in Dallas, Head Coach knows he has the defense to send Rodgers and the Gang Green Nation back to whence they came.

, and were sacked a combined 42 times last season. That should be sweet music to the Cowboys' ears.

Coincidentally, Dallas tallied 54 of their own tying them for fourth in the . They will have to provide pressure early and often to hit Rodgers as much as possible.

Last season, had zero sacks against Aaron Rodgers and as a team, they collected only two.

That must change especially against a below-average .

Even still, a choice between Parsons versus any combination of Duane Brown/George Fant/Mekhi Becton, give me the two-time All-Pro at any .

It's possible Dallas will find a way to let Aaron Rodgers off the hook. He's a year older with the expectations of succeeding in New York on his shoulders.

There may not be a better opportunity for the Cowboys to snag a win against their long-time nemesis.

Jermaine Arvie
Jermaine Arvie
I currently reside in the Mansfield Texas area. I'm a huge Dallas Cowboy fan. Love to talk sports, love to write. Currently writes for Fansided and as well as Inside The Star.

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