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Admiring The Best Dallas Cowboys Uniforms

The NFL draws incredible crowds and the Super Bowl is one of the most-watched sporting events on the planet. There are plenty of teams with fanatical followers and one of those teams needs no introduction — the Dallas Cowboys.

Whilst signings and coach tactics may be a hot topic amongst the fans of the Cowboys, one topic which often comes up are the many uniforms of the team over the years.

Today we’re going to take a look at some of the most memorable uniforms in the history of the Dallas cowboys.

The 1962 White Uniforms

Only the real die-hard, OG Cowboys fans may remember these and they were an incredible look compared to some of the other uniforms of the time.

This uniform had nice little touches such as the stars on each shoulder.

The classic all-white uniform only just beats the navy jersey and white pants combo that was donned in the 1962 era because it looked a bit easier on the eye and was less clunky. Of course, the font on each player’s jersey was a bit lackluster, but this is over 50 years ago now!

The contrasting stars on the jersey with the star on the helmet added a nice bit of “pop” to the uniform as well.

Overall, this classic, simple, and clean design makes the list.

The Thanksgiving Day Throwbacks

Tony Romo and Dez Bryant hold special places in many Cowboys fans’ hearts and this uniform was a nod to the players of the old league.

There was a simplistic helmet design, which was an homage to the helmets worn in the 1960s but with an added modern touch. This modern touch was an incredibly simple but quite poignant double navy line design and helped bring the uniform into modern times.

On top of the classic helmet design were the navy stars on the shoulders as well as a navy torso, which again nodded to the 1995 and 1962 uniforms of the Dallas Cowboys.

The uniform was received very well and helped both players and fans reminisce about the old days of the team.

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The Color Rush Uniforms

Arguably one of the best uniform combos in the league was the all-white color rush uniforms. Quite a few teams rock these, including the New York Giants and the New Orleans Saints.

For the Cowboys, the numbers being in navy with a white trim added a nice level of depth to the presentation and made reading the player numbers super easy.

The only real disappointing part of this uniform was the helmets — all white helmets would have completed the look.

This was down to the NFL uniform rule which limited all NFL teams to have the same helmet for every uniform, which was recently overturned (Thank god!).

This little rule robbed us of an almost aesthetically complete outfit and this combination would’ve seen the uniform climb higher on this list.

It’s still a great uniform though and altogether it’s one of the best color rush uniforms in the entire league.

The Navy Uniform Currently Worn

The alternate uniform worn by the Cowboys has become a fan favorite even though they don’t actually sport the traditional stars on the shoulder that you’ll find on many of the Cowboys uniforms.

The numbers are still a great look on the jerseys and the white pants nicely offset the navy/silver combo worms on the jerseys.

It was long held in regard that the Cowboys needed some sort of blue jersey to juxtapose the all-white uniforms in their other two uniforms. This delivered on that and many fans feel like the team needs to sport this uniform more often.

The Classic White Uniforms of 1995

The creme de la creme when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys uniforms, many fans view the classic 1995 attire as quintessential Cowboys attire.

You had the Silver helmet, white jersey, and slightly gray pants and the whole get-up just screamed Dallas Cowboys.

This was the era when the star on the shoulder was synonymous with the team.

Not many fans of the era will ever forget Troy Aikman screaming out his plays with a ferocity that was rarely seen whilst wearing this uniform. Or Deion Sanders sporting the oversized shoulder pads which still somehow looked great in the kit.

The well-blended blue and white woven throughout the kit was almost masterful — not too much yet not too little of each color.

The kit is so beloved that many fans of the 90’s team are calling for a re-issue of the uniform to be able to purchase and relive the golden days.

The current helmet is quite heavily inspired by the 1995 designs, so who knows; hopefully we’ll see a re-issue of this classic kit.

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