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After Dominant Draft, Cowboys Secondary Remains the Weak Spot

The expectations for the 2020 Dallas Cowboys are high. They should be. New Head Coach Mike McCarthy should be able to take a very talented roster to the next level of playoff success. With a Super Bowl ring in his resumé, the former Packers coach should flip the script for a team that hasn’t made the trip to the NFC Championship Game since 1996.

This is true now more than ever after the Cowboys put together one of the best rookie classes in the 2020 NFL Draft. Headlined by CeeDee Lamb, the Cowboys draft class is expected to contribute right away. Nationally, it’s graded as one of the best rookie classes of the year.

However, even with Alabama Cornerback Trevon Diggs being drafted by Dallas with their second-round pick, the team’s defensive backfield appears to be the team’s weak spot.

Last year, many issues arose for the Cowboys that caused the team to miss the playoffs. At times it was game-planning and coaching. But when it comes to players, a few positions come to mind.

The team took a huge step backward on defense after a dominant 2018 campaign. Despite finding success in the pass rush department with DeMarcus Lawrence and Robert Quinn, the Cowboys struggled in the trenches with a poor defensive tackle position.

That has since been addressed by signing veterans Gerald McCoy and Dontari Poe. The Cowboys also drafted DT Neville Gallimore from Oklahoma, who should be in the rotation as a rookie.

This should not only help the defensive line itself but the linebacker position that seemingly regressed in 2019 as well. However, when you take a look at where the linebackers struggled, it was mainly due to poor defensive line play upfront.

I expect the Cowboys front seven to drastically improve in 2020.

On offense, the Cowboys seem completely ready. They committed to developing Blake Jarwin by signing him to a multi-year deal. As far as wide receiver, well… the team drafted CeeDee Lamb to complement Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup. The offensive center position might still be a question mark, but the team has at least three viable options in Joe Looney, Connor McGovern, and Tyler Biadasz.

As we get closer to the NFL announcing its schedule next week, the one position that should still concern the Cowboys is the defensive backfield. Trevon Diggs is promising, sure, but can he start right away?

Anthony Brown, Chidobe Awuzie, and Jourdan Lewis have shown flashes, but none has truly stepped up to become the team’s number one guy. At best, this is a cornerback room that has a bunch of contributors but not a clear-cut number one.

At the safety position, Xavier Woods will be paired up with Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. At best, an average unit. The Cowboys are even evaluating the possibility of turning Awuzie into a safety.

The Dallas Cowboys are a legit Super Bowl contending team and while they have many strengths, particularly on offense, they will likely struggle with a weak secondary. Hopefully, someone steps up at corner to solidify the team’s defense. Or, hopefully they simply outscore teams with a powerful offensive attack.

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Written by Mauricio Rodriguez

I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.


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  1. Sounds like your nt a Cowboys fan, I think they upgraded the safety position and stronger at the cornerback spot. Competition is always good with a new regime, no one should be given a starting spot. Now, if we can get consistency out of our front seven than everything should develop the way we really want.

    • Say it again Erik! They’ll see everything on defense has improved. Losing Byron Jones and Jeff Heath might more than likely be a blessing

    • Thank you my exact thoughts, If the front seven drastically improve like he said then our secondary will be in prime position to get a pick.

  2. I agree with Erick! You failed to mention Donovan Wilson and Reggie Robinson. They represent depth and that spurs competition! Maurice Linguist coached Wilson at A&M…. Plus the addition of Al Harris leaves a, “It remains to be seen” , dynamic that makes any speculation about how good or bad the secondary will be, just an opinion. The operative word in my opinion is: #Depth

  3. I think the only problem with the secondary is that we don’t have a clear strong safety!! Both Clinton Dix and Woods are free safeties!! The only player we have that mite be an option at strong safety is Donovan Wilson and idk if he’s ready yet!! Which is why I was really hoping we’d draft Xavier Mckinney!! But as far as the corner position goes…. We are loaded at that position, so we should be able to find our top corners that are good enough to hold down the secondary, and between Woods and Clinton Dix, our free safety position is set, the only thing I’m worried about is the strong safety position!! I did have high hopes for Donovan Wilson, so maybe he’ll be ready to go this season!! Only time will tell!!

  4. Could be wrong but they lost 1 corner back.granted a very good 1.and i think the remaining players are pretty good. And with some of the additions from draft. New coaches. That 1 draft few years ago. The rookie cbacks played well. Hopefully these new ones do the same. I would’ve have liked to seen 1 more decently priced veteran.we are in trouble if canady is doing more than special teams.

  5. I made the comment on Safety Logan 2019 he had 44 solo, 79 total tackles…in 2018 he had 54 solo, 72 total tackles…in 2017 he had 50 solo, 77 total tackles…in 2016 he had 51 solo & 68 total tackles. Plus his jersey would sell like crazy…fans want to see themselves thru some stars

  6. You also failed to mention Worley! You may be on an island by yourself Mauricio. I think we’ve gotten better…and we still have some time.

  7. Not really sure if your eye is on the ball. I would’ve been fine without a day2 pick. But then adding quality in the draft, then picking up Worley makes DB now positions of strength. Let’s also wait to sign another edge rusher until after we hear results of Gregory & Smith. I envision a monster of a line brewing with what we have… then it wouldn’t matter who we put in the backfield

  8. Not sure I agree completly. Byron Jones was good not great. If he was great he would still be a Cowboy. I think with our 2 draft picks we got more athletic and might even approve our interceptions. IF Gregory and Smith get to play we should be scary. Maybe all in all best team since 95. Looking forward to great season.

  9. Run defense was definitely a problem in some games. But with the FA additions and Gallimore, we are in better shape there. I think we drafted a plug and play Center, so good there. We have good corners via draft and FA on top of what we already had. Be fine there. Safety position is a little more tenuous, but should be ok. Ha Ha is a good add and we could move Robinson back there if needed. So I don’t see a big problem there. Linebacker position is a little tricky because of health concerns, regression, and age. But if LVE and Smith play to their potentials, then should be ok. I like backups Thomas and Gifford. Running game is fine. Like this Dowdle kid. Now if Prescott continues to live in the Twilight Zone, we have a more than capable backup that can fill right in. I am actually hoping for that to happen. Diva Dak is turning a lot of people off. Strange the article doesn’t mention the position with the biggest QUESTION MARK – QB.

  10. Jourdan Lewis, Chidobe, and Anthony Brown are not far off from Byron Jones. I see DIGGS on one side , Jourdan on the slot and Worley and Anthony Brown fighting it out for the other side. That leaves Chidobe, Xavier and Ha Ha fighting for two safety spots. That’s a ton of depth not even including Robinson. Definite upgrade at safety with Heath gone. This is as talented a Cowboys team as I’ve seen in a long time. If u want to point out a weakness I’d say center.

  11. Get Logan Ryan asap……He’s a tackling machine and a winning corner. With great football IQ. Plus he can show Diggs and Reg
    gie what it takes to be a corner in this league as well. Also please give Lewis a chance, he ssems to be a ball hawking machine when given a chance. Go Blue

    • While Logan Ryan got a ton of interceptions, he also had one of the worst passer ratings allowed and allowed 80 receptions last season.

      He isn’t the answer you’re looking for.

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