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Bad Luck Leads To Cowboys’ Disappointing Draft Night

Heading into last night's , the sentiment around was a positive one.

Sitting with the 10th overall pick and multiple defensive playmakers looking to be on the board, it was easy to feel good about the Cowboys chances to snag a CB1 in round one. As the picks started falling ahead of Dallas, reigned supreme.

Quarterbacks, receivers, offensive linemen: the top offensive prospects in the class continued to get picked, leaving the Cowboys hoping they'd have their top pick at .

Then went two spots ahead of them, and things got a little tight. Horn had become a fan favorite during the draft process, impressing greatly during his , proving to be an athletic marvel. He showed excellent man coverage ability in college, and has that “dog” mentality this so badly needs.

II would be a heck of a consolation prize, though. Surtain was CB1 for much of the year, and many had him as their top choice ahead of the draft kicking off. Surtain was on the board when the Broncos came on the clock at nine, one spot ahead of .

They're going to take a , right? 

Unfortunately, that was wrong. Denver snagged Surtain, and the Cowboys were left without a chance to take either of the draft's top two cornerbacks. Two of the best players in the entire class, both at a severe position of need, and neither was available 10th overall.

Last year, the opposite happened for the Cowboys. Picking in the middle of round one, we had no idea who may or may not be available when the Cowboys came up to draft.

But luck was on their side.

Stud continued to fall and fall, despite wide receiver needy teams coming on the clock. Lamb fell right into their lap, and the Cowboys snagged arguably the best wide out in the class.

CeeDee Lamb
Feb 25, 2020; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Oklahoma wide receiver Ceedee Lamb (WO33) speaks to the media during the 2020 in the Indianapolis Convention . Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski- Sports

To me, last night's was more about bad luck than bad process from the Cowboys. Likely their top two targets went right ahead of them, and instead of reaching for another player 10th overall, they traded back and acquired another top 100 pick.

is a good football player, one that if it everything clicks, can be a perennial player. You can argue about value all you want, but I do think the Cowboys defense got better last night.

Just not in the spots you'd most like to see it happen.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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Garrett Vera

Cowboys got extra pick and best defensive player so how is it disappointing come on man

Martin FM

Totally agree with You Garrett

William Jason Francis

The Dallas Cowboys are a freaking joke and always will be as long as the Jones are owning & running the Dallas Cowboys and not spending money on quality coaches, quality staff, quality draft picks or quality NFL free agents!!! Stop lying and beating around the bush and just tell the honest truth!!! It wasn’t bad luck that Dallas didn’t get their man that they wanted! It was extreme stupidity, insanity and Idiocracy at the end of last season when the Dallas Cowboys pointlessly decided they actually wanted to show up at the end of the season to play & win the last 4 games of the season knocking them down the draft board from pick#4 to pick#10 that eventually became pick#12 where they drafted some scrub linebacker that should have been a 3rd or 4rth round pick instead of a 1st round pick when there was a greater need for CB/S/ & OL than there was a need for LB when they originally had pick #4 in this years draft!!!!!! Had they purposely tanked to stay at pick#4 they could have anyone they wanted from Pitts to Surtain to Horn to Sewell to Chase to Waddle to Smith maybe even a great quality back up QB that could have eventually started down the road like Fields to play behind Dak in a worse case scenario in case Dak was not able to stay healthy and play!!! They could have had any player they wanted at pick #4 but no someone decided at the end of last year with 4 games left in the season to throw away any chance we had of finding & drafting a generational talent & also throw away part of the next 5-10 years of this organizations future by drafting someone with a history of injury & a troubled past. Whoever pointlessly decided that winning 4 pointless games at the end of the year that did absolutely nothing for the organization so we could move down from pick#4 to pick #10 to draft some scrub was way more important than drafting someone at pick #4 that could have ended up having a HOF career in a Dallas Cowboys uniform. On another note I was seriously irked when they choose some scrub linebacker at pick #12 that should have been a day 3 pick over 3 future HOF OL Slater, EVT & Darishaw!!! Really???? LB in my opinion is the least of our worries and having way bigger needs at getting a quality DB at CB or S or even a quality OL to help protect a certain very special & very import guy that you just gave a $160 million contract to is thousand times more important than drafting a scrub LB with your 1st round pic!!! You should have drafted Surtain with pick #4 then traded back up to get Moehrig with your 2nd pick then went OL with your 3rd pick and DL with your 4rth pick then went back to FA after the draft to sign FA CB R Sherman, FA FS E Thomas…f what you heard or think stop hating T Downey!!! & FA LB KJ Wright then at next years draft you could address OL & DL & LB but no we can’t do that because of the incompetent office staff, incompetent owners and incompetent players who want to finally show up at the end of the season just to win a few games and throw away any chance they may have had to draft someone who would have had a HOF career in a cowboys uniform instead of in a ATL or DEN or CAR or any other teams uniform…SMDH!!!

Scott Farrar


Scott Farrar

Sorry, that comment was for Garret. You ,on the other hand, need counselling.

Justin Knight

I think McCarthy is showing how he drafts guys. Its more about BPA over need. We needed a CB for sure but with both top ones gone we traded back to add pick 84 and still got a top 5 caliber player. That’s how smart teams draft. Our D was so bad last year adding anyone would be an upgrade for his. I’m happy we got one of the top prospects

Brian Hizer

I’d prefer the top defensive player in the draft and filling another spot in the 3rd to either of those corners. People love to bash Jones, but I’m old enough to remember he brought this team 3 championshipsduring the 90s. At least he wants to win. Some owners seem to not give an F.


Disagree with the headline. Got the best D player, PLUS an extra pick. Big need, with Smith regress, LVE injuries, Lee GONE, J Thomas GONE, untested depth.

Should be able to get a solid CB or two with our four picks today. Still available CBs;

A Samuel Jr, FL St
T Campbell, GA
A Robinson, UCF
E Molden, Wash
I Melifonmu, SYR
K Joseph, KY
P Adebo, Stanford
S Wade, OH St
B St-Juste, MN
C Bynum, Cal


Got the best defense player in the draft. Plus another pick. Seems like a win to me.
Biggest problem on D last year was stopping the run and rushing the passer. Seems like this helps more than a CB would.

Juan Hermosillo

Horrible article!!! Not disappointed in the least bit.


BPA for the win.

There wasn’t a single position on last year’s defense and darn few on the offense that didn’t need an upgrade. And that’s just for the present. For the future, they all need an economical upgrade with more years left on their contract for stability.

Yeah, it would have been nice to draft Horn or Surtain as CB appears to be the biggest need. The draft didn’t shake out that way so no use worrying about what could have been. Just keep grabbing as much talent as you can and figure out what to do with them. If it leads to excess talent at one position (doubtful), find a way to flip some of that talent for picks or talent at other positions.

I cringe every time I hear people say we’re set at a position. How many times have we thought we were set going into camp just to have guys drop out due to injury or suspension or just flat out under perform? Too many for me to count.

Never turn your nose up at obvious talent, much less blue-chip talent that was widely considered the top defender in the draft.

Silver Star

Lighten Up Francis


Vam and little buddy are you still thrilled with this draft? The best Defensive player in the draft well let me tell you his exact words on draft night they asked him what his weakness is ( expecting him to say covering people on pass) he hesitated and said pennst longed me up in so many positions I don’t know a true one or anything that goes into being a 1 position player although I will move around some it has to be much better than before. So the best D player in the draft could not answer a simple question and had doubts . Then like usuall jerry lies and says he is not going to touch people who held out last year then drafted one. So if you don’t realize they were not prepared for both players to be gone and did not have a plan in place. Then jerry please don’t say that if both corners were there, he had parsons graded higher and still would have picked him the whole world knows it’s bull shit then finally Brian hider you want to say you are old enough to remember Jerry’s drafting skill lmfao first if you knew anything in the 90’s when they were winning there was no cap their 2nd string players were better than a lot of teams first. They made the cap because of the cowboys. Everyone wanted to go there there or to SanFran next then they made the cap and in over25 years still do not know how to use it that’s why they never have money to get people because they keep back loading deals to make money for today. They over pay their own and I want you not to take my word for shit pull up the last 10 years drafts look at them and aside from 1-2 years the people they draft are gone in 2-3 yrs . The drafts are awful and aside from a few people that you can’t miss on like Dez Or Zeke look at the difference when they draft for need ex we need a DE lets go get a taco look at the need players drafted and tell me are these players still playing? Then the biggest thing you would think that you hit on your first pick most of the time BUT You HAVE To HIT on your lower picks and they are awful in fact one of the worst you might find a bright spot hear and there but again pull up the drafts start with 2010 to present and you will understand if a quarter of the picks played we would have had another Super Bowl and look at second riund picks how many are left from the last 10 drafts if you want to be a true fan you must have humility and be able to say bad things as well as good 90 percent if you ( cowboy fans) are homers the boys never do anything wrong everything and every player is the shit and if someone says the opposite they are idiots and don’t know what they are talking aboutSo simply don’t listen to me I don’t want anyone to. I ask like I said 1 thing to go on your own leisure and look at the drafts just over 10 years you can go further back then tell me. Jones is awful as a Gm still doesn’t understand the cap and if he did we would not be dead broke every year and can not sign free agents oh but wait they signed six or 7 this year that cost less than 13 million for the year and then people don’t understand why we haven’t won a super bowl in 25 years. It’s the cap sand not knowing how to use it it is the GM who can’t pick talent from ( sometimes the first when they force a position) and again the middle rounds are the worst and is proven so. Jerry is great at some things and the league might be shit without the things he did but a Gm not even close the next Super Bowl won will be when Jerry is gone and pray Stephen gets a gmEven Brian brodess will tell you the scouts don’t do anything don’t show up to places they are supposed to go to to scout he was one of them not just for the cowboys but said this week how bad it is and they have one of the worst scouting depts in all of sports


What is wrong with you ppl and Parsons ? What the hell did you want them to do ? Horn and Surtain were gone , the guy is called by per PRO FOOTBALL FOCUS , AS THE BEST LB PROSPECT IN 7 YEARS !!!!!!!!!!




Nails Nathan

Also whose to say what these guys are going to be in the PROS. it’s a crap shoot at best, always has been.

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