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Brady Report: Any Further Questions About Dak Prescott?

Well that was something!

The clawed their way to their first victory of the season on Sunday, inching by the 40-39. The Cowboys dug themselves a massive hole in the first half, fumbling the ball on seemingly every possession and allowing the Falcons to take an early 20-0 lead.

Luckily, Dallas fought all the way back to save their season from an 0-2 start. Let's get into my . 3 Stars from Dallas Cowboys Win Over the Atlanta Falcons

  • As usual let's start with this . After one of the worst offensive starts in team , put the team on his back. Prescott finished with 450 yards passing, four total touchdowns, and no interceptions. He made big throw after big throw to keep the Cowboys alive while their was exhausted in the second half. When the game script forced the Cowboys into passing situations, opened up the and Prescott responded in a big way. Dallas needs to lean on Prescott and this in neutral game situations going forward, or else they may find themselves playing from behind on a weekly basis.
  • This was the type of game we all envisioned when the Cowboys drafted back in April. Each of their big three wide outs – Lamb, , and – made massive plays in the second half of this win. Lamb and Cooper both went for 100 yards, and while Gallup's raw numbers are lagging behind, he still made possibly the single biggest catch of the game on the team's final touchdown drive. Each of these guys brings a bit of a different flavor, and I love how Prescott involved all three on Sunday.
  • Speaking of spreading the ball around, how about ? I'll be honest, I was sort of dreading the Schultz start. I was hoping the Cowboys would go more 4 WR or 2 RB sets, using and instead of a true tight end. But boy was I wrong. Schultz had a massive day over the middle of the field, going for 88 yards and a touchdown on 9 catches. That touchdown showed incredible trust in Schultz from Prescott, as he fit that in a tight window to the young tight end.
  • The 2 most important plays that no one will remember? First off, ' drop in the end zone likely ends the game right there. Then the Falcons followed it up with a 12 men on the field , forcing them to punt the ball back to the hot Cowboys offense. The second big play was 's first sack as a Cowboy, backing the Falcons up and forcing a massive punt when the team was still down 9 points.
  • Let's give some love to this week. Thomas was second on the team in tackles Sunday, and seemed to outplay . With both and out, Thomas will need to play to this level week in and week out.
  • is catching a lot of heat for his decisions, so let's break them down very quickly. The first fake punt? I'm fine with it. Down 17-0 and the game was slipping away, the team needed a spark. The second fake punt? You should just go for that with your offense, there's no element of surprise with a fake there. Let your quarterback go win or lose the game. And the two point conversion: this was the right call. You go for two with your first score so you know what is needed the rest of the way.
  • The Cowboys go to Seattle next week to face the undefeated Seahawks, in a battle of quarterbacks who have been fighting against their own play calling much of their careers. Seattle has taken the handcuffs off of the first two weeks, let's hope Prescott opened Kellen Moore's eyes on Sunday.
Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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Cowboy Fan Ed

Dak did a great job against the Falcons working behind an OL that is patched up! What I want to see is him beating teams like the Packers or the Chiefs or the Seahawks! Once we start beating teams like this then we can start talking playoffs and Super Bowl’s! I don’t want to downplay his great performance but a champion brings it week end and week out! I believe he is that caliber Of player we just need to see it!

Ray Brunelle

A swallow doesn’t make it summer. Did you realize that this was Dak’s first game winning drive since 2018? Hopefully that has you pausing with the anointing oil. Last week he had two opportunities to win the game and he didn’t get it done, in fact only throwing downfield once in desperation on the second to last play of the game. He played a great game but it will take more tan one to make it a trend

Gary b

Many things need to happen before this team can be considered a SB contender. Dak while certainly the most important component is not the end all be all. He can’t be expected to play at that level each wk. Other players and the coaching staff will have to do their part as well. I believe the offense will not be the problem. We put up 570 total yards Sunday with two O-Linemen that I believe had 4 games total NFL exp. One of them was undrafted. The offense will put points on the board. The big question is can Nolan get this defense to play at a respectable level so the offense doesn’t have to score 40 pts each wk

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