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BREAKING: Cowboys Sign RB Ryan Nall to a 1-Year Deal

After a quiet four weeks since their last , the made another move Friday afternoon by adding former on a one-year deal.

Nall, who went undrafted in 2018, spent his first three seasons with the Bears and has 33 career games under his belt. Stats-wise, Nall has 6 rushes for 12 yards, 9 receptions for 71 yards and 1 touchdown for his career.

While those stats may not sound the prettiest to fans' ears, based on Dallas Cowboys Reporter Michael Gehlken's tweet, fans should expect him to contribute more on special teams.

Coming out of Oregon State, Nall drew comparisons to because of his big frame and speed, some analysts said he could be viewed as a swiss-army type player for NFL offenses.

In an profile breakdown written by PFF analyst Plocher, he talked about Nall being called the “Wrecking Nall” because of how physical he was during his runs. Additionally, Plocher brought up that some of his best traits at Oregon State were in short-yardage, YAC (yards-after-contact), and the .

In the end, Plocher provided a summary of Nall that said his skillset will attract different football minds, and depending on where he ended up, he could be used in different ways. To put it in perspective, Plocher said that old-school football guys would likely see him as a power runner who could grind out tough yards, and become someone who is paired with a smaller running back.

On the other side, Plocher said that younger, offensive-minded coaches would see him as a fullback or H-back that could be used in the passing game, and given the Cowboys have , it should be interesting to see if Moore can scheme him in certain situations to exploit certain mismatches.

Overall, this is likely just a depth signing, but we could be talking about how much of a weapon Nall is months from now, so buckle up and stay tuned.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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Might be the best signing of all time hopefully you can read between the lines waste of time,money and an article

Craig Vicedomini

Why bother posting that nonsense?


This is the type of player we need. A big physical thumper with heart. Don’t know if anyone has picked up on it yet but every single ex cowboy has stated that this team is SOFT. Both mentally and physically. Sure Dallas has plenty of talent but are in need of a serious cultural change.


No disrespect, but probably not a FA signing that most fans were hoping for. Big guy though, at 6′ 2″, 239. I guess a goal line/short yardage/special team guy? Let’s see what the brain trust has in mind. Hopefully a good surprise.

Craig Vicedomini

He’s a STer all the way. With Jabril off STs as well as a few others, he’s depth & STs.


Best case scenario: McCarthy manages to turn him into a John Kuhn starter kit.
Worst case scenario: He’s a final cut when Olonilua, Ralston, McKeon, or PTBNL make him redundant.
Likely scenario: He’s this season’s Corey Clement…insurance that is good on ST.

In any case, he doesn’t move the needle much…and that’s fine at this point of free agency.



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