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BREAKING: Dallas Cowboys Release Kicker Kai Forbath

As the Dallas Cowboys report to training camp, they do so with new roster limits related to COVID-19. In an attempt to limit the number of players at training camp, the NFL has reduced the number allowed on the roster to 80 players, 10 fewer than in previous seasons. The first casualty of training camp came down today as the Dallas Cowboys released Kicker Kai Forbath.

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The Cowboys cut K Kai Forbath, per source. It’s Greg Zeurlein’s job now in Dallas.

The Dallas Cowboys brought Kai Forbath in during the 2019 season after Brett Maher struggled with consistency in the intermediate part of the field. Forbath on the other hand was a perfect 10 for 10 in his time with the Cowboys.

During free agency, the Cowboys signed former Los Angeles Rams Kicker Greg Zuerlein to a three-year contract. Zuerlein, who kicked under new Special Teams Coordinator John Fassell, figured to have the leg up in the kicking competition but most believed that there would at least be a competition in training camp.

Zuerlein was coming off a 2019 season where he had the lowest field goal percentage since 2015. Injuries certainly played a role in Zuerlein’s struggles, however, he struggled in the same area of the field that Brett Maher did; the 40-49 yard distance.

If healthy, Zuerlein is one of the best kickers in the NFL and there’s certainly a comfort level with “Greg the Leg.” However, it is surprising that Kai Forbath didn’t get an opportunity to compete for the kicking job.

Kai Forbath signed a one-year deal with to stay with the Cowboys this offseason. With the release, the Dallas Cowboys will save $750,000 on the salary cap with $137,500 in dead money to the 2020 cap.

In the COVID-19 reality of the NFL, the 80-man roster limit makes every roster spot much more important to start training camp. Fewer spots doesn’t allow teams the luxury of carrying extra special teams players. Unfortunately for Kai Forbath, he’s the first high-profile player to face the ax of training camp.

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John Williams

Written by John Williams

Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could.

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  1. Forgery was 10 for 10 but he also kicked the ball out of bounds on two kickoff attempts in a limited number of games. That just shouldn’t happen twice in six games or so at the pro level. He’s not bad and I hope he catches on somewhere else but can you imagine being in the Conference Championship and trip to the Super Bowl and then he kicks out of bounds? That kind of error just can’t happen on something as “automatic” as a kickoff.

    • Sorry for the autocorrect after hitting submit comment. We all know the story is about Forbath and not ” Forgery” whoever my autocorrect thought it should be. SMH.

    • I get that he wasn’t the best option at kicker, but given the inconsistencies they faced with Maher last year, it wouldn’t have killed them to hold onto Forbath who was consistent on FG attempts last year.

  2. Sorry for the autocorrect after hitting submit comment. We all know the story is about Forbath and not ” Forgery” whoever my autocorrect thought it should be. SMH.

  3. So if I’m understanding right kicker G. Zuerlein and punter C. Jones sucked last yr because they were injured. I sure hope that’s the case because neither of them will have competition in camp. Jones gave the other team great field position all yr with his poor punting and a few winnable games were lost partly due to timely FG misses from our kicker. But lets face it every aspect of our special teams was terrible last yr. from kick coverage to kick returning. Surprised this hasn’t been highlighted more. I can’t remember a cowboys special team that was worse then last yr. just another part of the team that never gets mentioned as a factor in our poor record last yr.

    • Absolutely agree. That’s why the hiring of Fassell is so huge. One of the best ST Coordinators in the NFL and one who is aggressive and will allow his punter to run fakes.

      While Jones wasn’t very good last year from a kicking perspective, his ability to run a fake is pretty valuable.

    • I wouldn’t call him the worst punter in the league, but yeah his inconsistency was killer last year.

      Here’s the one thing I’ll point to. Fassell loves to run fakes, especially with the Punter. Jones ability to run the ball and throw it may give Fassell some opportunities to catch the opposing ST unit sleeping.

  4. John ur point about Jones ability to run is well taken and is in line with what I hope is a more creative offense that keeps defenses off balance more. But all things considered its most important that Jones improve his kicking (length and placement). Football is a field position game and partly due to Jones poor yr we lost that battle nearly every game.

  5. But yes absolutely let Jones take advantage of his ability to run/pass at opportune times or heaven forbid a fake field goal. The shackles have to be taken off this offense . We have many weapons on offense but talent alone is not enuf u must keep the defense off balance and guessing, which is something we did not do last yr.

  6. When u factor in all aspects of special teams I figure they can win or lose u a game or two a yr (which is huge). Maybe they didn’t want Zuerlein looking over his shoulder at Forbath but sounds like his numbers were similar to Maher last yr great on long FGs but missed a lot of chippies. In his favor is a proven track record of success versus the journeymen Maher and Forbath.

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