Breaking: DeMarcus Lawrence, Dallas Cowboys Agree to Contract

Per multiple reports, including one from Dallas Cowboys Insider Todd Archer, The Dallas Cowboys and All-Pro DeMarcus Lawrence have agreed to a new five year contract.

Per Archer’s reports the new contract will be for five years and $105 million. After weeks of negotiating and reports that Lawrence was looking for $23 million as an average annual salary, the two sides agree to a deal that will pay the elite pass rusher $21 million per year on average.

The sticking point in negotiations was likely going to be over the guaranteed money. Lawrence will earn $65 million in guaranteed money over the course ignorance the contract.

Per Albert Breer, Lawrence will earn that $65 million over the first three years of his contract, which means if the Dallas Cowboys need to, they can get out of his deal prior to year four with less of a cap hit with no guaranteed money after year three.

Though he’ll get $31 million this year, that won’t be his cap hit. The Dallas Cowboys will structure the contract so they aren’t taking that big of a year one cap hit.

Lawrence, the Dallas Cowboys pick from the 2014 finally had his breakout season in 2017 when he put up 14.5 . In 2018, while playing on the , he produced 10.5 sacks.

Not only is Lawrence one of the best pass rushers in the NFL, he’s arguable the best 4-3 defensive end when it comes to playing the run.

This deal means that Lawrence is signed through the 2023 season and will continue wreaking havoc for the Dallas Cowboys.

It was a deal that was always going to get done as Owner and has been searching for his “war daddy” to replace former pass rushing great .

Now that the Dallas Cowboys have licked up their premiere pass rusher, they will now field a that should contend for  the best defense in the NFL in 2019. The addition or gives Lawrence a legit rusher to help him get to the . Teams won’t be able to focus solely on Lawrence in their blocking schemes.

This is a great deal for both Lawrence and the Cowboys. Lawrence gets big guaranteed money and the Cowboys get some relief after year three of for some reason he doesn’t continue to be the dominant player we’ve seen over the last two years.


Written by John Williams

Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could.

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Outstanding. It’s about time. Now get the surgery done as quickly as possible.

1969 Bird

Total waste of money. Rewarding bad behavior, not having surgery, is just bad business. Also thinking the season would be wasted by not having him is just wrong. One player does not make the team, unless it is game changing QB. He can and should have been replaced with $ saved while gaining trade partner or comp pick. Do you really think he elevate the team to more wins this season or the next by being on the roster?
Don’t fall in love with the player. Love is for the team. This is not good contract for any team!


I agree that one player doesn’t make a team. And I am not “in love” with ANY player except Roger Staubach, who was a great role model for a kid whose dad died during Vietnam. But DLaw deserves what he’s being paid according to the market value for playmaking DEs. To me, bad behavior is the type Gregory commits (even though I think the law is ridiculous) because he’s hurting the team and himself. He’s demonstrating bad behavior. Lawrence waiting to get surgery is not bad behavior since he’s just doing the smart thing by getting his guaranteed money before having ithe sugery. What if his shoulder never recovers the strength & range of motion he had? It happened to me although medicine has come far in 30 yrs. Although this is a game for us, it’s a business to the owners and players. And I think as long as he keeps leading, playing hard and stays out of trouble then this was a good move. He’s a known value and a great DE against the run as well as the pass.

1969 Bird

DD I agree. Roger was an exemplary role model, perfect for Tom Landry. But I also loved Bob Lilly, how could you not love “Mr. Cowboy”.
Read 2 football books in youth, one was Bart Starr and the other was Roger.


Yep. Loved Bob, Randy “The Manster” White, D.D. Lewis, Bullet Bob Hayes, etc., etc., So many great players over so long. But it took so long for Dallas to finally win the Super Bowl, remember when they were called “The Team That Couldn’t Win the Big One?” Today everyone wants instant success. It’s taken Jones a while to figure out we need continuity. Hopefully, we get at least to the NFC Championship Game this year. We’ll see. Go Big D!!!

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