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Breaking Down Dak Prescott’s Contract Situation; What’s the Delay?

There’s been a lot of false information and reaching that’s been put out there about and the regarding the negotiations around his . It’s important to know what’s fact and what’s fiction.

The Cowboys want this deal to get done sooner than later. They want to lock up their franchise and put all these contract negotiations to bed. So why hasn’t Prescott agreed to a deal yet?

All of these points are from reports from trusted sources such as writers and analysts. The goal today is to get rid of the ridiculous misconceptions surrounding both the Cowboys and Dak Prescotts camp.

If you really want to know the numbers and figures that each side is looking at, here’s a condensed glimpse of where we are.

What the Front Office Wants

Dak Prescott’s Contract Situation

The reports are pretty consistent; they want Prescott’s deal to have more years on it. They’re willing to make him the highest paid quarterback in the game but they want to do it for a longer term. That means Dallas won’t have to reset the quarterback market so soon after they already would’ve.

They’re in the realm of $33-$35 million per year on a five-to-six-year contract. Even though the goes up each season, the Cowboys wants to protect themselves from any sort of financial strain during his career as well as pay their quarterback what they believe he’s worth.

What Dak Wants

Dak Prescott’s Contract Situation 2

The reports that Prescott was looking to get $40 million a year aren’t true. Yes, no one in their right mind would turn down an offer like that if it existed but that information was leaked to either get attention or to turn the fans against the Cowboys quarterback and make him look selfish.

According to sources, the actual asking price is a four-year deal at around $35-$37 million per year with guaranteed money just above ’s $107 million.

A four-year contract would mean that Prescott could outperform his deal by year three and once again reset the quarterback market in less than half a decade. That would be similar to and what he’s done in Seattle with multiple four-year contracts.

Why Dak is in No Rush to Sign

Dak Prescott’s Contract Situation 3

For perspective, if this deal had been done in March of 2019 before , Carson Wentz, Russell Wilson and ’ extensions, the Cowboys probably could’ve saved themselves around $4-$6 million per year!

Prescott chose to play the final year of his rookie deal and bet on himself for a bigger payday and improve his play as a quarterback. If you look at his numbers, the stats were among the best of his career as well as in the entire league. He obviously wants to get paid above his draft mates Jared Goff and Carson Wentz but initial offers have been low-ball by comparison.

Now that the Cowboys chose to use their on him, they’ve got until July 15th to give him an extension and for it to go on this years cap. The Cowboys would rather give Prescott an extension than to have a quarterback franchise tag number for 2020 ($31.4 million) which would count more against the cap.

Prescott knows this and has seen more quarterbacks get paid and reset the market. He knows the group of players who’ll be next in line for extensions:

Dak’s in no rush to sign his franchise tender but the Cowboys are going to cost themselves more money. It could be from major cap hit the tag will cause or from another quarterback resetting the market, which would drive Prescott’s asking price even higher.

Will the Deal Get Done?

Dak Prescott’s Contract Situation 4

is very good at keeping players he wants to keep. We saw last summer a barrage of players get their long-term contract extensions: , La’el Collins and . All three were players they wanted to keep. If the Cowboys didn’t want to keep Prescott or even to continue these negotiations, they wouldn’t have bothered to place the tag on him.

Make no mistake and take a breather; all signs point to this deal getting done. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it will happen soon enough. The closer the Cowboys get to the July 15th deadline, the more at risk the organization is of seeing the market go up even more.

Dak Prescott grew up a Cowboys fan and has always wanted to wear . He’s been the team's leader for four years with zero losing seasons, plus the second-most wins in his time in the league (behind only Russell Wilson). Prescott wants to get this deal done too but is in no rush to sign and knows that, one way or another, he’s going to get paid.

We know the facts. We know it’s going to happen. All that’s left is to sit and wait.

Shane Carter
Shane Carter
Lifelong Cowboys fan, who doesn’t mind telling the harsh truth. I’ve got a Bachelors Degree in Electronic Media and Communications from Texas Tech University. I welcome all opinions but I will shut down any troll.

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In my opinion, Prescott is not a “market setting” QB. He is lucky to play in a weaker division, with pretty much getting five to six wins from jump. There is where his “second most wins to Wilson” happen. He is not top five, maybe top ten. He is an above average QB. Being a long time Cowboys fan, I know how a great, clutch QB preforms. We have a rich history of great players including two TRULY GREAT QBs. This deal will probably get done, and they will overpay for this player, but will there be a negative impact, at some point, to the TEAM.

Prescott “is in no rush to sign”. Maybe so, but the optics are looking worse and worse.

michael Elam

One can assume when you say the Cowboys have had two great QB’s; you are referring to Aikman and Staubach. Staubach, yes. Aikman was merely a passenger on that great teams of the 90″s? Want Evidence? Aikman during his first four years had more interceptions than touchdowns. He was never voted all Pro and was surrounded by HOF talent on the Offensive line, WR, RB, AND Defensive players!
Dak is a TOP5 QB by any meaningful category when it comes to the QB position. Perhaps not by your eyes, and they are apparent through the lens of implicit biases.


Not sure were u are going with this hof talent but well let’s see the difference
Offensiveline:both ranked number1
Fbandrb2: johnson/pollard

Defense: yes, very big difference aikmens team created defense just look at the first buffalos Superbowl. Prescotts defense can’t get that many turnovers in a season.

They weren’t hof while aikmen was playing but received honorsafter the fact. So question for u: are Witten, martin,Smith, cooper, even fredrick not hof caliber players?

Major deference between the 2 qbs which I am surprised a lot of people don’t mention is RED ZONE. Prescott has a difficult time getting in the endzone. Prescott stalls heavily. He can drive down the field 50 60 yards then stall (can blame coaching here as well) but can’t seem to punch it in. He relies heavily on wr to catch his imperfect balls which works fine in till the field shortens.
His stats come from lack of special teams not giving short fields and able to drive the ball using an elite offensive line,rb,te,and wr. When u get in the red zone theqb needs precision. Unfortunately, Prescott doesn’t have that elite precision pass. It is also 1 of the reasons he is ranked 8th in the league and not 1st as what he is askingtobe payed.
There are few stats that really matter in a qb: seasonal wins, super bowl wins, conference championships,divisional wins, and playoff victories. Everything else is fluff. Doesn’t matter if you throw for 10,000 yards a season, if you can’t put it in the end zone to score a td to win games a 400 yard game doesn’t mean a hill of beans.
See I really don’t care if he wants 35m, 40m, 45 mil a year. Hell I’m not the 1 who has to pay the price. But as aikmen said last year win a super bowl win some games then lets talk Prescott being elite and in the aikmen, staubach category.
Just have 1 more thing to say and a question for everyone: Do u really believe, if u think Prescott is that great, if he was drafted by the Bengals or the browns he would have these kind of stats. Or would he be replaced this year for another qb because not being able to get the job done? While you think about that think about this: there is a reason he was underpaid in his beginning contract. He was not a great qb in college. He was drafted in the 4th. So was he underpaid. NO. He was paid attiquet to what he earned from his college years. Does he deserve a bunch of money. Simply put don’t care. I care for wins, losses, super bowls. Everything else is SECONDARY. Prescott now has run out of excuses. Time to put up or shut up.


Great post, Sandals. Totally agree, no more excuses. The offense is stacked and defense looks better.


Prescott is a greedy selfish prick ! Trade him for what he thinks he’s worth! Pricks like Prescott have ruined the nfl .

Jeff Morse

Very well said!

Cowboys fan

I agree with the greedy and selfish part, but you can’t trade a player that’s technically not on the team!! If he don’t sign the franchise tag or get a contract done he can’t be traded!! So we’re stuck with him until he signs the tag or contract!!

Chuck Wright

I’m not happy with Dak but quick question. Who are you going to trade him for? And who is going to step in to play QB for us? Considering everything is built on a 3 year window right now to try and win a title. Dallas screwed the pooch by not extending him after 2018. . .. . they could have got him in the $25 mill a year range for 5-6 years.

Keep in mind, the NFL salary cap should be going up pretty nicely year over year.

Jim Weaver

Time to find another team. Stats mean nothing. When the season was on the line last yeatlr Dak choked and when you “lead” your team to an 8-8 record in a contract year you get NOTHING. Can’t believe anyone pays you to write. I refuse to invest my time in a Super Bowl caliber team with an average QB. Andy Dalton has a better arm, better pocket presence and a far better on-field leader. You know nothing about football just the financial part. Its time for Dak to go. Have a feeling i will be a Bengals fan very soon. I am done.


You say dak isn’t clutch you obviosuly forget about the drives he led us down the field and our kicker missed and lost us the game. Dak is clutch and has proven it more then once


I agree to go with Dalton this year , give him the all star cast around him. Maybe the drafted QB could be ready in three years. It’s old what Dak has done- very tainted numbers in a bad division with a more than productive help around him. The unknown is was is Garrett and his staff or Dak the problem!


They have not completed a deal yet because there is no reason to complete a deal yet. Dak has no reason to give in to the Joneses, and the Joneses have no reason to give in to Dak.

He’s going to get signed.
He’s going to get signed before it affects anything (except grumpy fans).
He’s going to get $35 million, plus or minus.
The only question is whether it will be for four years or five.

So he will be paid $140 million for the four years 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

The question is whether he will be paid $35 million for 2024, or he will be paid whatever the market is four years from now — probably in the neighborhood of $45 million.

So the difference is about $10 million — which is nearly three times what he got paid for the last four years combined ($3,640,000).

He’s not greedy. He’s not even involved in the negotiations. He’s been grossly underpaid for years, and his advisors thinks it’s time to balance it out.

In any event, neither side will give in for no reason. And there is no reason for either side to give in until either the July 15th deadline, or OTAs begin. The Joneses have even said that they believe deadlines make deals.

This is a game of chicken. And nobody veers off two months early.


Dak is being greedy. He went 8 and 8 last year. I like Dak, but Dalton might even play better now that he has the talent around him. Dak missed alot of throws last year to wide open receivers. He has to prove himself if he thinks he deserves more. It’s a joke!


Agree with the wide open misses and he also throws behind receivers s lot, which makes them have to adjust and lose they stride. He is just not accurate. I liked Prescott to a point, but he is pushing the envelope way to long. And that envelope is filled with mega bucks that he isn’t even worthy of. He is DEFINITELY A GREEDY B. I wish we traded him for picks during the draft. Dalton could do as well as him with that talented offense.

Cowboys fan

Like I just said to another person….. Dak can’t be traded!! Why don’t people understand that!? Until Dak gets a new contract or signs the franchise tag he’s gonna be with us!!

Pablo Figueroa

In Dak we trust speak the truth the man deserves his money!!!!!!!!!


Everyone who is saying dak lead us to an 8-8 season forgot about the drives he got us down the field and our shitty kicker missed the field goal. Our kicker lost us two or three games him self. Also let’s not forget about our defense forgetting to show up against the jets or teams we should have bet. Will dak get paid yes and it will be a deal they both agree on. Hes not being greedy he just wants to be paid what hes worth.


All of these NFL players claims that it’s not about the money it’s 100% about the money. greed is going to cause him to find another team if he continues playing and thinking that way


Dak is betting on the future, but I hope his future is elsewhere. Watch the tapes! He merits the top 10 to 15 and should be paid as such. He’s good, not great. I’m a Cowboys fan since 1967 & definitely don’t have my rose glasses on. He’s got a big ego and he’s greedy! He is not a team player and could care give a crap of how it affects the cap now or later as long as he and his agent get theirs. Also, don’t forget who is actually driving all of this—-his agent. Agents are greedy pricks that ride an athlete’s talents and hard work for a check. Agents are like starving dogs getting their best scraps from the table after licking an arss. The only difference between an athlete’s agent and a carpetbagger lawyer is that an agent doesn’t need a law degree to STEAL. Time for Cowboys fans to stop the fantasy 8 & 8 hero worship. Trade him for what you can get. Use Dalton. His big ego will explode and his agent will get fired. Then the butt kissing and Twitter crying will start. Jerry, just say NO to the dope!!!


The Cowboys went 8-8. Not just Dak. Yes he still has some more improvement to do. He’s not being greedy, he’s being smart. At the end of the day, the NFL is a business, it’s always about business. If it wasn’t about business, then they wouldn’t have never changed the pay for 1st round draft picks after how horrible Jamarcus Russell and multiple other QB1s performed. We all know Jerry has the contract already printed with Dak would like. He’ll get signed. Just like how Zeke got signed. “Free Publicity is Good Publicity” for the past month, besides TB12 and Coach B, this has been the most talked about in the sport of football. Jerry knows what he’s doing. Guess what Dak will sign a 4 year deal worth $110 Fully Guaranteed, $39.5 per year. When it happens make this comment go public. Lol.

William L James

Dak is black. If he was white with the numbers he has had, he would be already paid. Lets be real. Nobody wants to talk about the way Jerry Jones feels about black…kapernick…quarterbacks. Yes he paid the “dumb” positions…if you will… but the brain and leadership position… he is “Trumping” that position.. drawing it out to show his affinity to his true racist character. I dont care what you say. He views black players as boys…

Danny Gonzales

Can’t win??? All Dak’s done is go 40-24 in the last 4 seasons, never missing a start, thrown for over 15,000 yards and 97 TD’s…..was your 2016 Off. Rookie of the Year, 2016 All-Rookie Team, 2x Pro Bowl (2016 & 2018) and a 2x-NFC East Champ…..ALL ON A ROOKIE CONTRACT!!! Look, I get it…us Cowboys fans are passionate, & if you think Dak doesn’t deserve the $$$ or that he sucks or whatever…..then FINE….that’s your opinion…….but don’t say he can’t WIN. It’s damn fair to say he’s doing his job….it’s a team game….you can blame the Defense, Special Teams, horrible coaching, injuries, & under-performing starters….I can agree with any of those facts…..but Dak has earned and will get his $$$.


I am a life long Cowboy fan since the late 70’s. Im torn. 1. Daknhas been grossly under paid for the last four years. 2. They paid Tony Romo and Tony literally lost several games himself (not to mention the BIG games). 3. They lucked up and got Dak. If it were not for Tony Romo’s injury we would not even be having this convo. 4. COACHING HAS BEEN HORRIBLE! Having said all that I do believe Dak is asking for too much. You know what my main concern is. How players in most sports respond after they get big paydays. For workin class people 30, 40 million who gives a fuck. It just makes ticket prices higher. If Dan gets his pay day and doesnt have “HALL OF FAME PERFORMANCES” he will just be putting mlre pressure on himself. Not sayingvhe afraid of pressure but how many players get paid and fall off in there performance. If he gets paid and wims a couple Super bowls…then converstion is over.

Todd Colbert

Until you win a Super Bowl you are not worth the kind of money that Dak is holding out for or even the money the Cowboys are offering. I am for salary capping every position though and implementing a bonus system for wins in season, play off wins, huge Super Bowl bonus and pro bowl and all-pro selections. If you win big you get paid big. Getting paid ridiculous money for stats and potential needs to be done away with. Winning is everything. Make that change and I would expect the level of competition from week to week to go up dramatically.


Not just a lousy kicker, suspect defense, and an absolute idiot trying to be the head coach. Some of it was on Dak, but most of it wasn’t!!! That said, I wish this nonsense could end very soon. This team has enough talent to grab a playoff spot this year and dogs some serious damage when they get there. If Mike Nolan can get the defense to over achieve, the Cowboys can win the NFC and possibly beat the AFC Champion in the BIG GAME!


To Michael Elam
Aikman, who lead the Cowboys to THREE SUPER WINS. CLUTCH WHEN IT COUNTED MOST.” Merely a passenger?

Aikman, who is in the HALL OF FAME. “Merely a passenger”?

Ask Michael Irvin, whose opinion has MUCH MORE weight than mine or yours, about Troy Aikman. Irvin put it this way about Aikman’s passing (I am paraphrasing) “I could close my eyes, and put hands up and the ball would just stop right in my hands.

Perhaps you have some BIAS. “Dak to top 5 QB…” Sure, had a great Oline, Cooper Cobb, Gallup, ZEKE, Pollard, Witten, ETC. AND goes 8-8. Padded his stats against BAD TEAMS and wilted against GOOD teams. When the division was there for the taking against Philly second game, he flopped. 00 TDs. 9 points, 56%, 74 QBR, 265 yds.

As others here and elsewhere have commented, Prescott IS NOT ACCURATE. Misses WIDE open WRs (ask Gallup) and throws behind WRs often, making them have to adjust and break stride, limiting their YAC, if they can actually make catch.

ONE PLAYOFF WIN, AND WANTS TO BE PAID AS THE BEST QB IN NFL. REAL SIMPLE, HE IS NOT. HE IS NOT CLUTCH. 8-8 is not elite, especially in that weak division.

It’s unfortunate how someone has to disparage a great QB in order to ATTEMPT to prop up an above average QB. When Prescott wins three SUPER BOWLS, you can pop off.

Jonathan Turner

Look there is no question dak is an above average QB. But he’s not elite and that’s the difference. His numbers were very padded last year in some blow outs where he threw the ball in losing games. The best performance I saw Dak play all year was the loss against the Vikings. If he wanted to reset the market going 8-8 isn’t the way to do it with the offensive talent around him. I watched 2 games he played if he drove the team down the field and score a TD he would of won and the cowboys would of been in the playoffs but dak couldn’t get a score. Against the worst patriots team in over 10 years and Philadelphia with practice squad players. Dak is a great leader but he’s not an elite QB and doesn’t deserve to reset the market. He can win a super bowl if he takes not even a pay cut but like 30 mil a year which is more than enough to live off of. He needs talent around him to win he can’t lift the talent around him up.

James Alderman

I love my cowboys true and blue but I understand brother wants to get paid but to be the highest paid quarterback in the NFL are you kidding me. What he’s going to do is cause lots fans and teammates to have mixed feelings about him such as being selfish and want nothing to do with him. Don’t think Jerry Jones is stupid there is a reason why he ain’t been paid yet don’t be surprised if Jerry doesn’t pull a rabbit out the hat very soon. And if that happens it’s because Dak Prescott created that by being greedy.


Latest, Prescott wants $45 million for a fifth year. For an above average QB. No he’s not greedy, is he?


All it means is that his advisors know basic arithmetic, and understand what a growing salary cap means. The salary cap is growing at 6.4% per year on average. $35 million, increased by 6.4% over 4 years, is $45 million.

If he signs a $35 million four-year contract now, then he will sign a $45 million contract in four years. If Jerry wants a fifth year, it should be at the fifth-year rates. That’s all.

Big Cowboy

If Jerry is unable to get Dak signed to a long term deal by July 15, just let him play on the exclusive franchise tag, and he WILL sign it. I can’t imagine him holding out a year and turning his back on $31M. If at the end of the season Dak and his agent are still being unreasonable, either trade him outright while he is still under contract or place the non-exclusive tag on him. Other teams can make him offers. If he accepts an offer, by league rules we get 2 #1 picks from that team to draft our QB of the future and be done with him.


He will be signed by July 15. That is not at issue.

The only reason he is not signed yet is that there is no reason to sign him yet. Jerry likes deadlines.

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