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Breaking Down Dallas’ Defensive Tackle Battle

will be a hotly contested position for Dallas as we get closer to . While being one of the weaker groups on the team, there will be several guys fighting for many roster spots.

Here’s a breakdown of who’s certain to make the team, others who are likely and those who may be on the fence:

Roster Locks: Neville Gallimore and Osa Odighizuwa

Gallimore missed 13 regular season games with a elbow , but came back to be Dallas’s best defensive . He recorded a sack in his return against Washington, and finished the season with 13 tackles in four games.

Odighizuwa is a promising young player entering his second year in the league. He had a successful rookie campaign in 2021, posting 31 tackles, six and 11 hits.

It’s safe to say that both of these guys are highly likely to make the roster.

In battle: Carlos Watkins, Trysten Hill, Quinton Bohanna, John Ridgeway

Watkins signed a one-year contract from the and became a starter when Gallimore got injured. He performed well in his increased reps, finishing 2021 with a career-high 32 tackles, one sack and recording an interception return for a touchdown against the in week 13.

Hill has been largely average during his time with the Cowboys, but is arguably coming off his best season. He recorded a career-high Pro grade of 65.3 and tied his career-high in tackles with 11. Ridgeway is one of Dallas’ fifth-round selections, having been Arkansas’ starting last season.

is an outlier here. While retaining some potential, he failed to greatly impress during his rookie season in 2021. Watkins got the majority of reps over him, with Hill outshining Bohanna in the reps they shared.

Prediction: Cowboys cut Bohanna

The Cowboys may cut two of their defensive tackles or send someone to the . Maybe, Dallas doesn’t cut anyone and Bohanna joins the practice squad. However, if I had to make a guess, I would predict the Cowboys cut the former Kentucky Wildcat.

Gallimore and Odighizuwa are locks to earn roster spots in my mind. Watkins was serviceable while Gallimore was out and Hill showed signs of improving. Ridgeway is also Dallas’ shiny new toy on the , giving him a slight advantage over Bohanna. If the Cowboys carry five defensive tackles into the , I believe Bohanna would be the odd man out.

Nick Coppola
Nick Coppola
Student at the University of Oklahoma. Reporter for OU Daily. Junior Writer for Inside The Star. Contributor for Guns Up Nation.

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Hill is going to need to step way up to keep his spot this year. Even his “flashes” aren’t all that great because he plays way out of control. I’d put him #1 on the cut list from this group.

True, Bohanna didn’t show as well as I had hoped he would. But, he was a rookie and last off season still wasn’t really back to normal. There’s still hope for him, not so much for Hill.

Chuck Wright

I’d bet on Hill being the odd man out. He is who he is as a player with no real upside it seems at this point. I do like that the Dallas D roster keeps getting stronger. Of course I LOVE what Dan Quinn injects into the team.


Watkins sticks. Call me crazy, but I like Ridgeway on potential and attitude (and from some video) over what I’ve seen from Hill and Bohanna. So, for me it comes down to one of those two, if someone gets cut.


Mark it…. Hill is gonna be a big deal this season for the Boys.

Cowboys fan

I have to disagree…. Bohanna was a rookie last season, and he didn’t get much playing time either, so I think he’ll get another chance to improve!! While on the other hand, Trysten Hill is going into his 3rd or 4th year and still hasn’t done anything to show he deserves to be on this team!! So for me, Hill is the odd man out!!

Jasper J

Watkins is most vulnerable to be cut. Bohanna is still an inexpensive project and has more long term upside. Gallimore is said to have gained 10 pounds putting him around 315. Golston gained 20 and already took significant inside snaps last year; most DE kick inside often. Ridgeway could leap Bohanna, maybe not. Depth chart:
1T Gallimore, Bohanna, Ridgeway
3T Odighizuwa, Hill
LDE: Lawrence, Armstrong, Basham
RDE: Williams, Fowler, Golston


Let Hill go. He’s had his opportunities and thus far shown to have a low ceiling.


I like Osa, think he will establish himself as a good NFL player. One thing needs to be said though he had 2 sacks last year not 6. Don’t think all the DT’s combined had 6.
This DT group is possibly the weakest position group on the Cowboys. They need to be better against the run or it will be an early exit from the playoffs again ( assuming they get there)

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