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BREAKING: Gerald McCoy has Ruptured Quad, Won’t Return in 2020

Earlier today, went down in practice with a lower leg . Our worst fears are now validated; the veteran defensive has a ruptured tendon in his quadriceps and won't be playing for the Cowboys in 2020. His season has ended before it began.

A mult-time Pro Bowler and All-Pro at DT for the Tampa Bay Bucs, the 32-year-old McCoy joined the Cowboys this year as a . He signed a three-year contract worth over $18 million to help bolster the middle of Dallas' .

Now the Cowboys will turn to some familiar faces and young prospects to fill in the gap. This opens the door for veterans and to perhaps have a larger role in 2020, but also could mean big things for rookie and 2nd-year player .

Hill was drafted in the 2nd Round last year and many thought would be taking over a starting DT job in 2020. But he struggled last year and didn't earn that natural ascension, prompting Dallas to sign McCoy and draft Gallimore.

With Gerald now gone there should be a major competition in the works for his presumed starting role. This only adds to uncertainty at with , the other veteran free agent addition, currently missing camp on the PUP list.

If this was going to happen, thankfully it's four weeks before the season opener and gives the Cowboys time to adjust.

For now, we mainly focus our attention on Gerald McCoy and wish him a good, speedy recovery.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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A tough loss for sure but not impossible to overcome. We still have Poe, Crawford and Gallimore who can play DT. Then you add in Woods and Hill and all of a sudden the depth looks really good. Itll be a next man up mentality for sure. I still think a starting DLine of Lawrence, Poe, Crawford/Gallimore and Griffen is still a top 10 unit. Then you add Smith, Hill, Woods, Armstrong, Anae, Carter, Jackson, And Hamilton and we still have a lot of depth.


Tough blow for the D-line. Drafting Gallimore was a very good insurance policy for this kind of occurrence happening. He is will have to learn ASAP at this level. I think he is capable to fill the gap, along with Woods.


Getting Griffen at the price we did actually affords us the opportunity to go get another DT if there’s one worthwhile. I believe both Mike Daniels and Snacks Harrison had both been signed last week, so there must be something out there. I’m not comfortable with counting on Hill’s development, though I’m open to being surprised by him. If anybody has gained by this, its Crawford who now cannot be considered as a surprise cut (which I never thought would happen anyway).

Feel really bad for McCoy, he seemed genuinely happy and eager to get into this system and play with this team.


Mike Daniels is a former McCarthy guy too. Maybe an interesting name to watch

Gary b

McCoy will be missed, but not one that cripples us. With the depth at that position, should be ok. Though the defense didn’t need a hit like this . Might be slim pickings in the FA market. Agree Crawford sticks for sure now, though it was questionable before. Working in his favor before and now is that he shares the same agent as Dak(France). Some feel that the cowboys quickly going public about not asking him to take a pay cut, was to stay in France good grace. Personally I think Crawford brings too many intangibles to part with. Just hope he doesn’t have complications from double hip surgery.


We have numbers at DT that represent depth, but the hit was bigger than the numbers game. McCoy brought respect, a presence, even a new leadership voice, and a massive skill set to to have right beside Lawrence. Crawford, Woods, Gallimore, an Hill don’t bring an element to the game that will vex the right side of the opposing line. Sure we can overcome it … no team worth it’s salt should not be able to withstand an injury, but this is a big hit. I’m not suggesting we can’t win without him, just that the defense doesn’t have a plug-and-play option.


It might be argued that losing Poe (instead of McCoy) would be a bigger blow. That’s assuming that we get from Poe what we are paying for. At least our current depth is better suited to fill McCoy’s position whereas Poe is truly the only run-stuffer we have. I think Hamilton is a “big body” but it doesn’t sound like he’s getting any serious consideration.

Gary b

Interesting thought ghost! I wonder who was being looked upon as Poe primary back up? Since he is still recovering from his injury and is no spring chicken, I wonder how many snaps he will get each game. His back up may play more then we think, at least initially. Ur absolutely right about his run stuffing value though. Teams been running up the gut on us for several yrs now, due to our mediocre/undersized DTs

Gary b

One other encouraging note is that our projected DEs Smith/Lawrence/Griffen are not only great pass rushers but all are strong against the run as well. No one trick pony’s there, which really helps the run D. And Crawford when he plays DE has always been known as a strong wrap up tackler. Gregory might be the exception, as he can get washed out of run plays due to his slight built.

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