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BREAKING: OT Terence Steele Placed on COVID List, Out Week 13

The Dallas Cowboys continue to take losses from to throughout the roster. Now starting Offensive Terence Steele is moving to the Reserve list and will definitely miss the Week 13 game against the this Thursday.

Steele remained a starter last week even with both and available, playing at over Collins. He'd been starting at for a few weeks during Smith's absence and was the RT starter for the early part of the year during Collins' five-game .

Thankfully, Collins is the fallback option and perhaps the better one. La'el has been in the doghouse this year due to his suspension and Dallas has clearly been motivated, especially evident last week, to see if they can trust Steele to be a long-term option.

Nevertheless, La'el Collins was once one of the top right tackles in the game. He hasn't looked as good this year since coming off the suspension but has shown more talent than Steele throughout his career.

At the very least, the Cowboys shouldn't experience any drop in performance going back to Collins from Steele. This feels especially true after seeing Terence struggle last Thursday in Dallas' loss to the .

Depending on how he performs this week, perhaps La'el Collins finds a way to keep his job going forward.

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Jeff Tuggle

By all metrics Steele was playing at a Pro Bowl level at RT. NOT good at LT. Different plant and footwork there. As for Collins he has never graded out better at RT than Steele who was just into his 2nd pro season. Please stop making Collins out as “better” , he’s not. Besides, he stays hurt and is too busy bribing league officials. Collins at LG or bench.

Cowboys fan

This guy Jeff has definitely lost his mind!! Terrence Steele playing at a pro bowl level!? Really?? Lol…. He has not one time this year played at a pro bowl level!! He’s played good, but not at all close to being at pro bowl level!! And to make your statement look even worse, Collins has graded out better than Steele especially in 19 when COLLINS was a pro bowl snub!! This is the first time Steele has played even decently enough to stay on the field, while on the other hand Collins has been the starter at RT for years!! And another thing is Collins does NOT stay hurt!! Last season was the first year he was injured since his rookie year if I’m not mistaken!! And apparently you don’t pay much attention to to the important stuff when it comes to these player…. Cause everybody has backed up Collins agreeing that he did NOT bribe any league officials!! So is there anymore inaccurate comments you wanna write?! If so I’ll be more than happy to reply how wrong you are!!

Now for me I’m happy to hear that Collins (the better RT) will be back in the starting lineup this week!! Now we have to hope the coaches are smart enough to know that Collins is the best option at RT while Steele is nothing more than a pretty good backup!! That will NEVER play at a PRO BOWL LEVEL!!


T Smith, CW/CM, TB, ZM, LC.

As long as Smith can stay healthy and on the field, this lineup should work well, IMO. When Steele returns, they MAY need to make a decision as to who they think is the better player to start at RT.

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