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Buy or sell: Cowboys to ball out, until they don’t

As we sit a couple of days out until the take on the in Week 7, a question popped into my head as I drowned myself in caffeine with the hope of getting some energy — and that question was: Could the Cowboys ball out until they don't?

Out of their next eight opponents, half are under .500. Their toughest games will be against two North teams, who are in the middle of a pretender-contender phase, but they aren't teams where you have no shot winning. They also face an rival, who has surprised everyone with their start, but QB is 9-2 against them in his career. And, lastly, they dip their toes in the AFC South with the division leader, but their dysfunctional start to the season is obvious (despite what their record says).

Cowboys Schedule

Their schedule bodes well for them to ball out before their rematch with the Eagles on Christmas Eve, who could likely be at the top of the NFC in December, and it could be another loss for them.

Following that festive game, they see another AFC South team and finish off with an NFC East rival who's at the bottom. But, to get more insight, let's check out their remaining schedule.

Week 7: The Detroit Lions

First, you get QB Dak Prescott back for this game, and you're playing a team whose reeks. Ok, maybe not “reeks,” since any player who makes the is talented (no matter how much fans criticize them), but stats-wise, the Lions' total defense ranks dead last.

Although the Lions field a high-powered , the Dallas defense will have a little extra motivation this game, and they won't be RPO'ed to death like the Eagles did to the Boys on Sunday night.

Signs are pointing to the possibility of this game being a shoot-out, but talent-wise the Cowboys outmatch the Lions. So, let's mark this as a win for them.

Week 8: The Chicago Bears

To save everyone time, we all know about the Bears. They're flat-out terrible, and I think the last time I remember them being somewhat decent was during the Brian Urlacher days. I know they went 12-4 in 2018 with Mitch Trubisky at the helm, but how has that worked out for them since? Anyway.

Ranked 29th in ESPN's Week 7 power rankings, the Cowboys get another “cupcake opponent” in a game they have no excuse for losing. I understand the fans who bring up the games they shouldn't have lost last year, so why should this be any different? But with this team, you get the sense of a different team. If the Boys want to make any run toward the , they need to prove these walk-in-the-park matchups are nothing but resting your starters after a few quarters.

This game doesn't scare me, as the Bears are a hot mess top-to-bottom, and the Cowboys head into the week 9 bye on a two-game winning streak.

Week 10: Mr. Discount Double Check and the Green Bay Packers

-wise, the last time Dallas beat Green Bay was in 2016. But in this Week 10 clash, both teams are completely different than the last time they met in 2019. Before this season, everyone envisioned the Packers to be among the elites, but so far, they look like a shell of their former selves. From having no true pass-catcher to the defense looking out of sorts to seemingly not being on the same page with his — things are looking shaky at .

As of Week Seven, they sit at 3-3 with a recent loss coming from the . I repeat, the New York Jets, who have been a laughingstock. But, to their credit, they have surprised a lot of the sports world with their 4-2 start, so I guess they get a pass. Sort of.

Although this team fields talent on both sides, they haven't done anything to strike fear into the NFC, and they're quickly heading toward mediocrity. Add in that the Packers have no true alpha wideout for the Cowboys to worry about and this game should look different than other years.

Week 11: The team that shouldn't have had Randy Moss, the Minnesota Vikings

This game is arguably their toughest test, as the could be the one team that trips them up before they play the Eagles. But if you're telling me that they could only drop one possible game leading up to Philadelphia, I will take that.

Looking at the Vikings, you see a team that doesn't make mistakes, has an efficient , and has one of the best young wideouts in the league (arguably the best overall) on their roster. However, this is another team that fields a poor defensive unit, as they rank near the bottom in total defense. Some could imagine that they may have played offensive juggernauts, but out of their six opponents, only two could be considered real threats.

The Eagles and Lions (offensively speaking). As long as the Cowboys stick with the mix of run-pass, they should win this high-scoring game.

Week 11: Danny Dimes and the New York Giants

As mentioned above, Dak Prescott has had the Giants' number for almost his whole career. In their week three matchup, the Cowboys were able to win with a different , so this game should be a no-brainer win for Dallas. It should be more competitive since games can swing either way, but the only NFC East team to worry about is the Eagles.

Week 12: An AFC South Fraud, the Indianapolis Colts

Shifting to the Colts, they are just a weird team. Everyone was hyping the big that got quarterback to Indianapolis, but it's been a failed experiment so far this season. Also, after having one of the best offensive lines and run games in the league last year they have looked like a shell of themselves this season.

I'm not buying the Colts hype, but will ball out. The way I see this team is they have Taylor (who's a Maserati) parked in a trailer park, which represents the organization.

Week 13: The team projected to land the 1st overall pick — the Houston Texans

With the Texans, I will keep it short and sweet. There is no excuse they could create if they somehow drop this game. It's the Texans, who many think will land the first pick in next year's draft. Let's hope they don't overlook their in-state brother, but this has to be a blowout.

Week 14: The Jaguars

Ah, you have the good ole' Jaguars that sit 2-4. So far this season, they have turned things around on both sides of the ball, but they're a confusing team. I mean, they are young, so it makes sense. But they went from beating the and competing closely with the to laying eggs against the Texans and Colts. Although their record is under .500, their losses have been by one score.

This game could be a “trap game” when the two face off, but the Cowboys have much more talent and veterans across the board. Expect a win.

Week 15: The Philadelphia Eagles

To keep it short, this will be the game of the season. Going off the idea that the Cowboys can win until Christmas Eve, this could be a game where we see the Boys sit at 13-2. And on Philly's side, as they also have an easy schedule, there is a chance they are either 15-0 or only have one loss on their resume.

It will be a bloodbath for sure. But with a win here, we could be talking about the Cowboys at 14-2 heading into Tennessee.

Week 16 and Week 17: Tennessee Titans and Washington Commanders

These two last games could go two ways.

  1. They play their hearts out because they are either trying to move up in playoff positioning or lock up the division, which would mean they have the starters in.
  2. Their playoff path is already set, and we get some play from the first team, but it's mostly about staying healthy.

While fans would likely want the team to stay in rhythm and keep winning, we have seen the Cowboys rest their players before. Plus, these two games are cakewalks. The Titans look different and only have as their star (who could be beaten up by the time they play), and the Commanders are just flat-out terrible.

So with all of their schedule digested, the they ball out are high. However, it's the NFL, and you never know what to expect. , bad games, trades, et cetera happen weekly, so it's best to take it game-by-game.

But for now, I'm looking ahead and BUYING on their odds for them to ball out and finish with around 13-15 dubs on the season.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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