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Buy or Sell: The Cowboys are “putting QB Dak Prescott on notice,” could draft a QB early

It wouldn't be a prototypical if there weren't “drama” across sports platforms about the team or a player. Last season, you had the saga, and now this year, you have noise around .

Many people in the NFL world are causing a ruckus by questioning if Prescott is the future signal-caller of the Boys. While it's an endless debate from both sides, things got interesting when a came out about the team's intrigue on Ohio State QB CJ Stroud

While the hasn't confirmed the report (which I believe is all a smoke screen), more drama occurred when radio host Jason Smith tweeted the Boys were sending Prescott a message. 

Per Smith, he said: 

“In the last two days Cowboys have been linked with C.J. Stroud & Hendon Hooker. This is a HUGE message to Dak Prescott. Dallas will “ Love” Dak and draft a QB this season.”

He added that meant Prescott has to prove he can win this season, or they will trade him and move on. So, now with two reports possibly foreshadowing that the team has been considering different options – what does that mean?

First, to get this out of the way, IM SELLING on this whole sending-a-message scenario. When the initial report surfaced that the team was interested in Stroud, I was surprised.

However, the of the team trading a boatload of draft capital is slim to none. Do I believe the to invest in a young quarterback to prepare for the foreseeable future? Of course.

But if you want to land a Stroud, you're trading at least multiple firsts and Day Two/Day Three picks. Now, could they capitalize on additional draft capital if they moved Prescott in a scenario to chase after Stroud or another high-ranking quarterback? 

Yes, of course. But I likely have better odds at meeting the love of my life tomorrow than the front office orchestrating a trade. 

Add that the last time the franchise drafted a quarterback super-early was in 1989 when they drafted with the 1st pick, and later in 2002, when they got Quincy Carter in the with the 53rd pick. 

What changes their philosophy now?

To finish off, Cowboys vice president told the media earlier this month that they are committed to Prescott and are open to extending his deal.

As mentioned, I'm on the boat of drafting a quarterback, as they can groom someone for their future. However, “Jordan Loving” Prescott or “sending a message” is all smoke for me. 

If there were one person in this world who doesn't want to look wrong about a decision he made, it would have to be . Prescott is his guy, and I imagine that it would take a lot to move on from him.

If a high-rated QB or someone they like falls to them on draft day, then draft the player and start your future early. Prescott won't lead the Boys forever as age will catch up to him, and his doesn't serve him well.

But for now, like it or not, the odds are high that he's the guy leading the team next season. 

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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