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Can CB Chris Westry Jump From Practice Squad to the Active Roster in 2020?

At 6'4″ tall with 33 1/4 inch arms and legitimate 4.31 speed, has the intangibles NFL coaches salivate over. As impressive as those intangibles are, they weren't enough to get him drafted last year. Instead he ended up with the as an undrafted and spent the entire on their .

Fast forward a year later, with the year of development under his belt, and Chris Westry has his eyes set on something bigger. Entering Year 2, Westry is now trying to make the jump from the practice squad to the Dallas Cowboys active roster in 2020. He is probably a long shot to make such a jump right now, but it's a shot just the same.

Chris Westry was a four-year starter at Kentucky, but was viewed by just about every draft analyst as a developmental player entering the . It's a big reason why he didn't hear his name called in any of the seven rounds, but despite that though, he now has a chance to be yet another undrafted gem for the Dallas Cowboys.

Westry has things you can't teach (size, speed, length), which makes him a really intriguing developmental project. Sadly all of the coaches who were in his corner last year, like , are no longer employed by the Cowboys, so he now has to prove himself all over again. That could however work in his favor though.

Chris Westry
Dallas Cowboys CB Chris Westry (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)

Chris Westry's biggest weakness as a rookie was struggling to flip his hips and run when covering smaller, more shifty wide receivers. That's understandable for a player who is 6'4″ tall, but the hope is a year of development has corrected those issues. After all, it could've been as simple as playing with better technique.

If Westry has indeed taken a step in his development, he could very well find a role in 's . It's a defense that is expected to be much more versatile, which plays right in the hands of a player like No. 39. His unique intangibles could be used in a variety of different ways.

Chris Westry doesn't have to be in every down player to make an impact with the Dallas Cowboys in 2020. He can be inserted into the game based on a certain matchup. Maybe it's as a centerfield type of player where his height, speed, and range come into play. Or maybe as a neutralizer. After all, the has some pretty good ones that need to be contained.

Whatever the role though, Chris Westry has some intriguing intangibles that could help him make the jump from practice squad to the active roster this season. He still very much a long shot to make such a jump, but it's a shot nonetheless. Being buried on the and the shortened makes things more difficult, but that's sometimes the way the chips fall.

Do you think Chris Westry can make the Dallas Cowboys 2020 active roster?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Westry is a guy the Boys should look at for different positions including as a receiver rather than a corner as he is likely too big to ever change direction with quick, small receivers.
Hopefully, the new coaches look at athletes and then match their skills to position rather than be limited by what position they were called when signed.


Westry is the kind of player we will keep on practice squad and somebody else will pluck him from us. I think u try to keep him just in case. I still think a lot of teams will be poaching players at the 55 cut down date. With 16 practice spots avaiable the team that can promote players and give them the a good reason to stay in reality only 10 players will be waived with no job. 55 roster 16 Pas 71 players but some players will have opportunities elsewhere

Gary b

Also the new rules state that each team can designate 6 players on the practice squad each wk out of the 16 that can’t be signed by another team.

Cowboy Fan Ed

All I can say is how in this world do you not find a roster spot for a guy that can jump up and touch the score board and run like a deer ! Seems like to me that these NFL coaches could coach up an athlete with these type of skills unless his hand and eye coronation is terrible and he only can run in a straight line! This guy is 6’4 and runs a 4.3 are you kidding me??

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