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Can Dallas Cowboys Contain the Red-hot Dalvin Cook in Week 11?

Dalvin Cook is one player the Cowboys can’t afford to let run free.

Dalvin Cook’s 183 total yards (97 rushing, 86 receiving) and one touchdown helped lead the Vikings to the 28-24 victory over the Dallas almost exactly a year ago. The Cowboys would no doubt like to contain him a little better this time around, but that might be easier said than done considering he’s red-hot entering this Week 11 matchup.

The Minnesota Vikings running back is having himself quite a He’s already close to hitting the 1,000 yard mark a little over halfway through the season and averaging impressive 6.0 yards per carry doing it. That has a lot to do with the fact he’s also averaging a little over 122 rushing yards a game. And if that’s not impressive enough his 12 touchdowns should be.

“He’s on fire!” – Jam.

That’s what the will be tasked to try to contain when they take on the Vikings in Week 11 this week. This is the same unit who gave up over 300 rushing yards to the in Week 4 and that was after Nick Chubb exited the game early. Containing arguably the best RB in the league right now won’t be easy.

’s has been playing better as of late over the past two games, but there’s no excuse for their embarrassing performance the rest of the year though. They’ve been mostly hide this year with very little seek, meaning there’s not really any way to know for sure which unit will show up in Week 11 against Minnesota.

Now I don’t expect the Dallas Cowboys to completely shut down Dalvin Cook because better defenses haven’t been able to do that all season. That would simply be too much to ask from a defense still trying to find their way. What do I expect though is for them not to allow Cook to run free all afternoon. That after all should be a large part of the defensive .

The is talented enough to get the job done, although execution will be key. Sadly, that’s been the problem for them all season. They haven’t executed as well as they could have and that’s unfortunately been a big reason why they have a 2-7 record right now. Hopefully that’s behind them now though.

Coming off their the Dallas Cowboys should be as rested and prepared as they possibly could be for this matchup with the Vikings. Whether or not that helps them contain a red-hot Dalvin Cook has yet to be seen. Any help they can get is no doubt welcomed, especially considering the way Cook is playing right now.

Do you think the Dallas Cowboys can contain Dalvin Cook?

What do you think?


Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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  1. If the defense shows up and plays like they did against Pittsburgh they might have finally found the chemistry that has been missing all season! This will be a good test for them so let’s see if they pass!

  2. The cowboys just need a complete reset to the season. The recipe for a bad defense- Bring in a new DC who is trying to implement a complex scheme to a team with several new starter during a VERY short training camp. Throw in several injuries before and during the season and what did we expect. This season was just destined to be a failure. Throw in the injury to Dak and Zeke being washed up and here he are.

    Hopefully we nail this next draft and some of these young guys develop. But we have to face that fact that we are rebuilding and probably won’t be contenders for a while. How long that takes depends on several factors. Not the least of which is how we do in this next draft, what we do about our QB situation, our coaching situation and whether Jerry starts making better personnel decisions.

  3. Let’s be honest with ourselves here guys… there’s a 0% Cowboys hang in there for this game. Not only will Cook run for 150+ yards, but with Cousins finally finding his groove with Jefferson, and when you add Thielen being tied #1 in league for TD’s, not to mention the 3 game winning streak providing the Vikes with confidence and momentum and their Defense showing life, this game is a wrap.

    The Cowgirls are a lost cause without Dak. Elliot has clearly given up on the season.

  4. It will be difficult to contain Cook. That being said, our defense IS playing somewhat better of late, so hopefully they can minimized the damage compared to last year’s result. I think most folks were surprised by our good effort against the undefeated Steelers. Maybe we will be pleasantly surprised again.

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