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CB Byron Jones Expected To Be Denver Broncos Top Free Agent Target

Let the rumors begin.

The Cowboys roster is littered with big time this , spanning from to .

, however, may be the odd man out in Dallas when it's all said and done. And if that's the case it'll be to the benefit of some other team.

Cecil Lammey of Denver's 104.3 The Fan is reporting that Byron Jones may be the Broncos top target come free agency in March, as they look to fill the hole Aqib Talib's departure opened a few seasons ago.

The fit for the Broncos makes a lot of sense. Byron Jones is a long cornerback with excellent man coverage skills, fitting right into Vic Fangio's prototype for the position. Plus, the Broncos could lose Chris Harris Jr. to free agency themselves, further pushing cornerback to the top of their offseason wishlist.

His athleticism, football IQ, and overall coverage ability make Jones one of the best cornerbacks in the league. And he'll certainly be at the top of more lists than just that of the Broncos.

What the Cowboys decide to do with Byron Jones will be key to their success in 2020 and beyond. Jones is a franchise cornerback in my mind, someone I would not hesitate paying market value to retain. He's broken out since he's been moved to cornerback full time, and was the eraser from the position earlier in his career.

Comments from Will McClay earlier this offseason suggest this is not the way the team thinks, though. It seems likely Byron Jones will be playing elsewhere in 2020, and Denver would be a logical spot for the former second team All Pro.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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This is why these players that are asking for these big contracts like Zeke, Dak and others are bad for a team your going to lose some good players because of it one thing I can say I am not A Pats fan but look how much Tom Brady got paid his thought was he would rather have a team that could go out and get good players or keep the ones you have and the results speak for them self and the biggest loser in all this is the fan because guess who will pay for all this the fan will with higher tickets cost and everything else that goes with it and the Cowboys were an 8 an 8 team with the good players so how bad are they going to be losing guys like Jones and others because of all this greed in the NFL that’s going on I hope one day the fans will wake up and ask is it really worth the high price of a ticket to watch these over paid players go 8 an 8 not for me I have a better way to spend my money like food and a place to live not watching these players and owners get rich off my money anymore instead of the NFL and should be GREED that’s what it has become in today’s sports they get rich and the fans get screwed.

Cowboys fan

Byron Jones isn’t all that good in my opinion!! He did do good in his first season at CB, but he went down hill this past season!! He got beat way too much to be paid as a top CB!! He was better than chido was, but that’s not saying much!! And I think the cowboys front office seen that too and that’s why they’re willing to let him walk in free agency this season!! If I was the cowboys front office I’d let him walk and sign Talib in free agency and then draft another CB in the draft that way they can let Jones walk and bench chido too!! But that’s just my opinion!!

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