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CB Chidobe Awuzie Expected Back Soon

The competition at cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys is one of the more intriguing battles in training camp. Chidobe Awuzie, a starter for the last several seasons, is not only entering a contract year but he’s dealing with rookie Trevon Diggs being on his heels for a starting role.

Diggs has gotten more first team work with Awuzie nursing a minor leg injury. However, according to the team’s new Defensive Backs Coach Maurice Linguist, Awuzie is expected back on the field soon.

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Maurice Linguist on Chidobe Awuzie, “We really anticipate him coming back real soon.”

If you watch Awuzie on film he actually has really good position on most routes he covers but his inability to turn his head around became a major issue in 2019. A switch to the safety position started floating around a few months ago and Awuzie has gotten some work there in addition to playing outside and slot corner.

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Chidobe Awuzie had his best practice of camp, intercepting Dak on a ball intended for Cedrick Wilson. Awuzie ripped the ball away from Wilson on an impressive leaping grab in two-minute work. Awuzie also had a nice pass breakup on a ball intended for Amari Cooper

Awuzie had been showing signs of improvement before his injury. Now, with the extra time off it’ll be interesting to see if he can continue progressing and not let Diggs get snag the top corner spot.

Regardless if he’s at corner or safety it’s paramount that Awuzie takes the next step in 2020 as the Cowboys look to improve on their league-low seven interceptions in 2019.

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  1. He’s not gonna switch to safety…. Rather anybody wants to believe it or not, he’s our best corner…. Well that’s until Diggs gets used to NFL play!! Awuzie has always been a good corner, but like you said, he just had problems getting his head turned around!! And even then he still did good!! And he would’ve looked a lot better if every team didn’t pick on him cause they didn’t wanna throw to Byron’s side!! If you look at Byron and Awuzie’s stats you’ll see that Byron wasn’t that much better than him!! And they probably would’ve been even closer if the opposing offenses threw to both sides of the field evenly!! But since they chose to pick on Awuzie more his stats were a little worse than Byron’s were!! Maybe I’m wrong about the stats, and how Byron and him would be closer if they had the same amount of balls thrown their way…. But I know I’m right about how good Awuzie is and how he’s the best corner on the team right now!!

  2. I agree going into to his 4th season, we need to see Awuzie make a jump to the next level. Sounds like the coaching staff is pleased with what they see from him. He needs to continue building on that. Opponents will keep picking on him till he gives them a reason not to.

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