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CB Daryl Worley Signing Could Bring Unexpected Impact In 2020

It's been their draft class which has received the most praise throughout the Cowboys 2020 , but one in particular may end up providing unexpected return.

The Cowboys let walk to Miami during , and opted to replace him with rookies and Reggie Robinson during the draft. They also signed a young veteran who has experience on the outside, and has been a consistent cover corner for both the Panthers and the Raiders during his career.

won't steal any All Pro votes in December, but he could be a reliable piece to the Cowboys puzzle. The 6'1″ 215 pound has showcased his versatility in the defensive backfield before, playing on the boundary, in the slot, and at at times.

While he's not a blazer on the backend and can struggle in man coverage, Worley has all the physical prerequisites to be a boundary corner for the as early as the .'s Bucky Brooks recently wrote up a on Worley, praising his football IQ and awareness in zone coverage specifically.

“As a zone defender, Worley exhibits good instincts and awareness diagnosing routes. He sorts out concepts quickly and makes aggressive breaks to the ball on throws in his area.”

But where will Daryl Worley fit in this Cowboys ? Well, it still feels up in the air.

is the assumed CB1 with Byron Jones gone, but there have been rumors of Awuzie moving to safety. Fan favorite is still there to compete, and the team re-signed starting slot cornerback this offseason. And, of course, the aforementioned rookies have arrived as well.

This is an interesting defensive back group, one that doesn't have the headline stealing star but does have some familiar names and intriguing potential.

Worley is likely competing for the boundary cornerback job opposite Awuzie, but we all know you can never have enough cornerbacks on your roster in today's NFL. Regardless if he is designated a “starter” or not, I'd expect to see Worley on the field each and every Sunday.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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gary b

What i think is that we’re relying on the likes of Worley we in a heap a trouble. Cowboys don’t have a good track record of signing FA DBs off the scrap heap and having success. Hopefully T Diggs( Who apparently will start) develops quickly though i expect him to have growing pains especially early on. Also need C Awuzie to improve as he was burned way to much last yr. To be weak in the secondary scares me in this passing league where each team has at least 2 stud WRs and us without even one lockdown DB. All the more reason our pass rush has to get pressure this yr


To be fair our scheme didn’t fit Chico’s style of play. The Kris Richard hiring was a bust to say the least and they have thankfully moved on. Chido played great in the slot not so much on the outside so I get ur point but I think he will be better than people think.

Emmanuel j Edwards

I think the secondary will thrive now due to the coaching changes no big names means they will play as a unit and they can be themselves no pressure added plus I believe Kris Richard was holding people back it was spoken of earlier by chido plus chido is more of a safety or hybrid so it’ll be great

Steve Duerr

I would put in Lewis or one of the other safeties in on 3 down to drop back in coverages. The day of 3 linebackers are obsolete. Passing game has replaced that w/ tight ends , slot recovers and running backs that specialize in creating space to get the first down . You still need the middle linebacker that stops the run but Lee should be taken out for third downs.

Pete Panagiotopoulos

Seriously Tyrone Crawford is so overrated it is ridiculous! I find guys making 1 million dollars that have been just as productive the last three years as Crawford. Jerry doesn;t make the right moves when he should, we could sign 2 of these three guys with the money me makes Clay Matthews Jr. and Damon Harrison or Everson Griffin. I swear if Jerry costs us a Super Bowl because he won’t cut another one of the guys he drafted and overpaid I will go ballistic!! Chris Jones also needs to go and sign Marquette King he has a way bigger leg and brings some swag to the boring punting position. We should be getting another 7 million from Travis Frederick signing his retirement papers post June first so we are fine but Crawford is not needed anymore!

Gary b

Solid choice Brian although the cowboys don’t have a great track record of bringing in fringe journeyman FA CBs and developing them. But that was under the old regime. Worley being a former 1st rounder could buck that trend. I’ll cast a vote for former 1st rounder Cameron Erving who will likely be our swing tackle, and I believe he can play guard in a pinch as well. Can’t ever have enuf quality OTs.

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