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CBS Sports Names Dak Prescott 5th-Best Quarterback Entering 2020

Dak Prescott set the football world on fire in 2019 as he had his best season since entering the NFL in 2016. He finished second in passing yards (4,902) and fourth in touchdowns (30) as the spearhead of the league’s top-ranked offense. His top two receivers, Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup, each had over 1,100 yards last season, and even departed veteran Randall Cobb had nearly 900 yards as a third option.

Earlier this week, CBS Sports ranked the top 10 quarterbacks heading into the 2020 season. Prescott came in the fifth slot, third in the NFC behind Russell Wilson and Drew Brees.

It isn’t hard to see why Prescott ranks so high on this list when considering all the factors involved. Since Cooper arrived in Dallas, he’s been one of the NFL’s most productive receivers. In 25 regular-season games, he’s registered 132 receptions for 1,914 yards and 14 touchdowns. In 2019, he set career high’s in receiving yards (1,189), touchdowns (8), and yards per catch (15.1).

His second option, Gallup, is coming off a stellar season himself. Much like Cooper, he set career highs in yards (1,107), touchdowns (6), and yards per catch (16.8) as well in 2019, at least doubling his output in each category from his rookie season. After only hooking up with Prescott 48.3 percent of the time in 2018, that number increased to 58.4 percent last season, showing just how much their chemistry is continuing to build.

Prescott got another shiny new toy to play with in the NFL Draft when the Cowboys selected CeeDee Lamb at 17. Considered by most as the top receiver coming out of college, Lamb gives the Cowboys an extremely versatile weapon in the passing game. Much like his new teammate Cooper, Lamb can play both in the slot and on the outside. He’s a wizard with the ball in his hands in the open field as evidence by his 21.4 yards per catch in 2019 which ranked third in the nation. Now, the Cowboys can put defensive backs in even more compromising positions having to guard three dynamic receivers on one offense.

Blake Jarwin, now free to showcase his true ability with the departure of Jason Witten, will give Prescott a much more effective weapon down the seams and in the middle of the field at the tight end spot.

Prescott also has weaponry coming out of the backfield with Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard. Elliott, although he isn’t used in the passing game like Carolina’s Christian McCaffrey, showed his versatility by leading the Cowboys with 77 receptions in 2018. Pollard, versatile in his own right, caught 104 passes for 1,292 yards and nine touchdowns in his final three seasons at Memphis.

With all these weapons it isn’t crazy to predict another monster season for Prescott. Also, with new Head Coach Mike McCarthy set to implement some of the principles of the West Coast offense to go with the philosophy of Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore the possibilities are endless to where the Cowboys offense can go in 2020.

The only left to do is to get him signed to a lucrative deal, which will happen soon, and watch the touchdowns come in waves.

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Matthew Lenix

Written by Matthew Lenix

I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.


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  1. The only thing I care about is wins. Stats are for fantasy geeks. Win games…get in the playoffs and win a super bowl. Then we will talk about how great Dak is. In this pass happy league where the rules create an incredible advantage for receivers stats have nowhere near the value they once did. Wins are the only thing that matters and Dak did not get enough of them last year to be ranked this high.

  2. Bill Parcells. “You are what your record says you are”. Dak 1-6 last season against winning teams. Three field goals against Philly in their last game. Enough said. He is NOT a 35 million dollar a year QB. PERIOD.

    • Its a team game win or lose to much blame it put on Dak for the losses but he gets hardly any credit when the win its the players around him. Dak played poorly the last few games at the end but most of the season losses was due to special teams and defense as well as bad coaching you can’t have a top offensive team if the Quarterback is average especially if the receiver core is one the top teams for most dropped passes in the NFL.

      • I don’t understand why what you’re saying is so hard to comprehend. We have a top 10 QB (5-10 range IMO), that’s not debatable. He’s still growing his skillset. What more can you want for your team. Every team can’t have the best guy at every position, that’s why you build around one another to collectively succeed. We are in the window and have the pieces to compete with the best in the league, again IMO. Our moves to upgrade coaching, ST and the D will payoff. We’re fortunate to have Dak and he’s not our issue.

    • Idk why you people keep putting all the blame on Dak!! Football is a team sport…. Therefore it was the team that lost those games, not Dak!! And to be more specific, it was the defense and special teams that lost those games for us!! You people that keep the TEAMS losses all on Dak need to learn more about the game of football before you come on here making these ignorant comments!! It just makes you look stupid!! Period!!

  3. Its a team game win or lose to much blame it put on Dak for the losses but he gets hardly any credit when the win its the players around him. Dak played poorly the last few games at the end but most of the season losses was due to special teams and defense as well as bad coaching you can’t have a top offensive team if the Quarterback is average especially if the receiver core is one the top teams for most dropped passes in the NFL.

  4. You are correct that the defense had failed to perform last year. The Dak Prescott Is not focused on wins as he is to his payday. All the quarterbacks he is about to surpass or have one thing in common, Super Bowl rings. Even Carson Wentz has a ring that he really didn’t earn. I miss the day when super Championships in gold jackets were the priority and athlete’s career.

  5. Oh man anyone who thinks dak is a top QB just doesn’t get it!! He sucks , he’s only got numbers because of the running back and the line , put the red rifle in and in 4 weeks he’ll look like the 2nd coming of Jesus , I would look like a great QB behide Zek & that line

    • This so called red rifle was is Cincy where he didn’t do a damn thing now all of a sudden he going to turn into a prince raise up please no matter what Dak do it will never be enough for some people no matter how you slice it he will never do enough to satisfy people like you when it come down to it it’s all about the color of the man’s skin it us sad that racism has to be in sports people like you will never accept the fact there’s a black man leading your precious America Team it is so stupid at the end of the day you can hate the young man all you want it won’t change that he is a black man quarterbacking the Cowboys how can you say he’s not a good quarterback when his record says WINS more than it says lost yes it is your right to dislike the man it is your right to criticize the man however it is a mental problem to argue against his winning stats only Brady has a better record in his first 4yrs in the NFL he has this record inspite of him being coached by a bonehead Jason Garnett IF only Dak could have made some key stops on 3rd. down only IF Dak was able to play defense and offense only IF he had a DC that knew how to stop the run only IF Dak only IF Dak would’ve wasted a 2sd. pick on T. Hill only IF Dak could play special team only IF some of you guys wasn’t so racist and finally only IF Dak was a white man

  6. Dak will always be the almost guy that nearly beat every top league teams. Even his backup has more killer instincts to win big games.

  7. Prescott has a STACKED offense. This will be a very telling year for him. Let’s see what he does with it. Garrett GONE, and a new coaching staff brought in that favors the QB.


  8. Sign Dak for 3 years at 34 mil and draft develop each year for replacement. Dak is NOT the answer for 8-10 years.

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