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CBS Sports Ranks Amari Cooper As League’s 6th Best WR

Since being traded to the Cowboys in 2018, has completely turned his career around.

Once thought of as a borderline bust in Oakland, struggling with drops on an underperforming team, Cooper has emerged as a consistent caliber player through his immediate chemistry with .

And he's getting the national praise he deserves.

Jared Dubin of CBS Sports ranked his top ten wide receivers heading into the , slotting the Cowboys' WR1 as sixth overall.

“With   remaining in place under new , and with  joining Cooper and Gallup in three-receiver sets, Cooper could be operating in more space than ever before, while also perhaps playing in the pass-heaviest of his career. Considering his chemistry with Prescott, that seems like the recipe for a monster season.

Jared's correct in his assessment of what this Cowboys can be. With a variety of weapons on the outside, a steady quarterback in Prescott at the helm, and a pair of dynamic running backs in and 2020 looks incredibly bright for this offense.

Cooper was worthy of increased defensive attention each and every week in 2019, but with 's sophomore emergence and the obvious talent CeeDee Lamb possesses, Cooper could see even more open space in 2020.

Yes – there is only one ball and many of these weapons will have to show some patience throughout the season, but this seems like a unique group of WR1 talented players who each understand what it takes to win.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Cowboys had two or three of the top 25-30 receivers come season's end.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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Dak saved Cooper’s confidence and career. With Carr in Oakland, Cooper had regressed to barely showing up and Carr wanted Cooper benched as Carr could not tolerate the drops and cautious routes.
After coming to Dallas, Cooper blossomed with Dak’s positive attitude. Dak never yells at Cooper even when a pass bounces off Cooper’s hands for an INT as has happened multiple times or when Cooper drops easy catches as also happens commonly. Stats show Cooper still is at the worst for drops and is rated highly in spite of his having unreliable hands. Cooper’s rating as a top receiver is all Dak as Cooper has a fragile ego and needs that super positive QB . Cooper knows that and took less money to stay with Dak.
Roger’s, Brady , Goff, Carr and other QBs are known for being very tough on receivers and Cooper simply cannot play well with that type QB.
The problem for the Boys with Cooper is Cooper fades in important games even with Dak babying him. Play Cooper close and tough and Cooper loses concentration and drops even more balls. The difference in Dez Bryant and Cooper as receivers is Dez loved a challenge and Cooper shrinks away from challenge. Cooper is therefore a real problem as he is good to great against low intensity opponents and a liability against high intensity opponents. As such, Cooprr is not a #1 or even #2 receiver but needs to be used sparingly if the opponent is tough. Stats show this psychological problem very clearly in Cooper’s difference in performance from home to road and against top corners.
So, Cooper is a conundrum. He is vastly overpaid, can be great, then awful, and physically, has chronic foot issues so he physically cannot play at all often and seldom practices.
CeeDee will quickly replace Cooper as the X and we will see Cooper become a 20 million dollar slot who plays about 10 games a year while dealing with his bad feet.


Dude whatever kind of drugs you’re on you need to leave them alone. You make Dak sound like Joe Montana. Go look at Dak statistics before Amari Cooper, his completion pct. third down pct. yds per game, yds per attempt, and qbr all went up after Cooper arrived. Before Amari Cooper arrived Dak was struggling horribly and the entire team was about to get blew up. Dak is grossly inaccurate while Cooper gets wide open and still have to wait on balls thrown behind him, too low and over his head. Amari Cooper had two 1,000 yd seasons and made two Pro Bowls before Dak and he’s had two 1, 000 yd seasons and made two Pro Bowls with Dak. Stephon Gilmore, Darius Slay and Jalen Ramsey have all called Cooper a top 3 route runner and a top 10 WR. The other NFL players who play against them ranked Amari Cooper #64 in the NFL players top 100 last year but left your man Dak off the list. THAT TELLS YOU EVERYTHING.


Did you read the article? It actually said coop’s drop rate has gone down dramatically but yet in still you wanted to insist he has a drop problem the cowboys had 24 drops last year, do you know who led the boyz in drops???? Gallup has 11 and witten had 6. You know who else had more drops than coop? Mike Thomas. You should do some research before you start talking about stuff you’re not to familiar with it makes you look uninformed. Actually if you do some research every receiver on this list had more drops than coop except Julio


Sounds like you two nailed it. Dak and Amari are good for each other. Like really fucking good. So let’s enjoy the ride. Its just getting started.

gary b

Never thought about coopers fragile ego impacting his play, but it kinda makes some sense. I think there is some validity to what seimpre says though his assessment of Cooper is way to critical. He is a guy who needs to be in the right situation to be successful and he found that with Dak in Dallas, as evidenced by the immediate chemistry and the great production. It’s true the team was struggling mightily before Cooper came on board, We simply did not have a quality receiver and for Cooper to come into a new system and new QB and be that prolific from the get go was very impressive. It’s no exaggeration to say he saved our season. This yr will tell us a lot about Cooper and Dak for that matter. Can’t wait for the season to start.

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