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CeeDee Lamb didn’t hold back about what Cowboys need to change for 2023

has been open and honest the last week about what needs to happen for the Cowboys to reach a in 2023.

Although the Cowboys won 12 games and their first road playoff game in 30 years, Lamb knows that playing in anything less than on Super Bowl Sunday is a huge disappointment; he told Jim Rome Wednesday.

Even with the loss, Lamb said a lot of good could come out of the season. He noted he is grateful for everything that comes from it. Win or lose, the bottom line is, as the Dallas Cowboys, winning one playoff game is not good enough.  

He understands the pressure wearing No. 88 brings for the Cowboys and how that drives him to be one the best in football.

“Just being a part of an elite group makes me even wanna be better,” Lamb said. “Always hold myself to a higher standard.”

He is only a piece of the puzzle, though. The guy throwing him the football needs to be better, also. Lamb was honest during his with Rome, saying he didn't know what was causing the very uncharacteristic turnovers from Prescott.

“He obviously had one of the worst seasons of his career, and we still stuck beside him, and we still ended up in the , which is crazy,” Lamb said.

As we all should know by now, the Cowboys are committed to Prescott. After Sunday's festivities, Lamb spoke with Cameron Wolfe of on how Dallas can improve. 

Add more weapons,” Lamb said. “I feel like in that situation you can always be better, you know, it's never enough, you can never run out of ammo. And we just got to finish.”

On Wednesday, Lamb echoed those exact words telling Around the that the to surround him with playmakers.

You've got to surround him. Straight like that,” Lamb said.

For whatever reason, the Cowboys decided to part ways with veteran wide receiver last . Their plan to replace what he brought to the table failed miserably.

He touched on the Eagles and the 49ers and what has been put around their to help them be successful. The Cowboys have those playmakers already, but that one extra player could help a team reach the next level.

So what is it going to take ? You just heard one of the best players on your team say that the team needs more. Will he listen? 

Jones has said he likes to think “long term” rather than going for it all like the Eagles did this season. Well, Jerry, how has that worked for you for the last 30 years? Only winning four playoff games and talking to the media every other day is good enough for him.

Prescott needs to clean up his interceptions. Lamb must continue to show why he is a true No. 1 guy, and Jerry needs to listen to him. Add another playmaker on the and run at the title next year.

The window is closing, and it's now or never. 

Click here for the full interview of CeeDee Lamb's appearance on the Jim Rome Show

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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