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Clay Matthews Could Provide Valuable Insurance for the Cowboys at LB

The defensive side of the football has gone under a complete overhaul in regards to the this . , , and were added in . , Reggie Robinson, , and joined the roster via the .

However, even though those moves fill holes on the and the , the position could still use some insurance. Free-agent Clay Matthews is still on the market and could be another bullet in the chamber for this revamped defensive unit.

Matthews racked up quite the resume during his days with the (2009-2018) while playing for new Cowboys . In three of his first four seasons, he has double-digit (42.5 total). He was named to the six times (2009-2012, 2014, 2015) and an All-Pro there times (2010, 2012, 2014). Getting to the is something he did at a very high rate with 83.5 sacks over that span.

Although he only played one season for the in 2019 it was still pretty productive. He produced eight sacks in 13 games (missed three with a broken jaw). That's the most sacks Matthews has had since his 11 in 2014 which was his last Pro Bowl/All-Pro season.

Over his 11-year career, Matthews has amassed 519 tackles, 91.5 sacks, six interceptions, 43 passes defended, 17 forced fumbles, five fumble recoveries, and three defensive touchdowns. Also, his durability has been solid playing in 156 out of a possible 176 games and logging 150 starts.

At 33 years old (34 by the start of the season) Matthews's price tag won't be that high, and as everyone knows, the Cowboys are always looking for cost-efficient . Also, with coming off a neck he would give the Cowboys good value at the position just in case of another setback.

Matthews is best in a 3-4 scheme as an , and even though the Cowboys will use the 4-3 as their base, they'll run a hybrid scheme with different looks to keep offenses off balance.

Only time will tell if the Cowboys have any interest in Matthews but if they want to add another cheap defender he's sitting there for the taking.



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